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  1. helllooooo! been here in MA in clayton since yesterday.

    yesterday night i was too tired to even switch on my mac and blog cause i had very little sleep the night before rushing through a lab report. which was wednesday night...

    i still managed to go out for dinner with aunty D and her friends tho that night. haha and only rushed my work after i got back at like 11 something at night. slept for 4 hours then went to class and got to clayton yesterday.

    anyways.... my wednesday night dinner ((:

    went to the pascoe vale hotel for dinner.

    cause apparently they had this lobster deal.

    it was so so only lar... don't fancy this lobster that much. i remembered lobster being very nice when i had it was back in victoria station but this wasn't as nice as i remembered lobster to be..

    but this seafood platter quite nice. it was suppose to be $28 but aunty D's friend printed out a voucher that gives $8 off main meal. so its only $20 ((: this was to share among for of us cause we all had the lobster.

    this place was having trivia night on wednesdays. the place was pretty full and we were trying to answer the questions asked eventho we didn't join. haha quite fun!

    after dinner, we went to aunty D's friends place in craigieburn for a chat and coffee and pizza! cause this ladys husband is italian and he is a chef. so he brought back pizza that he made from work. so so niceeee! tho it plain and simple and cold but it was really nice..

    my outfit for the day ((:
    top: $5 jay jays
    scarf: $5 dotti
    jeans: levis at $40
    military boots: $40 genuine leather from williams (which was a major steal!)
    rings: all from lovisa for under $5

    yesterday, thursday,

    went to uni at 830 in the morning. class was straight up till 530pm without any break.... )): but still managed to squeeze in a light snack for lunch.

    accessories for the day (((:
    scarf: forever new
    rings: lovisa
    watch: guess
    fringe moccasin boots: taiwan for RM40!

    once i got to dear's, i was so hungry that i started munching on everything cause it was still early for dinner. i had two oreo wafer sticks, two slices of kraft singles and a half packet of rrd chips. hehe

    and i cooked mee hoon for dinner =D

    i love my mee hoon! so yumssss! dear loves my mee hoon too =P

    slept at 11pm last night and woke up at 11am today.

    i know... damn pig right.. i had my slept debts lar okay... hehe... dear was at uni when i woke up, so i just stayed in bed watching the voice australia. i quite like it eventho it doesn't have adam levine in it... HAHA but the voice australia has some pretty good judges too.

    Seal, Joel Madden, Delta Goodrem and Keith Urban. they are seriously down to earth nice people. like seriously... so talented and so nice ((: haha

    then dear came back with boneless fried chicken for me for lunch =DD wheeee! awesome!

    these were taken randomly when i was having an evening nap. i was trying out Leme Cam. haha

    i know i know... i slept so so much! HEHE

    and about 7 something the both of us walked out to maccas for din din. it was like so cold outside.... but i like! tho the wind hurts my ears, i still love the cold!

    our dinner tonight. i had two burgers, he had three. and one small fries each. all of this for $24 hahah!

    after finishing up this post, i am gonna catch up on my daily series. vampire diaries and greys anatomy =DD and prolly watch nasi lemak 2.0 in bed. hehe

    nite peeps!

    *i can't wait for tomorrow night's nice dinner!! =DDDD southbank here we come! mua favourite place in melbourne!

    lots of love,

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