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  1. sleepover weekend!

    Tuesday, May 15, 2012


    i am back to blog about my awesome weekend over at yao yun's and weiping's (((:


    went to loong's place for lunch to surprise him on his birthday! sheng nee cooked steak for lunch for the both of us ((: i was the only one there so my "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" wasn't that loud. but at least it was a total surprise to him =DD

    ribeye steak cooked by sheng nee (:

    then just hanged around there and chit chatted and giving ideas to loong on how to torture people for the amazing race that their organising for the next day. hahaha!

    it rained for a while so i had to stay indoors first before heading to yao yun's.

    i think i was at yao yun's around 3 ish. and just chillax for awhile with yy, weibing and weiping before heading out to window shop for teck wei's slacks and leather shoes.

    i went out about 4 plus. mainly just to go into myers and david jones to see whether they are having sales in the mens section. but everything was still so expensive. haha

    met up with audrey then went to the asian grocery to get some ingredients for weiping to cook dinner. went back to their place and just sat down chit chat, talk about online shopping, share cheap deals and all that while weiping cooked dinner for me and audrey. yao yun was heading out for a meeting so she couldn't join us.

    dinner cooked by weiping! sho niceeee! i ate so much rice. hahaha!

    then we continued gossiping, online shopping secrets and all that till almost 8 something. cause we had to prepare to go out to Melbourne Supper Club.

    tried on red lipstick for the first time. it was yao yun's and all four of us girls had the same lipstick on. 

    outfit for the night.
    denim studded shirt: supre
    heart pockets skirt: asos
    blazer: garfunkle
    leopard scarf: dotti
    envelope clutch: sportsgirl

    love the outfit i had for the night! and it was so fun that all four of us was in weiping's room using her mirror, curling our hairs, putting on our makeups together. eventho yao yun's room was just next door. haha! so funnnnn!

    arrived at supper club around 10 something 11 i think and it was pretty full. had to wait for like 20 mins for the table.

    the famous sticky date pudding. it was nice but i didn't like the sauce over it. so so sweet. too sweet for my liking. but the cake itself was pretty good (:

    meatballs with sourdough toast. this was quite nice!

    their polenta chips with aioli. this was so niceeee! it wasn't like normal potato chips. i felt like i was eating a very light cheese stick. yumss!

    and their churros. which was not nice.... too too soft.

    spent about under $15 that night. cause we only had food and no drinks. haha we are cheapskate that way. hahaha but the place overall was pretty good. the ambience was nice. very cosy. haha

    the view you get from the place. its just opposite the parliament house.

    went back and had girl talk session with yao yun because everyone else went out and it was only the both of us at home. later audrey came back and stayed for the night and we had talks till about 4am only i went to bed.


    shopping day out with dear. cause he needs to shop to look professional for his presentation. he needs a pair of slacks and a pair of leather shoes.

    but first... lunch! at Kaneda in the mid city arcade.

    i hate their assorted sashimi set. $13.80 and it was nice!!

    then hopped onto the tram and went to Spencer Street for shopping.

    my cute bf and i when we were in novo.

    i saw this pair of killer heels for $90 and he suggested to buy for my birthday but i turned the offer down. cause it was too expensive and so not worth it and i just blabbed to him about some chinese superstition about couples giving shoes as a gift is not good cause it means you are like imposing this chance that they might leave you. hahahaha!

    my only buy for the day was this forever new polka dot corset like top for $14.

    super love it!! been eyeing on it a long time but they had a take a further 30% sale and they had my size so yeaaaahh! =D

    dear managed to buy his shoes from their but there wasn't any slacks to his liking. so we went over to Zara and he finally managed to get them. after that i temaned him to meet up with his dad at flinders and we wait for like 30 mins in the cold for his dad.. ): the weather was kinda a little too chilly for the outfit i had on.

    met his dad and i left back to yao yun's while they left back to clayton.

    outfit for that day. which i was said to look like a strawberry according to yao yun. haha!
    green tank: forever 21
    hearts skirt: h&m
    blazer: garfunkle
    tights: vic market
    oxfords: i <3 billy

    i was just chilling in yao yun's room under the blanket cause i was like super freezing cause of the wait in the cold earlier.

    these two housemates cooked dinner for me that night.

    i felt so bad just sitting there and do nothing while they prepared everything for me.

    yao yun made vege soup.

    weiping made sesame oil chicken.

    and cooked vege plus sausages ((: dinner looks super nice rightttt!

    had quite a fair bit of rice that night too. it was so nice of them. plus the food was good! both night, the dinner was really nice!

    after dinner we just chilled until dessert was suggested. hehehehehe about 10 ish i think, we went to dessert story for dessert.

    their snow ice mango dessert.

    the three of us just sat there and chilled and gossiped kao kao. hahahahaha! so fun to just talk about everything and anything and also to rant out those thoughts you super don't like about someone. hehe

    there was a not so nice view that night but it was all good after that (:

    after dessert, went back and had girl talk somemore. and slept about 3am. i also don't know what we were talking so much about.


    left their place at about 12pm. and thanks so much for accommodating me for two days and the loved i was fed with! hehehe <3 i am so gonna miss this when yao yun goes back to malaysia... ))): 

    i will so get fat if i stay in the city. all the food are so easily accesible.... hahahaha!

    then took a train and got to clayton to dear's place.

    went to clayton town for grocery shopping and lunch straight after i arrived. came back from grocery shopping, napped for an hour then had to cook dinner cause his dad will be back for dinner and then take his luggages and head to the airport after that.

    i just cooked meehoon. it was simple and easy. and the night turned out to be quite alright. it was quite smooth. hahah!

    his dad left back to malaysia after that and the rest of the night was just movies and a little of work.


    it was nothing but uni and flu. i was so totally sick yesterday.


    lunch was just a crabmeat and avocado sushi roll.

    then it was uni for my tute. after uni, hopped onto two trains and one bus and got over to clayton. and will be here for the week (:

    cooked a very salty meehoon for dinner for teckwei and his friend. so paiseh that it turned out so salty.... ):

    outfit today. it was all about the knits!
    knitted sweater: forever new
    knitted dress: bardot
    knitted tights: asos
    duffle backpack: asos
    accessories: lovisa
    boots: aldo

    now, back to doing my lab report. ughhhh i am so sick of it!! at least had a short facetime session with qihong just now.. heheh i miss my heng dai! hopefully he'll get this job! praying hard! (((:

    till next time!

    much love,

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