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  1. 23rd Birthday ♥︎

    Friday, July 25, 2014


    I have been back to Malaysia for slightly almost two weeks now and all I have been doing is getting busy. I have things to do everyday and barely have much me time. Whenever I do have time to sit down alone, I'll try my bestest to skype with the boyfriend and catch up with one and another. Feels weird not being able to see him all day everyday after spending almost 3 weeks together day and night.

    As much as I love blogging, I let procrastination get the better of me. I take tonnes and tonnes of pictures but these pictures barely goes up anywhere. Some pictures I take it for instagram's purpose but most of it, it is for my blog but I just somehow never get around to ever publishing on my blog. Sad thing. I know, but never change.... -.-

    Anyways, I am back to blog about my birthday! As years goes by, as I get older, I don't see my birthday as though it is something huge anymore. All I want is to celebrate it with people who makes my life, my life. Ironically tho, for the 3 and a half years being together with the boyfriend, I have only celebrated my birthday with him in our first year together. The rest of the years I am always back in Malaysia and celebrating it with my family and friends who are here.

    It's not that I don't want to celebrate with him but it just happens to be that every year I am back for holidays and he isn't. So that's a bummer... But at least I do feel loved by him regardless of the distance between us ♥︎ Not material wise but emotionally.

    So..., how was the birthday like for me?

    At midnight, the boyfriend was the first to wish me Happy Birthday! Meloveandmisshimlots..!!

    And then, the day properly started with me getting dressed up. Obviously :D It was because I was going to attend a free beauty workshop in Sephora KLCC and mum kindly drove me there and waited for me for an hour plus whilst I was at the workshop.

    Of course we reached early because we are just punctual like that :P And so, me and mum started off with some breakfast. And when in KLCC, it means Coffee & Spice's curry puff. Definitely. Of course!

    Otak otak curry puff!! SO GOOD! Plus kuih koci and kuih bingka! My favourites!!

    Then I went off to the Sephora Eyeko Workshop thing while mum went shopping on her own. HEHEHE

    The products we get to play with! Awesome right!!! It was free so it is all the more awesome!

    Eyeko's ambassador, Alexa Chung in the video.

    Celebrity makeup artist, Sheng Saw teaching us how to draw a quick and easy and perfect winged liner using the Eyeko eye do liquid eyeliner!

    Basically the workshop was all about how to draw a winged liner. Sheng was really patient at teaching us girls on how to get the perfect look! We draw it on ourselves first and he'll see if it is okay and what else is there to improve. I drew on my regular winged liner that I wear everyday and Sheng said it was good but in photographs it won't be able to be seen and I can make it more dramatic because my eyelid has a lot of room for me to draw more.

    So Sheng went on and drew a super dramatic cat eye on my right eye and then I had to replicate it on my left eye. It was seriously the most dramatic liner I have ever had drawn on my eye! I briefly mentioned that it was my birthday and Sheng was saying, it is my birthday so I can get away with having dramatic look on my face! HAHA! :P

    That's Nina from Eyeko, Sheng at the back and the girl on the far right is my sharing mirror partner for that hour and a half. I didn't catch her name...

    Sheng! Talented and super friendly! Thanks for giving me an extra oomph for my birthday! Although the liner doesn't seem super dramatic, but trust me, in person it was! Dramatic in a good way :) Such a pleasure to be able to meet new and nice people! Thank you to Sephora Malaysia for the awesome workshop!! :D

    I am definitely going to attend more of these workshop whenever I could! Not only it was FOC, it was also super educating anddddd we were given a full size of the Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner! So nice, so cool and so fun!

    My OOTD!
    Necklace: Lovisa
    Cami: Asos
    Leggings: Zara
    Wedges: Zara
    Bag: Kate Spade Stevie Bag

    My look after the workshop! Sheng accentuated my cheek bones with a whole lot of bronzer! I told him I was going out for a nice dinner with the family so he purposely did that and said, by the time it gets to dinner, it'll be more natural :) ANDD I LOVE MY HAIR! LOOK AT THE COLOUR! OMG SO PRETTY LEHH THE COLOURS! ALL OF MY FAVOURITE COLOURS EVER! And from the picture on the left with the filter, I kinda wanna dye my whole hair reddy brown.. But then again, I love my black hair :D HEHE

    After that mum dropped me off at Garage 51 because I am meeting Yao Yun for a catch up over coffee :)

    YY <3

    Mochatella and Oreo Cheesecake :)

    After tea, YY fetched me home and I quickly got ready to head out for dinner with the family.

    OOTN! All I did was change and did nothing else cause my look was already complete haha! :)
    Playsuit: Topshop
    Necklace: Dotti
    Belt: Asos
    Nude heels: Wittner

    Dinner was @ Oasis Boulevard. My first time there! It looks pretty at night! 

    And to be exact, dinner was @ Crazy Crabs! Cousin happened to somewhat know the boss so it was relatively easy for us to get a table and stuff. Where as there was like this hugeeee crowd outside waiting to get a table and it was like crazy alot of people man!

    * THE FOOD *
    Two different style of crabs. Buttermilk and kam heong.

    A very very nice plate of lamb and a not very nice plate of satay haha!

    Vege for the night :) Thai style tofu and vege with fish fillet.

    Siong tong lala, curry fish head and fried rice. 

    Death by Chocolate cake from Just Heavenly :)

    A year older and hopefully wiser? :P

    Mummy dearest ♥︎ Thank you for everything you've done and given me. Love you always.

    Overall, the food was not too bad. But it was really pricey.. Nonetheless, as long as the food was somewhat good and the company was great, it is still an awesome birthday dinner! Thank you so much to mummy dearest for organizing and treating all of us!

    My gifts from the night. As usual, when it comes to Chinese relatives, you'll get money rather than physical gifts. HAHA! But I ain't complaining, with these, I can pick up items in my wishlist! And it'll be from them all :)

    After dinner, I went out for yumcha with the bunch. My birthday ended with a yumcha session filled with weird ass jokes and catchups with good friends :)

    All in all, it was a good birthday! Feeling warm to be home but at the same time feeling a little tiny bit cold without the boyfriend.... haha

    Anyways, that's all for now!

    This should be my ending tagline, "I'll be back whenever I can! Soon.....? :D"

    Lots of love,

  2. Cheesy Mash Potatoes.

    Tuesday, July 01, 2014


    I just cooked this yesterday and it is TOO GOOD to not share! It was my first ever attempt on making mash potatoes and it was soooo good! I am not just saying this because I made it, I genuinely do think it tasted pretty damn good!! :D

    Because I am normally not a mash potato person and for me to like it, it has to be really good. I think as far as I could recall, I have ever only really liked the cheesy mash potatoes from TGI Friday's here in Melbourne. I am more of a solid potato salad person, to be honest.

    The boyfriend is a mega huge mash potatoes person! In fact he is a mega huge anything-potato-related person. And I have been empty promising him since forever that I'll make him some mash potatoes.... HEHE :D I even bought the potato masher a year ago but never got around to making it for him HAHA!! :P

    Anyways, now that I did make it, I think it's too awesome to not tell the world how I did it :) HAHAHA! *Sorry ah I think I am more than a little thick face lor... But it is really goood leh!* :P Try it yourself, and then tell me how it turned out okay?

    The ingredients I used:

    1. 6 Desiree potatoes ~1.1kgs
    2. 250g of ham or whatever deli meat you prefer
    3. 200g of butter *The most crucial to not settle for less! For it to taste extra awesome!*
    4. 50ml of cream
    5. 100g parmesan cheese
    6. Salt and pepper seasoned to taste (in my case I did not add any salt because it was already salty enough from the meat, butter and cheese) :D

    First, the usual, boil the potatoes in salt water until they are tender. To me, I just kept boiling it until I thought it was soft enough. I am pretty sure you can't over cook potatoes that are meant to be mashed anyways....? But don't quote me on that. All I know I was prepared to keep boiling and boiling until I thought it was soft enough. I have no idea what does "cooked to perfectly tender" means. So... just follow your gut! Give a small bite a try first! Concurrently, in another pan, start pan frying you cold meat until it is crispy and golden brown. Then set that aside.

    Next, drain the cooked potatoes and then mash it with your potato masher in the pot. Then put back the pot of just mashed unseasoned potatoes onto the stove and put it on low heat. Then start throwing in the butter. Bit by bit. Keep mashing and stirring until all the butter melts in and that's when you start to see the awesome creamyyyyy consistency of the mash! Then throw in your crispy cold meat along with a little of it's oil and then, pour in the cream. Just keep mixing all the ingredients together. And lastly, pour in the cheese! After that, just season to taste with the pepper and salt.

    And, VOILA! It's done!

    You can add whatever you want to it or omit out any other ingredients but I think the most important is to never cut down on the amount of butter. Come on man, yummy delicious creamy mash potatoes are meant to be fattening and awesome and filled with ingredients that aren't the best for you. My motto is to eat everything in moderation and so don't matter how unhealthy something is, don't over eat it and I'LL be fine :)

    I personally think that adding the cheese in made a whole lot of difference to me! I prefer cheesy mash rather than plain mash any day man! Me loveeeee cheese! Of course :P

    And there you have it! One of the best homemade mash potatoes everrr! *Ahem....! It's self proclaimed. I know :D*

    There you have it! My first ever recipe post :D Enjoyyyyyy peeps!

    With love,
    sher xoxo.