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  1. huntzberger.

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    gilmore girls has been really addictive. i am wrapping up season 5 soon. i think by the end of next week i'll be done with the whole entire series. hehe

    hmm.. classes has pretty much been boring...

    i think the whole library has been upgraded with new desktops.

    looks pretty cool and faster too. not like the old crappy ones. plus its i think 23.3 inch monitor? mind the forever new bag. needed to get my knit exchange.

    the forever new knit i wore out yesterday had a hole on the sleeve so today after classes went over to yaoyun's to get the receipt then went to bread & butter to get the free bread with the voucher loong gave me and then headed over to dfo to change the knit.

    i wore it out yesterday but i successfully attached back to tags on it which seemed like i never worn it at all and managed to change to a brand new one =DD

    was home by 530. my tummy hasn't been feeling very well these two days. and had a bad headache when i was on my way back from dfo today.

    hmm... =/

    i should prolly head to bed. if not i'll have trouble pulling myself out from bed tomorrow morning to attend lectures. well..


    hhmmm.. tho i think i am having morning calls to wake me up and make sure i do go for my lectures =P


  2. my other macaw.

    Sunday, June 26, 2011

    ended up going out today (:

    lunch was at oldtown. which i personally think their standard is going up. their food taste better now compared to what i used to hear last time about how horrible it was.

    i had their lemak laksa which i had been craving for ages. and teh o ais limau!

    and his briyani with 3 dishes. well.. i think this is quite nice ler.. (:

    spent about $14 on my lunch. but happy and satisfying.. then headed over to smith street. which was so unproductive. we didn't get what we were planning on getting at all. damn sad.. and i saw this really nice nike hoodie but there wasn't size and it was like $60. but it was blueeeee and i am still thinking about it )):

    after smith street was back to the city for pancakes.

    i never knew we could change to chocolate ice cream! hehe

    but i couldn't finish it. too jelak already..

    he wanted to head home after that because he was looking so tired and sleepy and with the flu.. but yet when i said i wanted to go over to docklands he voluntarily offered to go with me instead of me going by myself ((:

    but the stupid weather.. it started raining. had to run under the rain and catch another tram to get back to southern cross. he left and i went lingering around in spencer street fashion station. hehe

    i love today (:

    even with all the fuss made over how my cardigan's wooly thingy sticks all over his black jacket and and the random eye winking and the face that makes me laugh every single time. basically every little detail. days like today and moments like those always makes me miss the person whom i spent it with.

    saw qihong's facebook status which made me go all awwww...

    ‎"Most guys love a girl that is sexually active, a girl that is freaky with that shit. A girl that would meet his sexual needs. But I'm a guy that would prefer a girl to lay in bed with me and watch Finding Nemo and laugh our ass off at the stupidest things. A girl that would let me piggyback her through the beach so her feet don't get dirty, a girl that would respect herself and love me for me."- Fernando Torres

    love ya'll,

  3. syrena.

    Saturday, June 25, 2011


    the weather today was pretty good. sunny in the afternoon but the winds was pretty chilly. reached chaddy about 1220pm today. waited for teck wei and headed for movie.

    pirates of the bean finding (: HAHA!

    it was quite good. as in it wasn't all dark and dirty and gloomy. i remember i didn't like one of the episodes. can't remember was it 2 or 3. i quite enjoyed this one tho. and enjoyed my movie company too (:

    then was kfc lunch. a nacho cheese roller and snack size popcorn chicken with dippin' gravy. $5 (:

    went coles for groceries after that. then headed back to MA. ended up sleeping for like an hour plus and left about 720?

    and home 2 hours after that.

    been on gilmore girls since. and shall continue after this.

    not even sure if i'll be out tomorrow. which i'll only know tomorrow morning cause some lazy pigggg will only tell me tomorrow whether is it too hard to get out from bed =PP

    okay... i shall resume my paused episode of the quirky town of stars hollow. which means gilmore girls by the way. nitey night!

    sher xoxo.

  4. the dragonfly.

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    it was one boring day. slept till about 12 plus and then woke and munched on a packet of smiths sour cream and onion for lunch while watching water for elephants.

    hmm.. i would say.. pretty boring.

    the love story behind it didn't make me go all melty and awwy.. soo it means boring in my book (:

    after that did my other online assignment and has been on gilmore girls since. before dinner and after dinner till right now. which i finished up season 4 already. on my way to starting season 5 after this while waiting for my hair to dry. oh and by the way, dinner was pasta and with parmesan and pesto on the top. oo yums!

    but me is craving for soya bean tong yuen! i want soya bean tong yuen.... )): and earlier today i was craving for cheesy baked escargots which i love from the late night dim sum place over in kuchai lama.. )):

    brightside, movie date tomorrow with teck wei in chaddy. and i am gonna have pancakes at pancake parlour tomorrow! ((: i haven't had those short stacks in ages!!

    till then.

    i shall now resume to gilmore girls. goodnight peeps!


  5. street performers.

    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    i love june! sales are everywhere....~ and its winter! i love the cold but hate the rain.. no rain please? hehe

    woke up at 1020am this morning and left the house at 1045 and off i went over to harbourtown in docklands (: shopped till about 145pm? took a tram back to the city cause i was gonna meet the boys for lunch.

    they were working in fitzroy today..counting cars? pays pretty well tho. but they gotta wake so earlyyy... they i meant teck wei, khai shien and jia shen(which i only found out during lunch he is working too) and two other guys.

    their break was suppose to be at 2pm which means reaching city at 220 ish but they were late and ended up in the city about 245? lunch was at rose garden and we were all like gobbling down our food cause they gotta leave at 310.. so yea..

    i had my spicy chicken ribs (:

    but was barely able to catch up then they gotta go back to work already ): met up straight with yao yun after that.

    which she brought me a cup lindt's ice chocolate? thankiuuuuuu~! yumsss (((:

    then we went shopping somemore on bourke street and went over to spencer street fashion station to just walk around.

    left about 530? got to essendon 20 minutes after and aunty D came to fetch me from the station because we were going to dinner straight. had thai food for dinner (: the same restaurant as the last time. Emerald Buddha.

    dinner was not bad. was home by 8pm?

    called my grandfather cause its been too long since i talked to him and i know how much is wanting to talk to me so yea.. i love it how happy he sounds over the phone tho it maybe just like 10 minutes of talking. makes me feel loved and important =D well.. i love him too! (:

    then painted my newly bought boots black. with a marker and nail polish. hmmm.. i shall wear it out one day and see if the colour stays. hmmm...

    bought this pair of thigh high boots for $20. love them!! =DD

    the sole was initially light brown woody colour which is what i painted black on. its foldable to knee high which i love! and cheap too!! ((:

    my other buyings today.
    nothing over $7. ($7 is the bag) cheap cheap =D

    hehe me is a happy girl today!

    went shopping and bought stuffs and saw people whom i wanted to see. which is good and fruitful ((:

    just did one of my assignment and will continue the other one tomorrow. now off to gilmore girls (:


    with love,
    sher xoxo.

  6. head accessories (:

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    me yesterday. i look so not "me". hah! but i am liking the change (:

    melbourne's weather is getting sad and gloomy and cold. winter huh... i don't mind cold but i don't like sad and gloomy and rainy. a clear sky with no glaring sun and cold days are perfecto! wonder when will that come by...

    yesterday after classes me went shopping again! i love it when i am in the shopping mood. makes me all happy and cheery. which i ended up in spencer street fashion station because it was raining and hailing yesterday that my harbourtown plans had to be postponed. so yea i ended up shoppinging by myself.

    fruitful yet once again.

    bought the jacket and the cargo skinnies from forever new for $25 each. omg me is so happy! ((: and bought a hat too.

    after that just chilled at loong's place then i headed back down to swanston street cause i needed to catch the pharmacies before it closes to buy fish oil for my aunt and pass it to sheng nee to courier it home for me. hehe

    pit stop was pappa roti for free buns! it was their grand opening yesterday.. new outlet in the city.

    pit stop before i headed over to melbourne central to meet up with everybody. everybody meaning yao yun, teck wei, cherly, khai shien, loong and sheng nee. 7pm meeting time for dinner at melbourne central's clock. so typical.

    then dinner was at menya. had chicken curry kastu don. oh nouuu i am feeling hungry now.. ):

    after dinner all of us walked back to loong's and chilled somemore. left back to MA with khai shien and teck wei about 10pm? cherly, sheng nee, celine.....left after that back to malaysia. so nice right?

    hmm.. watched Rio last night too.

    ooo it was colourful and cute and fun! and the blueeeeee....s (:

    left to uni from MA this morning. had my tutorials at 1230pm. so yea.. well.. today wasn't very interesting. since i got back home i've been gilmore girlsing all night. and aunty D's risotto for dinner was so nice. i love it!

    okayy... i shall head to bed now. feeling kinda sleepy. and apparently there is this thing that when a certain someone goes to bed, i am expected to as well.. hmm.. =P

    outfit today (: the hat is new from yesterday's buyings.
    (almost same outfit as yesterday because i stayed out and lazy to pack a whole new look =P)

    nightey nights!

    heading down to the city tomorrow to walk around. and catch the boys for lunch (:

    much loveee,

  7. physicists?

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    today was one happy day =DD (not that happy from having trouble sleeping and only sleeping less than 5 hours and waking up at 820am.)

    but other than that, happy day it was! ((:

    classes were so so i guess for a first day. nothing very fascinating. had an hour lunch break which i was hiding in the library using the computers and stalking blogs and youtubing.

    and also choc mud muffin for lunch.

    class was done by 120pm so i left and headed down to the city as i had plans made with sheng nee and yao yun to DFO southwharf!

    was there from 2 something till like 5 something. not bad huh.. and so very fruitful! i love all these outings with some girlfriends and go shopping together and convincing each other to get stuffs that if they would have went alone, they wouldn't get them. love it!

    dinner was just the three of us at petaling street which was newly opened on swanston? well i think it was newly opened. haven't been in the city for like 2 to 3 weeks maybe?

    was home by 8pm. so damn windy today. the wind outside is really really really crazy. like seriously..

    hmmms =PP

    total damage $70.
    two scarfs, three tops, two tshirts, one playsuit and one knit.

    not too bad i guess? and i so so so love my new knit! $30 is such a bargain for forever new okay.. it was like buy one free one. so me and yao yun shared. and i am envying her for her new boots. they were niceeeee! lucky her.. only her sizes.. hehe

    tomorrow off to harbourtown! i am so in the shopping mood. hell yea exams are over...! but nouuu winter term is sounding annoying.

    and you know there are so many repeating students when they introduced themselves today during the tute. omg!! why is there so many?!! is it thaaaaaaat hard???

    anyways.. i'll be staying out tomorrow as i am having dinner with the rest before they head home. so yea shall be back on wednesday ((:

    wheeeee~ goodnight!

    ohoh and good luck in exams tomorrow my dear! it will be fine (:

    lots of love,

  8. heys!

    i am back in my own room now. back to classes tomorrow... so not looking forward to that.

    the past few days have been fun. gonna miss bits and pieces about it. mainly missing one thing, or more like one person =DD

    just been staying in MA most of the time and just sleeping, watching gilmore girls and eating and annoying teck wei and repeating the cycle all over again kinda thing.

    okayy.. i shall continue on where i left of last. hm.. friday after teck wei's paper we headed to clayton town which included cherly and khai shien.

    went to wah kee for lunch.

    had their har mee. which was so so. not really up to my taste of har mees.

    then was coles for groceries as doritos is selling for $1.50 and teck wei had to stock up and also me needed to stock up on some food to cook. hehe

    think we got back to MA about 4 ish?

    cooked chicken curry that night.

    i think it was not bad. well... i cooked it out of the packet paste. how bad can it be right.. other than it being so yellow because of the tumeric and it stinking up the whole kitchen. the smell was still somewhere in there before i left today.. =P

    yesterday, i cooked tomato based sauce with tuna and pasta.

    i hope it was not bad.

    then just watched my show and lingered around and then mahjong from like i think 1 something? till like 430 in the morning. which means sleeping was when the sun was up.

    and had to wake for lunch at about 1 ish? cause ck was already downstairs waiting to fetch us to grab lunch. us meaning cherly, me and teck wei. and met up with jia shen in clayton town.

    this time, had eggplant with mince chicken.

    not nice... wanted kebabs which looks so good but had to wait for like half and hour. and ended up in this weird run down crappy chinese shop and the food isn't nice.. hmmm

    i miss rose garden already..

    got back to MA about 4pm and then gotta cook fried rice before i leave. got everything done, packed and left about 610pm and was home by 745..

    tomorrow... classes from 930am till 130pm. then meeting up with the girls and going to DFO for shopping =DD i am so looking forward. i am in the shopping mood!!

    over the past few days, i finished like 25 episodes of gilmore girls. oh i am so loving the show =D

    now i shall unpack and cleaned up the laundry i did before i left to MA which is sitting on my bed and then go to sleep. gotta wake at 715am!

    nouuuuuuuu... EARLYYYYYYYYY! ))):

    ciao my dearests~

    much love,

    i have a feeling you're gonna be so upset when you see the pictures and read the blog. i am feeling upset for you already. but i hope this will pass? cause i don't want it to matter to you anymore. call me selfish but i really don't want it to be something you'll think about anymore..

  9. rufeeeed!

    Thursday, June 16, 2011


    life after exams seems fun. all i am doing is cook, watch gilmore girls, eat, watch movie and sleep and the cycle repeats itself again.

    everyone is so stressed out with exams. i wish i wasn't this carefree around them makes me feel bad. hmmm... its just another one or two more papers and we shall all have fun together! but boooo... i have winter classes.. ): mood spoiler betul..

    so... since tuesday i was here in MA. doing nothing but all of the above.

    tuesday night cooked fried rice.

    wednesday night was pasta with teriyaki sauced chicken and mushroom but i forgot about pictures and nehhh didn't taste thaaaat great cause there was a bit too much pasta involve thus covering the taste.

    tonight, fried mee hoon.

    well.. its not bad. but not like over the top good la. its edible but.. just normal.

    i think i should just stay with frying rice. seems easier and i seemed to be aceing that already. hehe

    i don't know whether the one i am cooking for is considered lucky or unlucky? hmmm... will ask him. haha

    watched Hangover and Hangover 2 for the last two nights.

    farneeeeeyyyy! =DD they are both awesome shit..! haha

    love love the show. how could somebody get so wasted and do soooooo crazy things and not remember and its so totally different the way they react when they are wasted and when they are not. if i am making sense.

    plus plus got bradley cooper! now.... who wouldn't mind bradley cooper right?? but let me clear the air... i didn't watch the show because of him. hangover 2's trailer caught my attention of it being whacked up so i wanted to watch after exams was over.

    hmmm... so yea my days are pretty much spent staying in. i haven't been out very much.

    prolly tomorrow after teck wei's exam we'll go to clayton town and go grocery shopping awhile and prolly grab lunch?

    kla.. i shall now resume to gilmore girls. i am loving the quirkyness of this show. so cool and entertaining and fun! =D



  10. harrow!

    hmmm.. life after exams are over is pretty mellowed down. feeling towards the bored side a wee bit.

    after having i think 15 hours of sleep yesterday, i still felt tired. must have slept too much. after that just did my laundry and cleaned up my room including vacuuming and wiping and dusting.

    which then resulted in me having a bad allergy and was like having runny nose and itchy eyes. but still managed to go to DFO with aunty D for a while. didn't get anything for myself but knew ralph lauren had a further 50% off the marked price sooo..

    today, about 10 something i went again to DFO essendon with aunty D and went crazy in ralph lauren. ahha! i think we were in the store for about an hour and a half? haha

    bought all the stuffs then went to moonee ponds to have lunch and also did some window shopping plus groceries shopping.

    my brunch (: $10.90? the mushrooms were yummy!

    by the time we got home was like 3 something already. while aunty D was making lasagna downstairs, i was watching Unknown in my room. hehe watching while munching on red rock deli chips. i went red rock deli frenzy as it is 2 for $5. bought 4 packets already. should i get somemore? haha! maybe not.

    the show is quite good. liam neeson is a good actor. well.. at least i think he is.

    then had lasagna for dinner. which was filling. i was so full after that big piece aunty D gave me and the packet of red rock deli's dijon mustard and honey which was already in my stomach. ahaha!

    after dinner was streaming the taiwanese drama, endless love. then lazed around. pack my clothes for the week as i'll be heading to MA till the weekends. bathed and lazed around somemore. and just finished watching Paul.

    funny! and Paul looks so cutee with those eyes. ahah

    should be heading to bed soon. got up at 10am this morning and feeling tired already. tomorrow gotta wake before 10am and leave and go get groceries then head over to MA. i am becoming a chef and a nutritionist for the next couple of days. gotta plan out what should i cook. hehe

    don't even know how successful it would be.. hehe =D

    hmmm.. oooyea! my buyings today..

    these two are mine.
    chambray coloured shirt from just jeans $15.. &
    ralph lauren polo $35...! absolute bargain for ralph lauren okay....!

    these are for the cousins back in malaysia and their spouses. average of $30 each piece.

    i tell you... the polo was all so cheap. like so so cheap. haha!

    now.. i'll pack up my bag and go sleep. should be having a good time over at MA before winter term starts next monday.

    good night peeps!

    sher xoxo.

  11. freedom.... for a week and a day only..

    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    finally finally the day has arrive. exams are over!!

    happiness~ tho i've been awake for 37 hours with only an hour of sleep in between. set a new record for myself. haha woke up at 1215pm yesterday slept at 345am this morning and woke up an hour later without any alarm. and been up since.

    had a really strong cup of coffee last night which i think was the reason i wasn't able to sleep hence the one hour only.

    been studying like crazy yesterday after i got back from MA. right till this morning before aunty D fetched me to uni for my 9am paper. then another paper at 2pm. i hope everything went fine. it has to!

    also been surviving on red bull and energy bars during exams.. seriously fingers crossed! shall hope everything was enough..

    the past few days since tuesday right up till yesterday i was at MA and been lingering around monash's engineering lab to study with the rest. have been really studying my management. but electronics i felt like killing myself..

    thank god it is all over now.

    i know my post is abit jumbled up here and there and jumping from back to forth. excuse me cause i think my brain is falling asleep already.

    should head to bed. tomorrow clean my room as it is in a huge mess due to exams. books and papers everywhere. also do laundry. and then maybe go to dfo with aunty D? hehe haven't been shoppinging in a while (:

    kla kla. nite. omgsotired. thought i could hit the 40 hour mark but looks like it, no. ciao ciao!


  12. confession.

    Monday, June 06, 2011

    exams are halfway through. in the mess of all these studies, i'll come to question myself with everything. why didn't i put as much effort during classes? why did i neglect everything and always without fail tell myself there is always time? but at the end, i wish i could chase back those times where i've been pushing away.

    i really hate exams. i don't like the stress i put myself through. partly.. well more than partly because i put no stress on myself until the very last minute when it is approaching me and about to give me a smack on my face. then the smack comes and shake me awake and remind me that the clock is ticking.

    seems like this is the one thing i never learn as years go by. the one thing i never take the real discipline and determination on changing. yes, i will tell myself that i must.. i have to do it but at the end of the day, regrets still comes along because all of that was just blank words with no actions.

    20 years and i don't think i've ever say that oh yeah i am prepared for exam already. don't even have to study much the night before. never in my life.

    i'll always be the person who slogs through the last few days before exam and after sitting for the exam i'll pray that what i've done was enough. enough to pass and never have to come up with another $2.7k.

    with all that has been said, doubt this person i am will change. i'll always be who i've always been. people say you have to change for the better. you can change if you want to. but.. i don't see myself being any different eventho i do know what is it in me that needs amendments.

    i guess thats what makes me stand on a different level with people who have flying colours results throughout their lives. me? someone who just wishes she'll pass through everything and then get a job and worry about the life coming up.. later.

    i've said to myself, i'll never wanna do anything further than a degree. but well who knows what life will throw at you in the future right. for now, thats what i've gotta say. no more studying after i am done with my degree.

    i still have two papers on the way. saturday 5.15pm will be my happiest day for the semester. now, i shall try my very best to conquer the two subjects with my time left. wish me luck.


  13. slightly less than half way.

    Sunday, June 05, 2011

    exam tomorrow afternoon. then will have 4 days break then two exams on saturday then i am done for the semester.

    i so can't wait for saturday to be over. thinking about my saturday two papers is already enough to drive me insane.

    i slept for almost 12 hours last night but still i am feeling so tired right now. will prolly head to bed early and then wake and study somemore tomorrow morning.

    have i mention how so very much i hate exams?

    oklaaa.. i am feeling too restless already. studying makes me tired. like really... it makes me sleeepppppyyyyy....

    ciao peeps (:


  14. nothing changed. still so wai sek =P

    Saturday, June 04, 2011

    sorry sorry!

    i said i was gonna be back on thursday. but ended up i only came back from MA yesterday and after i got home i was too busy studying for my maths paper which i had today. so... i am back today instead, with updates (:

    just had my first exam today. i guess it went alright la.. i hope. *fingers crossed*

    so so on wednesday went over to MA with the reason of studying together with the rest of them for finals.

    first was lunch at A Taste of Singapore which is on clayton road.

    my nasi kuning with ayam masak merah. $8

    teck wei's nasi lemak with beed rendang. $8

    the food is cheap and nice. like really cheap ler.. $8 is cheap. its like the best authentic feel malay dishes you can get here in melbourne already. well at least so far for the restaurants i've been to. you'll feel quite like home when you enter the shop and the mak ciks are friendly. i am so going back for their nasi kuning. me likey (:

    and everyday they have different specials. so happen wednesday was nasi kuning. so yea..

    after lunch went back MA and mahjong a little till about 430pm? we went to monash's engineering lab and started studying. we as in me, teck wei, cherly, jia shen and ck.

    dinner was at Maccas.

    me and teck wei shared the beef mates meal.

    after eating one quarter pounder and the fries and the chicken mcbites, i still went for a slice of banana bread. haha!

    then went back to monash library to study with cherly and teck wei while jia shen and ck was at the engineering lab.

    studied till about 11 something 12 that night?

    went back MA and watched them play mahjong. ended up sleeping i think close to 4am that day.


    had nandos for lunch.

    2 whole chicken and 3 large sides shared among the five of us.
    me, cherly, teck wei, khai shien and jia shen. $10 each

    then went back to MA and chilled awhile. about 5 something me, teck wei and cherly walked over to the engineering lab to meet up with jia shen and ck and just stayed there studying.

    i was busy on fourier series for my maths. and thank god i had teck wei beside me to teach me. if i were to be at home and studying by myself, i think i'll be banging on my head non stop already. and thankfully, i understand fourier so much more already!

    maccas for dinner again that night. but this time was the family dinner box shared among me, teck wei and khai shien. and also had banana bread. ahah!

    was at the library till about 11 something then walked back to MA. then went to cherly's room and doing god knows what till about 2 something. talking and youtubing and lazing around on her bed mostly.

    then studied till about 4 something. which resulted in going to bed only at 5 something.


    woke up about 1pm? then walked out to a taste of singapore for lunch again. by the time we got there was like 230pm?

    we purposely went back because we wanted to try their nasi briyani which was friday's special.

    briyani with mutton. $9

    hmmm.. so so lo. not really over the top la. cause the rice doesn't have much spices. and i prefer briyani filled with spices and fragrance.

    and jia shen ordered some kuih. nice (:

    after lunch i straight caught a bus for the corner around the restaurant. and was home by 430pm.

    got home and just studied and studied. slept at 1am?

    and woke up at 530am today to study somemore. since my exam was at 2pm, i only left the house at 1130am.

    i totally hate exams man. i don't like that stress. like seriously!!

    by the time exam was done and all, i was only home about 7 something. so late kan.... cooked myself the har mee instant noodle and watched idol finale eventho i already know who is the winner and when aunty D got back, i went downstairs munching on food. macadamia nut bars and ice cream.

    oklaaa... i shall head to bed. tired from the less than 5 hours of sleep.

    nitey night people!

    tomorrow will be home studying for my monday paper. omg exams! me no likey!!

    on the other note, have i mentioned how much i love us now? everything is fine and well. and i am uber happy. which is good ((:

    with love,
    sher xoxo.