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  1. harrow!

    hmmm.. life after exams are over is pretty mellowed down. feeling towards the bored side a wee bit.

    after having i think 15 hours of sleep yesterday, i still felt tired. must have slept too much. after that just did my laundry and cleaned up my room including vacuuming and wiping and dusting.

    which then resulted in me having a bad allergy and was like having runny nose and itchy eyes. but still managed to go to DFO with aunty D for a while. didn't get anything for myself but knew ralph lauren had a further 50% off the marked price sooo..

    today, about 10 something i went again to DFO essendon with aunty D and went crazy in ralph lauren. ahha! i think we were in the store for about an hour and a half? haha

    bought all the stuffs then went to moonee ponds to have lunch and also did some window shopping plus groceries shopping.

    my brunch (: $10.90? the mushrooms were yummy!

    by the time we got home was like 3 something already. while aunty D was making lasagna downstairs, i was watching Unknown in my room. hehe watching while munching on red rock deli chips. i went red rock deli frenzy as it is 2 for $5. bought 4 packets already. should i get somemore? haha! maybe not.

    the show is quite good. liam neeson is a good actor. well.. at least i think he is.

    then had lasagna for dinner. which was filling. i was so full after that big piece aunty D gave me and the packet of red rock deli's dijon mustard and honey which was already in my stomach. ahaha!

    after dinner was streaming the taiwanese drama, endless love. then lazed around. pack my clothes for the week as i'll be heading to MA till the weekends. bathed and lazed around somemore. and just finished watching Paul.

    funny! and Paul looks so cutee with those eyes. ahah

    should be heading to bed soon. got up at 10am this morning and feeling tired already. tomorrow gotta wake before 10am and leave and go get groceries then head over to MA. i am becoming a chef and a nutritionist for the next couple of days. gotta plan out what should i cook. hehe

    don't even know how successful it would be.. hehe =D

    hmmm.. oooyea! my buyings today..

    these two are mine.
    chambray coloured shirt from just jeans $15.. &
    ralph lauren polo $35...! absolute bargain for ralph lauren okay....!

    these are for the cousins back in malaysia and their spouses. average of $30 each piece.

    i tell you... the polo was all so cheap. like so so cheap. haha!

    now.. i'll pack up my bag and go sleep. should be having a good time over at MA before winter term starts next monday.

    good night peeps!

    sher xoxo.

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