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  1. nothing changed. still so wai sek =P

    Saturday, June 04, 2011

    sorry sorry!

    i said i was gonna be back on thursday. but ended up i only came back from MA yesterday and after i got home i was too busy studying for my maths paper which i had today. so... i am back today instead, with updates (:

    just had my first exam today. i guess it went alright la.. i hope. *fingers crossed*

    so so on wednesday went over to MA with the reason of studying together with the rest of them for finals.

    first was lunch at A Taste of Singapore which is on clayton road.

    my nasi kuning with ayam masak merah. $8

    teck wei's nasi lemak with beed rendang. $8

    the food is cheap and nice. like really cheap ler.. $8 is cheap. its like the best authentic feel malay dishes you can get here in melbourne already. well at least so far for the restaurants i've been to. you'll feel quite like home when you enter the shop and the mak ciks are friendly. i am so going back for their nasi kuning. me likey (:

    and everyday they have different specials. so happen wednesday was nasi kuning. so yea..

    after lunch went back MA and mahjong a little till about 430pm? we went to monash's engineering lab and started studying. we as in me, teck wei, cherly, jia shen and ck.

    dinner was at Maccas.

    me and teck wei shared the beef mates meal.

    after eating one quarter pounder and the fries and the chicken mcbites, i still went for a slice of banana bread. haha!

    then went back to monash library to study with cherly and teck wei while jia shen and ck was at the engineering lab.

    studied till about 11 something 12 that night?

    went back MA and watched them play mahjong. ended up sleeping i think close to 4am that day.


    had nandos for lunch.

    2 whole chicken and 3 large sides shared among the five of us.
    me, cherly, teck wei, khai shien and jia shen. $10 each

    then went back to MA and chilled awhile. about 5 something me, teck wei and cherly walked over to the engineering lab to meet up with jia shen and ck and just stayed there studying.

    i was busy on fourier series for my maths. and thank god i had teck wei beside me to teach me. if i were to be at home and studying by myself, i think i'll be banging on my head non stop already. and thankfully, i understand fourier so much more already!

    maccas for dinner again that night. but this time was the family dinner box shared among me, teck wei and khai shien. and also had banana bread. ahah!

    was at the library till about 11 something then walked back to MA. then went to cherly's room and doing god knows what till about 2 something. talking and youtubing and lazing around on her bed mostly.

    then studied till about 4 something. which resulted in going to bed only at 5 something.


    woke up about 1pm? then walked out to a taste of singapore for lunch again. by the time we got there was like 230pm?

    we purposely went back because we wanted to try their nasi briyani which was friday's special.

    briyani with mutton. $9

    hmmm.. so so lo. not really over the top la. cause the rice doesn't have much spices. and i prefer briyani filled with spices and fragrance.

    and jia shen ordered some kuih. nice (:

    after lunch i straight caught a bus for the corner around the restaurant. and was home by 430pm.

    got home and just studied and studied. slept at 1am?

    and woke up at 530am today to study somemore. since my exam was at 2pm, i only left the house at 1130am.

    i totally hate exams man. i don't like that stress. like seriously!!

    by the time exam was done and all, i was only home about 7 something. so late kan.... cooked myself the har mee instant noodle and watched idol finale eventho i already know who is the winner and when aunty D got back, i went downstairs munching on food. macadamia nut bars and ice cream.

    oklaaa... i shall head to bed. tired from the less than 5 hours of sleep.

    nitey night people!

    tomorrow will be home studying for my monday paper. omg exams! me no likey!!

    on the other note, have i mentioned how much i love us now? everything is fine and well. and i am uber happy. which is good ((:

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

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