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  1. me is a wai sek guai =PP

    Tuesday, May 31, 2011


    yes i did wake up today and got to uni. on the way there i grabbed lunch and used up my last easy way voucher.

    one standard sized blueberry cheese cupcake and passionfruit milk tea with pearls (:

    met a friend on the train to uni and had a chat. you know... its actually pretty good that you know now i have "friends" to actually talk to occasionally in uni or going to uni or going back from uni. me is happy eventho it just stays as a conversation and not hanging out kind.

    got home about 330pm. vacuumed my room and cleaned up the pile of mess on my bed. studied a wee bit. dinnered at 6 something. then lazed around and eventually fell asleep at 845pm for about two hours.

    bathed then went downstairs and made myself four slices of bread with mayo and tuna. hehee my tummy is feeling very happy right now. (((:

    shall pack my bag for the staying over tomorrow at MA and then resume back to my electronics.

    i tell you... electronics is silently killing me. like seriously silently killing me.. god help?

    taS! will be back on thursday.


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