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    Monday, May 02, 2011


    the title says it all.. and about today too. =D

    so i shall start with saturday. left down to the city about 1130am to meet up with teck wei, khai shien, celine, sheng loong and sheng nee and yao yun for lunch.

    first decided to go ying thai for lunch simply cause we miss chat thai from sydney so we wanted something thai but then changed our minds and wanted to go to nam loong on russell street but it was close for saturday's lunch time and instead we walked in randomly to some japanese like shop.

    i tell you... so so disappointing okay.. never ever will i walk in again. i wanted fried soba they gave me fried udon and when i asked again to double confirm if it was soba they said yes. i so didn't enjoy lunch at all... )):

    then we walked to Chatime on elizabeth street which cheered me up since lunch was a letdown. happy happy!

    i had passionfruit QQ with rainbow jelly. likey likey! eventhough it wasn't as good as the one we had in sydney cause the pearls that we had in sydney was like cooked to perfection and chewy and yummy. where as this one is still bit hard in the inside. but overall bubble tea just makes me happy (((:

    sat there chit chatting pretty long and then headed over to QV and that where we just went our separate ways. i was with teck wei and khai shien cause i was gonna stay over at MA that night. so went grocery shopping with the boys.

    grocery shopping at laguna QV and also went to chadstone coles and kmart. omg i tell you we bought so much stuff for the three of us to carry. thank god on the way back we had a lady to carry two plastic bags of our stuffs. helped so much man..

    got back to MA and ordered dominos for dinner.


    we had three pizzas for $27 which was $9 each to share (: since the boys came, i have been eating dominos twice. before this i was here for like a year and a half and i have never tried them before. haha!

    affter eating like super full cause of the 7 slices of pizza i just stayed in watching the last few episodes of gun metal grey and finished it up and also chit chatting with cherly hearing about how her sydney trip went.


    woke up about 12 something and decided to do some cooking. made some carbonara pasta cause the boys bought like 12 bottles of dolmio's carbonara pasta sauce. so yea.. hmmm i might have accidentally made it abit too salty. hehe sorry! the four of us, me teck wei khai shien and cherly had it for lunch.

    then napped a while, showered and got ready to get home. but i stayed for dinner before heading back home so went over to carnegie for some japanese.

    ordered their chirashi. $15.50. assorted sashimi on rice.

    left carnegie about 8pm. by the time i got home was like 930pm already. then just caught up on vampire diaries and bones since it was my last night of holidays. so yea..


    back to uni for classes...)): before heading to uni i went to QV and got myself some mini cupcakes. i had the other day i fell in love with them =D

    top row (L-R): red velvet and choc surprise?
    bottom (L-R): peanut butter choc something? and blueberry.
    4 mini cupcakes for $7.

    the blueberry, peanut butter choc thingy and red velvet was awesome! especially those cream cheese topping on the red velvet and blueberry was like awesome!! ((:

    then just headed to uni and got back home by 3 something. been up to work and a wee bit of one episode of supernatural and also come chats to catch up with my heng dai back in malaysia.

    just had some lamb chops for dinner ((: yumms!

    now off to doing my report. if it wasn't because i am meeting up with a lab partner to check on our reports, i wouldn't be stressing on it now since its only due wednesday. i know.... i am pushing it to end. hehe

    ciao for now!

    sher xoxo.

    the smell of the shampoo reminds me everything about the moment.
    nothing but new and somewhat fun.

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