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  1. sorta... i can live with sorta (:

    Monday, May 23, 2011

    i am home (:

    went glen waverley for dinner last night with teck wei, cherly and khai shien. the three of them ended up eating subway for dinner. which looks super yummy but i forego subway for..

    pappa roti =D $2.20 each

    the only outlet in melbourne so far is in glen.. apparently in june they'll open one in the city. so yea.. omg i miss it so much lo! tho rotiboy tastes better but this is the closest thing we have here. does any of you out there know i have a thing for breads? love them!!

    i ended up eating 3 for dinner. bought two at first. had to order earlier cause of the 20 minutes wait and then went to subway for them to have their dinner then went back to collect and was sitting outside the shop eating and then realised there were somemore. so i bought another one and this one was hot and uber nice!

    and had bubble tea. mango milk tea with mango pudding and lychee flavoured pearls. $5.30

    this bubble tea's only outlet is in glen too. they have like plenty of selections of toppings. all sorts of pudding and they have flavoured pearls too. flavoured pearls are pearls that once you bite, the flavoured juice just pops in your mouth. mine was lychee. yumss! i wanted mango flavoured and normal pearls but they ran out of both ):

    still.. yummy yummy dinner! my tummy was feeling very happy last night.

    reached back at MA about 930pm? after being so full... i just pigged off at 10 something. was suppose to play mahjong but i ffk-ed them. eheh

    then started waking up at odd hours and can't sleep back. ):

    woke up at 12 something today. left MA at 230pm to get to my 330pm lecture. then home (:

    pasta for dinner. studied abit. then pigged off again from 9pm till 11pm. i know right... i've been sleeping so much when i shouldn't be.

    i have an exam tomorrow la!!! stress ahhhhhhh!! theory and practical exam. i wanna cry already. my nap just now i was already dreaming of networking stuff.. oh nou... )):

    kla.. back to studying. nitess!


    try and recall what i did and said before i slept.

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