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  1. the need to clarify.

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    "i'd wish to wake up to your voice everyday if possible. and that you thought of doing that just to cheer me up means a whole lot to me.

    maybe what we have now isn't an exclusive thing or maybe that we don't even have a tomorrow. but the moment, everything from then till now is enough for me right now. my life seems more colourful having you in it and not only just being a friend to me but more than that." -me.

    something might come up tomorrow and wash it all away. but at least i know i've once had it. although there are still lots that are yet to be said crystal clear and lots that are hidden beneath all the past, i am sure we'll get to that someday and even if its going to be an unpleasant moment of truth, i still had an amazing ride to date.

    meant it.


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