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    Sunday, May 29, 2011


    MIA-ed for a couple of days. had badminton on friday at monash sports centre. which was really fun! i had fun laughing, being lazy to run around and get the ball, even got hit straight to the back of my head thanks to teck wei and just basically had fun in general =D

    started at about 330pm and ended about 2 hours after.

    went back MA and bathed. then headed over to Nando's for dinner with teck wei and khai shien.

    ordered a whole chicken and two sides of chips to share among us. $9 each (:

    was suppose to head home after that. but then decided not to.

    that night suddenly had the urge to cook french toast. the thought just came out of no where plus after it was proposed by teck wei i felt like eating too.

    i know it doesn't really look that good.

    not too bad for a first attempt la. there is a slice of cheese in the middle by the way. teck wei's had a piece of egg in the middle too. it tasted alot better when it was hot. mine was kinda cold already.. so yea.. his tasted nicer. haha! and i forgot about the sugar for the the french toast.. ): haha

    after that we watched american pie's beta house till like 4am?

    next day, saturday, woke up i think about 2pm or so..

    cooked carbonara for lunch.

    personally i am not a big fan of it. i don't really like the taste of the bottled sauce. i am picky when it comes to my pasta. but since teck wei has 5 bottles lying inside his cupboard, might as well cook it up lo.

    and dinner was two packets of maggi fusion's soy and mild spice mix, an egg and two sausages.

    yummsss! i know its unhealthy and bla bla bla.. but its good la okay. tho i didn't enjoy the noodles as much cause of the mistake i made cooking it but it still tasted good. how bad can instant noodles taste right..

    hehe and i didn't go back home on saturday either. decided to stay another day. haha

    had been studying the two nights i was there okay... so still okla... then then..

    its me taking breaks in between by comfily hide my way through in the quilt. haha

    watched grown ups last night before sleeping. sleeping was i think close to 6am. ahaha!

    today, woke about 3pm? god knows what i was doing in MA la till about 6pm only i left. and now i am home. trying to study..

    just finished skyping with mum. haha yay mum bought me clothes from the esprit outlet store. and kena teased non stop over skype by my cousins. amanuddin? stooooooopidd.. ahah

    i should really head back to those notes.

    tomorrow thought of going back to uni to borrow some books. and use up my easy way voucher. haha

    klaaaaa... bye bye peeps!

    *ouch my tooth aches ))):*

    nouuuuuu finals in less than a week. this saturday to be precise is my first paper.. sighhh...

    and i've been thinking abit about someone's death. seems scary ler.. that no one knows whats plan for you tomorrow or even the minute after this. everything could just be taken away without a warning and without a chance to say goodbye and leave a note and say things and do things that you want to. its really scary.

    appreciate now, the people around you, love them and do everything you want to and is capable of before it gets too late. sighh.. RIP.. eventho i've never known you..


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