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  1. Thursday, February 28, 2008

    i am alot better today. i should and must quit all those emo days. haha! but.. the shereena you guys know can never do that wan lahh. =)

    until never i havent said hi. he didnt even notice me at all man. sighs. accept the fact that we might as well be strangers.

    me and you*

    just had a maths common test today. suprisingly i could do. lets see how i'll perform. college is getting fun as days pass. getting to know the classmates better. laughing more and more each day. soo i guess it is still oklahh.

    my mum is leaving to china tomorrow morning. home alone for three days. well... almost home alone. until night only.

    i desperately want to go and watch movie. finally found derek to teman me go watch on saturday at pyramid. yay! as everyone got their own plans. anyway i havent been seeing this dude for some time and i miss him. =)

  2. Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    i dont even know whether am i considered emo now. i just dont feel like talking to anyone. this is the weird part of me. for no reason at all i can just dont talk. but... for now i think there is a reason to it. probably its.. aiya nevermind. i dont think i can even get it right too.

    nothing seems to impress me and put a smile on my face*

    not even you. i will just sit silently and stare out the window to look at you. thats all i'll do. because no words seems to come out from my mouth when i see you. fcuk man.

    something is wrong with me. i will just keep myself silent the whole night. because i dont need you anymore!

  3. jay chou

    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    got up this morning and managed to persuade my mum to let me go for jay chou's concert. going with jia shen. from the start i have been saying i cant believe i am going to jay chou's concert.

    left about 5 like that. was held in stadium merdeka. went there and got hungry. bought the biscuits but didnt eat. i m soo smart right? and manage to cut into the line and got in quite fast. haha. =)

    before the stadium was even filled*

    i always dont like the waiting process. suprisingly this time it passed fast. very soon it was filled. damn banyak people man.

    i was eager to go to the toilet. mana tau the queue was damn long. its like damn damn long. somemore the toilet got no light and soo not stable. what to do.. fully made by plastic. and soo scary lahh. i can see nothing but some shadows that shows the toilet bowl. its my first and last try in that thing.

    alot of people*

    to pass time we kept looking at hotties around. haha. i spotted one and so did he. but the one i spotted not lengzhai wan. his not bad. so called andrea hor... hahaha! looking at hotties is the typical shereena lahh. =D

    now i find jay quite yeng. he wear the shirts and his hair make him look kinda hot. haha. which before this i totally disagree that he is actually quite yeng.

    must thank jia shen. if not i wouldnt have agree with whatever he use to say bout jay. he knows how to play damn alot of instruments. to me drum the most yeng one. second is the piano. he dancing also not bad. =D multi-talented fella?

    most of his songs are really good. too bad i dont know much. luckily there is jia shen to tell me what song was that. haha.

    with him sitting beside me with that whistle can make me deaf. and i pulak shouting there. going to no voice already.

    i like nearly the ending where he pose with the peace sign. very cute. haha.

    people leaving*

    i like his concert. haha. i m actually saying this. was worth it. my point of view towards jay had changed. haha! thanks to jia shen. and i was GRATEFUL that i went with him. =) i enjoyed it.

    after that i hungry already. went mamak to eat and reached home at 1 something.

    my ticket*

    my first concert ticket that i actually paid for. and it was a great first concert with a friend. =) yea lahh yea lahh. thank u jia shen!

  4. Saturday, February 23, 2008

    now is teck wei's birthday! my new friend this year cause same class. friendly guy. since it is his birthday i shall say something about him. very funny fella but ah.. always like to disturb me. jia shen number 2 man. always laugh also and very fast get angry of khai shien. haha. and he is damn chun in maths. geng.

    we planned him a suprise party. he had been reminding me that today is his birthday for like a week already. and luckily we were reminded by mr. Ken. supposingly we thought our Common Test was at 10. mana tau at 11. so jia shen, yong shen and ken went to secret recipe to buy the cake for teck wei. it seems that ken ran all the way there. its actually quite a distance away from asia cafe.

    all most the whole class was at asia cafe to celebrate for him. only shem was missing. he was shocked when we brought out the cake. =) sssuupprrise!

    we sang him a birthday song and purposely said his name out loud. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECK WEI!

    birthday boy*

    the class boys. only one is missing.. our class rep.*

    jia shen is soo gay man. teck wei also scared of him already. =)

    the 7 girls in the class*

    the cake was banana chocolate. not my favourite. i had to eat the cake if not kena marah from him. say i don't give face.

    college is fun nearly everyday cause we joke damn alot. and all that stupid, weird plus funny stuff they do just keeps the class lively. everyone is turning to be like jia shen. which is 40% good. 60% bad. =D

    and as usual college is always fun to me cause somewhere at random i'll see him. but i just dont talk to him.

    the question been asked always*

    I'm not saying that i'm in love,I'm just saying that lately you're all i think about.

  5. Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    my mood couldnt have been worse. dont know why suddenly i took all the stuff that was thrown towards me so seriously. its as though something just knock some senses into me pretty bad. F*** man.

    evrything in my mind is all jumbled and messed up. i m feeling frustrated. argh! and having a major headache.

    i sure hope everything is okay tomorrow. i have to at least see him with a smile on my face. which is pretty hard to do so now. argh!!!! i m feeling terrible. *sighs*

    i need to say HI! the heart beating fast sorta feeling is getting into the way.

    i need a smile desperately*

    i was pathetic enough to think that something like that would make me happy. turned out to be, i m a freaking stupid idiot to think that it would. f***ed up.

    shit man. dont know why today damn emo. now i can never agree with walter more, i am always emo. what the hell? i hate this. i hate you.

  6. Sunday, February 17, 2008

    went to pavillion todayy. i like today's outing. somehow it was really good. cherly's driving to kl not bad huh. alot under estimated her. and i manage to lead the right way! hahaha. =D

    wondering around the streets of kl let us see lots of different type of people. hot ones and not hot ones, nice bodies and weird bodies, people with fashion sense and people who don't. we laughed alot alot. even its only the three of us, me michelle and cherly. we were also singing loudly in public. weirdos.

    all of us manage to get ourselves something. happy! girlfriends day out. too bad steph and yao yun cant make it. our next stop will be klcc. =) but dont know when. michelle looks hot now. compared to last time. hehee.

    hottie alert*

  7. 21 days.

    Friday, February 15, 2008

    stoopid lahh. supposed to go online yesterday to blog about valentines but my connection got problem. damn annoying. when i was about to go to sleep only can connect. what the heck right? nevermind at least now i can go online. woo-hoo 21 days to go!

    i dont know why but i think i have a really strong crush on him. =) everyday i will try my best to at least have a glance of him. ahhh... the last time i really had this major crush thing was really long ago. =D

    you look hot in that white shirt you wore* in fact it is very hot.

    seeing you walking right past me puts a smile on my face. and yesterday it gave me an even wider smile. it was valentines and it was the first time this had ever happened. it wasnt like any other days. <3

    now when i have the time, i always thought about you in mind. hehee. i dont even care what others say, to me he looks great! the look of u seems to be in my mind like everytime. =)

    is it always that, when you want to get over someone means you must have another person in mind? to get over of youu that happened. it took me damn long to actually got over everything. but its a good thing. me and youu will only be great great friends.

    yesterday's valentines was different. cause you know lahh last time school where can people just give flowers, teddy bears, holding hands and stuff. seeing couples so sweet and mushy. soo cute.

    all of us ( one bunch of us old friends) are single. so we had fun too. the funniest is jia shen lahh. renting himself hor? rent means should promote right? mana tau he wear damn casual. of all thing yesterday. what lahh... they went pyramid but i got stupid LAN classes so have stay back. annoying.

    love notes*

    floating everywhere yesterday just to find the right one.

    tomorrow i going out with cherly and michelle to kl. cherly is gonna drive us and i'll lead the way. i hope i get the right way to pavillion or klcc. and return home safely. keep my fingers cross. xoxo.

    oh god. i just saw him just now when i went out for dinner. he looks sexy with that attire. he actually stays somewhere near? i wonder where. if not he wouldnt have appeared here. =D lucky me. ahhh.

    i like those eyes of yours.

  8. 26 days

    Sunday, February 10, 2008

    i am finally home from raub. Chinese New Year was very normal apart from gambling and getting angpau's. i didnt really enjoy myself cause i fell sick. annoying-nya. every single time without fail, i'll get sick when i go back to raub. maybe i am too used to polluted air.

    the holidays past really fast. i am not done with my homework yet. common test is coming around the corner. argh lots of things. i just cant wait till march 7th. 26 days more to go before i am off to the place i fell in love when i was a kid.

    i am left alone to walk through everything* waiting for you my dear.

    why do you say to taking chances? i wish i could make up my mind. pictures of you. pictures of me. in my mind.

    qi hong, chun kit and yew wei went back to their ns camp already. another month till i see them again. i know they'll have lots of fun. =) was really good seeing them that day. at least we had fun chit-chatting about ns, i had fun pouring salt into jenn hsen's mcflurry and stealing jia shen's fries. the laughters*

  9. Tuesday, February 05, 2008

    okayy. they are home! tonight we'll have a gathering for them at starbucks. we were there the day before they left to ns. =) we talked and saw them for the last time before they went bald. haha.

    my high school friends are those that i will never forget about. especially that group of them. you know who you are! my favourites.

    i miss form 5 the most. the year where i had most fun, met some new friends which i got really close to, struggled through exams, and had a fun trip.

    to me now friends are practically part of my everything. =D

    the friendship that we had*

    part of my hidden treasures. even we seldom meet nor talk, i know you will still be a part of me. i hope i'll keep to my promises.

    after the gathering tonight, i'll be leaving to raub, my hometown for chinese new year. somehow i dont know why i m not really looking forward to it already. sighs* i'll only be back on sunday.

    anyway Happy Chinese New Year peoples!

  10. Monday, February 04, 2008

    now no need to end with an emo speech already. all the emoness is over. now is the happy parts. i've sort of know things about him already. even its that tiny little thing about him i m happy. he is hot*

    everything seemed to have came to an end. i wonder what will happen tomorrow. seeing all this things happening is creeping me out. i dont want to lose anyone at all. but i know its impossible.

    to some love is everything. to some friends and family is everything. to lose any of it will be really terrible. but thats the way of life. you cant cling onto anything forever right?


    tomorrow should be meeting the guys in taipan. but not sure where yet. its been a months plus since they left to ns. seeing them would be good. i miss them. qi hong will be back in 24 hours. woot*

    omg. seriously lahh i cant get him off my eyes. been staring at it for some time already. this kinda feeling had been gone for some time. and its back! <3 a stranger i never knew.

  11. Saturday, February 02, 2008

    yay! i finally know his name already. i m in the happy mood already. woo-hoo* seriously very happy. =) saw him today. hottie.

    i m looking forward for tuesday. they are coming back from NS! we should be meeting up on tuesday. then wednesday going back to hometown.

    chinese new year. looking forward for it. angpau(s), new clothes, red colour, food, gambling, wondering around, staying up late, visitings. woot* i got angpau already. =D

    over youu*