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  1. i will always tempt myself to get it.

    Thursday, April 30, 2009

    the new stocks.
    i feel like buying both. ):

    woke up at 7.15 am today cause there was a shop briefing at 9 am and we wanted to meet up for breakfast first so had to be there at 8 am.

    went to jaafar with vanessa then waited for nick to come. the other two girls didnt join us cause they were too lazy to walk. and all three of us had maggi goreng for breakfast.

    stayed till 10.30 am for the shop briefing then cousin came to fetch me home cause my work only starts at 2 pm. so i came back for a one hour nap then i had to go out and take the bus back to work.

    work was fine.

    talking about that, its ee von's last day today. i will sure miss her. she was fun to talk to and she's really really nice. and she only worked for 16 days and she had good relationships with all of us. (:

    sales was just fine. i wonder if we could hit the target. then i can get my RM 50 voucher. :D

    came back and ate and now i am just waiting for the time till it shows american idol. lets just hope Kris performs soon and then i could go to sleep.

    i am working from 10 to 10 tomorrow. how sadd.

    k laa~! i want to watch American Idol already. Kris Allen. <3

    sighs. i just cant stop thinking. when i am at the bank waiting for my turn, during break, when there is no customer, when i am alone, and basically when i have free time, you'll come across my mind.

    with love,

    music addiction : Lifehouse - Whatever It Takes

  2. i am sad.

    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    yarra river.

    i had all the sleep i needed today. woke up at 1 pm and online and watched one tree hill and chatted with jia shen.

    was chatting with jia shen half way and i wasnt really in my best moods. i even stopped my one tree hill halfway cause i really have no mood to watch on already.

    i am sad.

    i am sad that i am leaving. everything and everyone around me is getting more and more in my life. making me feel so sad leaving all of this behind.

    i got so use and so relied on my mum, i got so close with my girlfriends, i got so use to work, and i am getting use to talking to you more like a best friend. and slowly i have to let go on all this.

    even now my grandma is in the hospital. i mean why does all of this have to appear when i am about to leave?

    the slightest details of whatever in my life is standing out more.

    sighs. in australia, i wont have my mum there to cook for me maggi in the middle of the night or help me to massage my leg when i complain that its pain or having her staying up until i reach home from outside. even to have her to know what i will want to eat before i could say it.

    first, i will feel so sad when i leave here. when i am in the airport. second, i will feel even more sad when my mum leaves australia. i dont want somebody else go and disturb her when she's back. a blardy balless idiot.

    i mean i am happy that i will be continuing my studies there but i am really sad that i am leaving.

    and you. leaving soo soon. i wouldnt hear your voice to wish me happy birthday or to tell me goodbye when i leave. but whatever it is, good luck in whatever you are doing! i know you can make it through almost everything.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Thunder - Boys Like Girls

  3. the big apple.

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    one day i'll be there. its a promise to myself.
    new york city had been that one place which i am always dreaming to go.

    i was sooo lazy to blog yesterday night after coming back from ta pau-ing ramly burger. as usual daging special tambah cheese. (: after eating i just sat there and watch my one tree hill and then i slept. ahaha!

    there wasnt much to blog about yesterday though. all that happen was i met up with lim qi hong and spent half of my break time with him at mcdonalds. and he walked me back to nike and i got him updated bout certain things.

    some recent and unintresting stuff to him but very much intresting to me. he always also listen to my rubbish one laaa. makes no difference.

    work was fine today. i laughed sooooo much. first in the morning was because of nick commenting that i was posing when i was just standing there and scratching my head. then it was how he and vanessa played around. running around the shop chasing each other with hanger and then was vanessa being soo obscene and started drawing disgusting things.

    work was fun today. very fun. it was only the three of us and time passed so fast.

    during break i saw this really nice thing that reminded me of qi hong. i wanted to buy for him but.. i wanted to save the money for my mum's birthday present sooo if it is still there next month then i might buy for him. (: what to do... my heng dai what. and um... jack, hong jiun and barry dropped by for a while but i was kinda unapproachable cause my general manager was there.

    oh yeahhh... another thing was that i met this really cute china guy. i think he is rich too and he came in with this friend of his and they were asking about the bag. i purposely didnt want to answer them in chinese.. you know laaa... china people like to ask whether got discount or not and stuff.

    then the cute dude ask on behalf of his friend whether got discount or not but still in chinese just that is was dragged longer and louder cause they didnt expect that i would actually answer them.

    when i answered him back in chinese, the look he gave me was damn funny! seriously damn funny. and they started asking me more stuff like i know chinese and stuff like that laaa.

    but the guy was really cute. from far he looked like someone i used to have a crush on. just look alike la.

    thats the only thing i remembered on customers at work. and tomorrow i'll be off. at first i was suppose to go to KLCC with my mum but grandma admitted to the hospital soo i guess... i'll be at the hospital tomorrow.

    but thats only and evening thing. before that i'll be at home doing god knows what.

    everyday there is always something about you that makes me think of you. every single day. and those little detail that appear, you'll be the first image that comes across my mind. sighs.

    much love,

    music addiction : Carrie Underwood - Ever Ever After

  4. you are not worth it.

    Sunday, April 26, 2009

    the night street in kl. cars move too fast beside you.
    i love going to downtown kl just for their streets at night.

    wow. its my 401th post.

    work was fine today. i mean yesterday since its pass 12 am. only 4 of us was working and all of us are girls. but well... especially with the new girls at work, more and more malays start coming up with stupid shits.

    like.... "kembar ke? same je" or "adik-beradik ke?". weird and stupid malays around man. the lifeless no money malay guys. annoying ones as well.

    tim and his sister came to visit me just now though. talked a while but too bad i already had my break if not i would have joined makan with them.

    was expecting qi hong though but he went to summit instead. after work i had to go to setapak to pay my grandparents a visit. but things ended pretty disappointing.

    i found out something very disappointing. but well.. after having a chat with tim, i guess i learned to see things slightly simpler and easier.

    guys who left are balless. especially in my life there is one hell of a balless man. i am disappointed in you. since you never cared about me ever since june, i shouldnt even bother anymore. even if something happened to you, i dont fucking care anymore.

    you digged your own grave. and might as well leave you in it and having your fucking families with you. and i will be on top staring at you six feet under the ground.

    screw you la.

    later i'll be working from 10 to 10. how sadddd...

    k laa~! nights people. oh shit i just woke my mum up with tim's voice. him who kept repeating hello and i who didnt turn down the volume and my mum woke up and ask, "who's that?". weird and awkward moment.

    and... it seems the tunes i heard just now from tim's side was actually him playing a guitar? really? hmmmm.. i shall bug him to hear it again next time. (:

    oh shit! i just remembered. i promised someone for treating him bubba gump. oklaaaa. i will keep my promise. we shall schedule a day for it.

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Ne-Yo - Mad

  5. the day.

    Saturday, April 25, 2009

    i saw that expression on your face.
    the friends expression. the ONLY friends feelings.
    you didnt turn back. you didnt wait. when i passed by again you werent there.

    i should already know that all this will be coming towards me. i just refused to face the truth and always think that whatever i hoped for might just happen or something like a miracle might occur.

    now, its more than just pointless.

    i cant even explain why in the first place that i made the point so obvious, so deep and so hard to erase it away.

    its soon going to be the last that i'll have of you. very very soon. even sooner than the day i leave. i thought about how i was going to feel that day and flashes of old memories kept running through my mind.

    i know that i will tear soo much for not seeing each other for at least a year. i guess i am just not like you. living a simple life and see things come and go just like that.


  6. just got back from yam cha with the boys. at first it was only a mini ex 5bs gathering which was me, tim, dicky and qihong but ended up walter cant make it and qi hong brought yew wei and jenny.

    me and qihong.

    yew wei, qi hong and me.

    tim and dicky.

    the boys.

    sat there and chatted a while and suddenly somebody ask to call chun kit. sooo i texted chun kit and he came along too.

    me and chun kit.

    chit chatted alot of stupid, random and funny things. as usual the young boys will see the young girls. sighs. so typical of lim qi hong... ahahah!

    bought a slice of cake for tim. and had a candle and made qi hong bring the lighter.

    tim's 20 days late birthday cake.

    him and the tiramisu.

    me and tim.

    sang a birthday song for tim but i think it wasnt loud enough. sorry that we are 20 days late but at least you got to blow the candle right??? but his present from jenn hsen is damn funny. rice cooker? joker laa.

    finished about 11 oclock and i had to fetch tim back cause he doesnt have the car and stuff so i was like his chauffeur tonight. fetched him there and fetched him back. (:

    it was a good get together though just now. i guess i will miss all of this when i am in australia. chun kit HAD to remind me that i wont have this in australia already. he kept repeating. i felt it. i felt sad somehow.

    i am excited that i'll be there but i am sad that i am leaving. ): i guess life still goes on dont matter what i feel or how i feel.

    earlier today i was out with steph, cherly and yao yun. was there earlier with steph by the bus and went shopping around and eyeing on things. then cherly and yao yun came then we went to zanmai for lunch.

    talked and talked and talked. the topic was almost anything at all. movie was at 2.45 pm so we left around 2.30 pm.

    i miss all the girl chats that we have before. luckily we did some catching up today. :D

    watched Make It Happen.

    a 9 out of the 10 scale.

    i loveeeee that show. i always loved shows like that. dancing, hot guys and romance. typical chick flick. the girl could really really dance. the moves were damn good to me. the guy in the show was hot! and the love and the chemistry they had was feelable. the word doesnt even exist. ahaha!

    after movie, the girls left me alone. so i went back nike and talk with the colleagues a while then went shopping by myself.

    look at the damage i've done to my wallet. i bought 8 tops. (:

    from forever 21.

    dorothy perkins.

    i spent 200 more abit. but.... it felt good spending money which i hard earned.

    that pretty much sumed up my whole day. tomorrow i'll be working from 2 to 10. woke maybe fine sometimes but i wouldnt have much time to spend with anybody close to me.

    i miss the good old form 5 days. i really do. it'll always be something i miss. a year that marked so hard in my book of life.

    marked great friendships and the start of it. but its soon coming to an end. i dont have that will power to make it go on. i am afraid and its hopeless.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Taylor Swift - Love Story

  7. the beats just made me move.

    Friday, April 24, 2009

    i finished work at 6 pm today. mum came to fetch me from work and she brought back chicken chop for me for dinner. yummy...

    after food, i watched Drumline on astro.

    the show it not bad. its something like Stomp the Yard but instead of stepping, its about beating the drums. kinda intresting.

    well... today work was not too bad. apart from the sales today was kinda quite. unlike yesterday that there was the whole Saudi Arabia Youth Under 16 National team that came in the shop and bought 7 pairs of football boots.

    including two pairs of the most expensive Vapor V. the total of the bill was RM 3400++. damn chunted. and if we meet the target this month, i'll get a RM 50 voucher. (:

    other than the sales, i met some guy today which was a customer that has the same birthday with me. he is 7 years my senior and he bought the Monika bag which i wanted to buy before this.

    but i guess i wont be buying it already. its actually wayyyy too pricey.

    tomorrow is my off day! and i am going out with my girlfriends. all three of them. and i feel like doing some shopping. hope we'll have fun. (:

    much love,

    music addiction : The Offspring - Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?

  8. my best buddy.

    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    its already after 12 am in australia now. well... to be specific, its already past 12 am in melbourne. but its only 11.37 pm in malaysia. nevermind laa. i shall post this base on the melbourne timing.

    today, 23rd of march is the day a good friend of mine celebrates his birthday. someone that i only knew 3 years ago. and only got alot alot closer last year.

    he put up with me through my ups and downs. he was the one and only person that makes me realise things in a very different way. he will be one of them that i will definitely turn to when i have any problems and anything special happened.

    he was my late night buddy that i only chat with in the middle of the night until morning. he was the one that brought up the whole insulting thing on me. i mean it was fun but annoying. and i miss his annoying driving skills. i used to be in his car soo much till i was immune towards the wreckless driving. but still got me safe to the destinations.

    sometimes he drives me up the wall, sometimes he makes me so mang chang and so cheung hei, sometimes he makes me laugh till my stomach hurts and yet he will always be there for me.

    when he left, i thought i lost someone i could really talk to. but i guess the distance wouldnt have matter. he still smses me and i still sms him. i still write him emails and he will still reply. we still chat in msn.

    and i will be seeing him in 3 months. lets just hope that this friendship between us will be the same or even stronger when i get there.

    i dont want to lose a good friend. a good brother. HE will only be the Low Jia Shen. (:


    hope for the best in everything you do and i hope you'll enjoy your day!

    we are not there to celebrate with you but it wont make any difference. remember that i remembered and will celebrate a post birthday celebration with you when i am there. and i will deliver your present in 3 months. (:

    i cant wait to go over there and catch up with you!

    take good care of yourself okay? i miss you alot. i cant believe i am actually saying this but... i really miss you laa FEI LOU! ahaha! :D

    i just miss that annoying jia shen somehow. hmmmm... and the caring one.

    hope you'll have an amazing day ahead of you.

    love ya,

  9. the barbeque gathering.

    Sunday, April 19, 2009

    my internet connection got problem these few days thats why cannot update my blog. i guess i shall post back the posts dated on the day it happened. (:

    drove to work that day cause at night i was suppose to go to adrian's house. and when i was looking for carpark mana tau i saw cherly reversing her car. quite ngam right?

    then went in pyramid saw damn alot of people at the concourse area and only saw that actually Raymond Lam will be there. and i was browsing around popular looking for a P sticker.

    then everybody started shouting cause Raymond Lam appeared! i also got busy body got see together gather also.

    thats him right in the middle.

    he very the leng zhai le but his outfit that day damn uncle lo. like a farmer only. ahaha!

    see for a while then i had to start work at 2 pm already. while serving the customers, i saw this guy look kinda familiar and guess what?? its ALAN WU!!!

    you know the amazing race asia host??? the good looking one? i saw him! and he smiled back when i greeted him. ahahaha!

    but the rest of the day was pretty much as usual lo.

    after work only i knew that ferns was invited also. so i went to adrian's place with ferns. damn hard to find parking lo. reached his house around 11 pm.

    dont know that jack pointing to where.

    my girl friends. the closest ones.

    i dont know what was this for. adrian looked stupid.

    my chef that night. he cooked "apple kai ma" for me. (:

    look at how much loong is sweating.

    look at how everyone is posing. especially that hau yang behind there.

    everybody snatching water from adrian. ahaha!

    the three april boys. hong jiun, keng yew and adrian.

    everyone except yao yun. or maybe there were others that already left.

    lepak-ed till 1 am. then came home and tried to come online to blog but the stupid connection sucks!


  10. only two people for 12 hours.

    Saturday, April 18, 2009

    today, i mean yesterday. since its already passed 12 am, its yesterday. work was tiring cause only me and nick two of us was working. only two of us that took care of the shop.

    valent didnt turn up for work sooo it was just me and nick. even for nick it was the first time that actually only two people work for the whole day.

    my 15 ringgit lunch.

    and there goes our break time. so nick suggested to order dominos and eat in the store. how sadddd. when got alot of customer then have to stop eating and go outside and serve. saddd.

    met a stupid customer today. i feel like chasing her out of the store. she gets on my nerves but she is a customer and i cant scold her! i feel damn not dai. thinking about it i also feel damn geram.

    finished work at 10 oclock and came back and then left out for supper with my mum, cousin and his gf. all the way down to Kuchai Lama for late night dim sums.

    it was actually quite good and their baked cheese escargots is good! its nice. (:

    wanted to blog just now but i just didnt know how to phrase my words and stuff. i am having too much in mind laaaaa.

    just finished watching the series on Astro On Demand. its already 2.57 am.

    tomorrow i'll be starting work at 2 pm and hope that i really do start at 2 pm. please laaa valent.... turn up for work laaaaaa...

    and i'll have my cousin's gf's saga to drive tomorrow to work and also to adrian's bbq party after work.

    sooo i guess tomorrow should be a not bad day. :D hope so.

    i am tired. not only physically but mentally too. everything seems to not leave my mind and kept on adding more stuff into it.

    and its almost about one thing only.


  11. foooood. goooood food.

    Friday, April 17, 2009

    finished work at 8 pm today and mum came to join me for dinner.

    the other day i went to try this place at asian avenue with ferns and today i brought my mum and cousin and his gf there to eat.

    food there seems to be quite good.

    pommes frites at Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid.

    my aglio olio seafood spaghetti.

    mum's roasted salmon fettucine.

    cousin's girlfriend's seafod marinara.

    cousin's cordon bleu fettucine.

    the house specialty. pumpkin fries.

    and the oh-so-nice cheese muscles. i forgot to take the picture of that. that was the best and damn nice and it is at a reasonable price. half a dozen baked mussels for 15.90. damnnn nice. (:

    and all the pastas above are all at RM 10.90. the price is like sooo reasonable for it. plus drinks and everything, dinner was RM 81 for 4 pax. not bad what right?

    basically today was nothing much. work was like normal and i was visited by felix (again), khai shien and cherly.

    now i am waiting to watch american idol. i loveeeee Kris Allen! <3

    i am really really thinking too much and i am afraid whatever i have in mind is actually true. whatever i am worrying about seems to be happening.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Kris Allen - Falling Slowly

  12. my thoughts.

    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    even if most of the time i am alone, it doesnt prove that i like it.

    i was reading some blogs and wondered if whatever it said might happen to me. will there be a day that whatever i've hoped for and is hoping for come true?

    as much as i've been telling myself to stop, to let go, to quit hoping, i dont know why i just cant seem to do it well. i always try halfway and then i get drifted too far off track and when i realise it, it takes me some time till i get right again.

    then i'll continue my race and then the same thing repeats again.

    i am tired that i keep going back and forth over the same issue, over the same problem. but it is like an automatic preset thing in me that just cant be turn off somehow.

    i am making this my number one priority eventhough it made me tear soo much, made me emo so much but yet makes me happy sometimes.

    but the happy times are sooo minimal that when i think back, i'll always finish the thoughts with, "is that all? no more already?". but yet these little happy things kept me going on so far till i cant seem to stop anymore.

    do i really deserve holding onto this that much? when i come to think of it, i dont. i havent got any acknowledgement over how much i cared about this. all i got was confusing thought, and sad moments. even tears last time.

    i really really felt that by me leaving to a whole new stranger place and getting to know new people, i might forget about all this.

    but how true is that thought? what if things get even worse when i am there? even the situation now i am already trying so hard to keep up. i am not sure whether am i capable of handling it if it gets worse.

    i breakdown easily and take quite some time to stand up again. dont matter how hard i am restraining myself from breaking down that fast, the situations around me seems to not get better. so hows things suppose to get better for me?

    i am tired that the person is you. i am tired i cared so much. i am tired that i am still holding onto something that goes no where. and i am tired that you seem you dont care anymore.

    sometimes i asked myself "why you? why do i have to bring myself into all this and then get upset over all this?".


  13. work.

    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    michelle commented that she likes my pose in this picture. :D
    and i somehow miss the S9 days.
    photo credit to michelle.

    slept till 11 am this morning. its been qute a while since i woke up so late. cause we planned on going for breakfast at 11 something. which was me, cherly, teck wei and khai shien.

    khai shien was suppose to come and fetch all of us but suddenly he say he got no car. so instead cherly came to fetch.

    we rounded ss15 for 3 times till we got a car park. and settled down at the hawker near KFC. cherly wore something that was sooo not right to see in a hawker centre. she look like she was going to the mall or something.

    maybe because she was really hoping that teck wei would say yes to going pyramid for sushi. but in the end, he refused to go.

    started work at 2 pm so cherly dropped me at pyramid.

    met wei xiang, siew yung and FELIX! damn long since i last saw him. since last year's prom man. and he still look the same. still so skinny still so blur.

    during my break i went to chit chat with them for a while then went to jusco to eat early dinner alone. how sadd.

    the time today at work seemed to pass so quick. before i actually noticed, it was already 8 pm then it was time for closing. fast le.

    but today there seems to be some conflict at work. somebody should be resigning soon. but what the hell right? i mean why so sensitive wor. working life also it is meant to tolerate and be patient one laa.

    and even today MAYBE your last day so what laaa?! so you can just sit inside the storeroom and dont help us with house keeping? if it is your last day also try help us out lo. whats so hard.

    somemore 10 oclock sharp straight away punch card then ciao? i guess from the start i shouldnt have even considered on treating you nice.

    and people give unexpected judgements. i really understand what is so RUDE? rude people dont even considered giving discounts and helping you out.

    whatever la. as long is you dont get onto my nerves that bad, then fine. but for me to actually continue to treat you nice.... sorry laa. dream on.

    had a new colleague yesterday though. to be honest when i first saw him he look kinda lanci le. but after talking to him today, and joked around, he seems like someone fun.

    btw, his name is Valent. first time hear such name. lets just hope that he is really that nice. i miss the nice boy, Seah Jia Chen laaa.

    out of all the colleagues, he is the nicest in terms of everything. somemore dont know how to get angry and scold people one. ahaha!

    as long is work today seems like got alot of drama. i dont understand people these days. bully? rude? ACT nice?


    i feel like i am being treated diffrently since then. i feel like the talks we have is different. i feel like i am being answered just for the sake of me talking first.

    i miss the times when i used to be a priority person when it comes to stuff about you or your problems.

    i just miss it all about you.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Waking Up in Vegas - Katy Perry

  14. i hope there won't be regrets AT ALL.

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    i hope this wont happen.

    work was fine today. despite that i was really really feeling damn tired. woke up at 7 am this morning and slept at 2 am last night.

    i was seriously damn sleepy during work. but when i found out i was going back at 6 pm, it freshened me up. :D

    mum and cousins came over to pyramid to find for me before i finish work. i requested for an early birthday present from my mum. i want the Nike Monika Club bag.

    and i'll be getting it soon. mum already said yes in a way.

    this month's salary i would probably use abit more of my clothes for aus then thats it. i have to pay my debts and my air ticket to Melbourne.

    went to Yuen's steamboat for dinner and reached home feeling damn full. ate damn alot lo. reached home around 9 pm and now watching AOD and chatting.

    and also doing my Nike Online Training thing.

    tomorrow i'll be starting work at 2 pm. soooo i can sleep longer. it feels great just thinking about it.

    everyday without fail questions about you pops up in my mind. questions which i will always give myself a happy answer but in the end waking up to it by realising there wont be happy ending for those questions.

    it will only be an answer that pleases you but hurts me. i cant change the fact that things wont work. i can only accept the fact that things isnt going my way.

    i guess by realising it, it is the first step to letting go. i hope things will just turn out fine. i dont want it to be an ending which in 10 or 20 years time i think back, i will regret my decisions.

    i hope i wont.

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addction : Survivor - The Search is Over

  15. i am happy with my buys and today.

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    today was my day off. and the cousin came back from sabah for 4 days. and my aunty and other cousins was here soo i decided to treat them lunch at the Curve. since i already got my first pay soo its okay laa.

    reached Curve around 1 something then went for lunch. at first wanted to go to ikea's restaurant for their swedish meatballs but mana tau damn alot of people lo.

    so we settled down at Little Penang Kafe. the whole 10 of us managed to get a space for lunch.

    my beef curry rice.

    spent around 170 plus for lunch. and it was my treat. (:

    then went walking around. went to MNG, then Daiso then FOS, then Nike Women then it was already 5 something and mum really wanted to try the ikea swedish meatballs so we went for somemore food.

    my chicken chop from ikea.

    after food at ikea, we went walking at the ikea's showroom. bought some stuff. even bought one candle which was exactly the same smell of the ones in jia shen's mooncake box. but i bought the big one.

    mum liked the smell and i am starting to like it too. but still abit too sweet.

    after the showroom we went to buy karipaps. i tell you ikea's karipaps are the best for me. (: superbly nice. and highly recomended.

    then went walking around ikano power centre. and i went to Padini Concept Store. by the time i was done there, it was 6 something 7 already. and mum was already tired so we headed for home.

    but we detoured to uncle's house for a while. and had laksa. aunt's laksa is the best laaaa.

    i ate damn alot today. but i feel like eating the karipap on the table now. hmmmm. yummy...

    here is my buys today. two jeans and four tops. :D

    jeans from FOS and padini top.

    same jeans and MNG top.

    black jeans from FOS and padini top.

    same jeans and nike top.

    i love all my buys today. it is with my own heart earned money. it felt sooo good spending money that i earned myself. oh ya! and i bought the skirt from nike already. (:

    the buys from daiso.

    its all 5 ringgit. the green or the blue case was actually for my external hard disk. i cant make up my mind which is better. one of it for the hard disk and one probably my calculator. hmmm.

    thats about it today. i got everything that i wanted. and burned a big hole in my pocket. nevermind laaa. kinda worth it.

    tomorrow i'll be working from 10 to 10. saddd.

    sighs. i kept on looking into the courtyard beside TGI. i guess i really miss the day and miss the times.

    k laaa~ nights people.


    music addiction : Kellie Pickler - Best Days Of Your Life

  16. birthdays.

    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    happy birthday adrian~!

    i remember i knew you in form 2. through pui teng but heard about you since hazel onwards. as time passes we got closer.

    you gave me advices and perceptions which were so true and so right. i thanked you for those words you've said to me when i needed it.

    happy 19th! i guess almost the last wishes of the day already. :D

    lots of love,

  17. july 2007?

    Saturday, April 11, 2009

    but it was also the same day that you met someone new.
    somebody that was someone in your life.

    i took this picture during my training yesterday. i remember the place and the date. it brought me back alots of images of that particular day it started. some that involved you, some that involved others.

    luckily i had my camera with me that day. i just miss the days where all of this started. as far as i could remember, the feeling and everything started on that particular day.

    it felt like a sign or something that day. just made me hold on even more. i dont know why but i feel that i am holding even more firm onto this. how am i going to let go when i leave? i really really wonder.

    on my way back in the taxi from Curve that day, i saw an Audi TT. its feels connected to me somehow. it just reminded me sooo much of everything.

    today's work was pretty fine. had sooo many people coming to visit me. first walter, then dickson, then sheng loong and wey liam, then steph, then cherly, then hau yang, keng yew and shelaine.

    not bad laaaa. i even met wui yang. he went to UK for studies and is going back to UK tomorrow. and i met him today. talked for a little while only laa.

    was suppose to go makan with jack but mana tau he ffk me. sooo i went makan with walter. it was nice talking to him after soooo long. and when dickson came to visit, i had quite a long chat with him too.

    long enough laa cause i was working while talking to him.

    met two lengzhai's today. one i serve one just walk in the shop and left. the one i serve seriously damn lengzhai lo. he may not be tall but seems attractive in a way. and with that cap, he look cute le.

    oh ya! got people wanted to steal stuff today. they tore the pants just to take out the sensor. damn stupid and desperate lo people these days.

    and piaget called me gay cause i say i wanted to buy somemore stuff from nike. mana tau he is gayer than me. he wants to buy two pairs of shoes and one polo tshirt and one tshirt. i think all together got about 700 plus. rich fella man.

    finished work at 10 and i have to start at 9 am tomorrow cause i have to check new stocks. and had to work up till 10 pm. saddd..

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Palm Print - Elanne Kong

  18. EKIN training.

    Friday, April 10, 2009

    after all the craving, i finally had it.

    today was EKIN training. i had to wake up at 7 in the morning. cause i was suppose to meet up with vanessa in front of pyramid at 8 am. but the traffic today was rather smooth sooo i reached like half an hour earlier. smsed vanessa saying that i reached and then waited for her.

    took a taxi to the Curve. seriously lo today traffic was damn nice. reached the Curve within 15 minutes. damn fast lo. and then went straight up to Nike office.

    i didnt know that the office was just above TGI Fridays there. we were the earliest so Ah Wong which is our trainer opened the door for us.

    vanessa ta pao-ed nasi lemak so we were sitting in the pantry talking and eating. then more and more people turned up. cause the training suppose to start at 9 am. but you know laa malaysian timing, we started at 9.15 am yet there are people coming in late after that.

    met teresa from sungei wang and ah seng from times square. both hytex people. we sat one table but it was only the 4 of us soo had to share with those that came in late. which was another two more guys from AL-Ikhsan.

    the training started and it was mainly about shoes. Men's Training, Women's Training, Football, Basketball and the Nike Free. was rather intresting though some of the things.

    as usual laaaa.. when it comes to football, we will see Cristiano Ronaldo's face. damn blardy lanci lo. especially when ah wong showed us that video of ronaldo beat the Bugatti Veyron on the speed.

    obviously laa right... the car had to change gear only can reverse and he is a human that changes direction. when he won, his face cannot be seen one. lanci like shit.

    got to see another colour of Mercurial Vapor V. and touched the super expensive, Mercurial Superfly. that boots cost RM 1390. expensive like mad but damn damn damn light. seriously damn light. i was amazed. (:

    saw some video that onkly nike people has. the one that they were showing how the italians make custom made boots for the players, the video made me want to go there and visit the factory in Italy and really see how they make the boots. the custom made thing is called Nike ID but only for the footballers.

    when it comes to basketball, it is always about Lebron James. nike purposely made a shoe for him to play during his NBA playoffs. its the Zoom Soldier III. that shoe quite nice. but i couldnt remember how much was it.

    got to know abit more about the basketball shoes and the players. i feel a little bit more pro knowing it. at least can explain to people. har har.

    had our short 20 mins break. then 5 mins toilet break and then continued with the training. did some quiz session and thought that we can win some damn chun prize but mana tau everybody get the same thing. the RM 39 polycarbon water bottle. somemore pink colour. sooo not my colour lo.

    by 12.45 pm the training was over so we left lo. i tell you ahhh that training no lengzhai one laaa. the only one that is kinda not bad was our trainer. actually i find him quite lengzhai and kinda yeng. :D

    after training we went Curve to jalan jalan. walked into the Nike culture shop and the Nike Womens. i saw something in nike womens already. and sunday i will be going to Curve with family sooo i want to buy!

    79 bucks punya top. oklaaa. should be fine. and also saw something in MNG that costs 55 bucks. (:

    teresa and ah seng left back to work while me and vanessa walked inside ikea for food. i ate the famous swedish meatballs. damn nice le.. and free refill of soft drinks.

    ta pao-ed food for nick then we left back for work by taxi. while working i met Alex Osborne. had a little chat with him on what i'll be doing next and whats he doing now. i was suprised he actually pronounce my name right both times. when he said hi and when he said bye. not bad not bad.

    he came in with his girlfriend though. he used to be that one guy which i was sooooo into looking when i was in Taylor's last year. now that i am actually looking upclose, nothing is really that eye catchy anymore other than him being a guai lou.

    wait. the guai lou part was the part where it caught my attention. hmmm.. but... he is a nice and friendly guy laa.

    oh ya! i served this Australian white guy two days back. omg man. that fella damn lengzhai lo. and those blue eyes was soooo damn nice and he was hot. (:

    th rest of the day wasnt that happening and i worked till 6 pm. came home and ate and i fell asleep on the couch from 8 pm till 11 pm. so means... i just woke up only. haha!

    but signing into msn seems kinda hard now. sob sob. there goes my chat with the one i want to. sighs. the internet nowadays suck big time. stupid Telekom.


    music addiction : Jai Ho - Pussycat Dolls

  19. i am spending tooooo much. how laa.

    Thursday, April 09, 2009

    i feel like buying. lets see. maybe soon.

    work was fine. had our daily talks and laughters as usual. and i had my clothes trying on session too. (: i want to buy laaaaa.

    at first i thought of buying both and one soccer shorts. but now.... i just want the skirt. i got tooo many jackets already. and jia chen say the shorts dont suit me. soooo i just want to skirt.

    tomorrow i'll be going to the EKIN training with vanessa. which ekin is nike when it is read the other way around.

    lets hope it will be fun there. its going to be at the Nike head office which is in the Curve. and lets hope there are cute hot guys there. cause all nike people from whatever company will be there. (:

    after the training i have to head back to work. i think i am working till 8 oclock at night.

    my baby is sick. it keeps popping up stuff which is not closeable and it never ends. it had to force me to restart it again.

    this baby is going to follow me to melbourne one le.. it had to be perfectly fine. i need it to function properly. it has be the only one that stayed up with me through day and night and my one and only close friend.

    i hope it recovers. ferng lin i need you to treat it. (:

    sometimes i wonder was it because of what i posted before that it turns out like this? i dont know laaa. maybe i am soo well known of thinking too much? that i complicate things myself?

    i feel like getting a new one because i dont see it hanging anymore. when i saw it hanging before, i felt like it was something that reminds me of.

    but there isnt a point anymore. it wont matter. it wont make a difference.

    the problem with me is this. thinking too much and too far ahead. then realising that things just dont turn out the way i thought it would be. all this thoughts just made me drift too far and couldnt go back to my original position anymore.

    i feel drifted even further away cause of things now. i wish i could go back. i guess its until a point of no return. i miss the old days. i miss the days when you didnt know the truth.

    i miss it. i really did. things was just simpler. happier.


    music addiction : Halo - Beyonce

  20. my hard earned.

    Wednesday, April 08, 2009

    the first cheque which i earned with my own hands.

    my first pay man. i tell you i've worked so hard and standing soo long and smiling all the way serving customers to get that much of money.

    was suppose to get somemore about 700 plus ringgit. but those will only be credited in my account end of this month.

    wei ping came with jia wen today to visit me. and i didnt know wei ping was in the hospital last week. felt soo bad that i didnt even ask how is she. thank god she is fine now.

    i have sooo much to buy with my pay. two semi formal shirt from padini, one white short and a skirt from nike. that also will cost me 200 plus already.

    then have to pay my debts to my mum then i doubt i will have anymore left. well... there should be somemore for me to belanja some people makan. (:

    work has been so far so good. its fun and i am enjoying it. this one month plus of work seems to pass sooo fast.

    that means its nearer to the leave that you'll leave and to the day that i'll leave everyone behind. omg. its scary and sadd.

    i have that thought in my mind that even after years, i will still remember you as that someone in my life. i just dont feel like letting go and forgetting all of this just like that and expects something better turns out in front of me tomorrow when everything about you is erased.

    things may get blurry after years but i definetely wont want to erase all of it that i have went through and i've felt about.

    that was what i have thought in my mind. i guess i always think far and whatever i thought about just wont happen as how i imagined it to be.

    so is it better not to dream? or dreaming is the start of something good?

    its like a never ending thing when it comes to this. it always had been about this. i just wont get rid of it whether is it i want to or i dont want to.

    its too much inside me already.

    and how long it is inside just wont matter to anybody but myself. but to me it really matters somehow. its makes everything stronger.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Pussycat Dolls - Happily Never After