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  1. i'll tell you one day. as i promised.

    Tuesday, August 31, 2010

    casual. (:

    uni as usual. looking forward to thursday cause i'll have a day off and friday classes isn't till very late and then comes the weekends. ((:

    had like a late start today cause the first tutorial wasn't running so i slept in till like 11 plus and 12pm only i left the house. :D

    it's independence day back in malaysia and it is a holiday and i had to go uni. how sadd huh.. ): mum they all went pavilion for lunch and all that and snowflakes too..

    will be resuming to three months of that kinda live in three months. so can't wait. :D

    now that it involves much more, home seems better.

    tomorrow uni starts at 11.30am for me.. i guess won't be up too late. tho i am hooked with ghost whisperer just cause i wanna see how melinda and jim got back together in the show.. ((: half way through season 4 already. :DD

    i've already been called an owl. one who is awake day and night. i guess i should really start packing up soon. after this episode...hehe XD

    and and i am loving the search the blog engine at the sidebar!!! when i type in a word, it'll just help me find the posts that i have written that has the word in it. loved it!! who needs labels when i have that now... ((:

    also cause i have like 800 plus posts unlabelled. so this works so good for me. :D so easy to find if i was looking for something specific or someone. (:

    took my tony bianco shoes out for the second time since i got them. :D

    with love,

    music addiction : The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved

    i'd better take care of myself and be careful as i was told. ((: tho i like the way it was being said. :D or more like who it was said from.

  2. another great day out! (;

    Sunday, August 29, 2010

    me today. i loveeeee my outfit! ((((:

    $4 fedora - dangerfield factory outlet
    $6 top - jeanswest
    $9 cut off denim shorts - jeanswest
    $4 bag - dangerfield factory outlet
    $30 boots - planet surf factory outlet

    i guess today was awesome too!

    went out the same time i did yesterday but this time met up with cherly at flinders street then we walked over to crown for lunch.

    thats cause she promised me to go and eat mud cake with me at greco's so yea.

    and i loveee walking along the southbank which somehow i forgot to take the picture of it today. but it is like one of my favourite spots in the city. i think if i ever had somebody, going there walk walk sit down for the day i also damn happy already. (((:

    settled down at greco's at crown cause we wanted to try it out since haven't been.


    my darling bestie, cherly! (((:

    chicken and mushroom risotto.

    i would say it isn't too bad but don't worth $28 tho. and we thought the food was cheaper but it wasn't. i guess the one on chapel street is different cause it is a cafe.

    and the mud cake.

    which is not bad but i way way prefer the cafe greco's one on chapel street. that one is soooo much better! i wanna eat!!! next week? somebody go with meeeee... :DDDD

    since we were already at crown, might as well drop by DFO. ((:

    main thing was to go over to jeanswest to check out more on the sale but there really was nothing. i mean i like this two pair of jeans but nothing spectacular la. so didn't get anything from there.

    then walked into portmans which i got most of my stuffs from today. one fedora and a pair of earrings and a necklace. (((:

    met marvin too at aldo. had a chat and gave him a hug and apparently i changed my style cause of my look today. ahah! prolly we'll meet up for drinks too someday. he is the guy i just randomly knew from the aldo outlet at spencer street fashion station. he served me and my mum when we were buying shoes for my cousin the last time. haha! (: random.

    saw this corset like top from cotton on body. like it lo! if got zip and cheaper, i would have bought them. loveeee the polka dots!

    after that went back to the city and walk walk on bourke street then wanted to meet up with jia shen who happens to be at ying thai on lygon and the trams on swanston street wasn't running so we walked from bourke to lygon.

    met up with the boys and had ice cream.

    from il dolce freddo, roche and limone flavour... (((:

    sat down talk awhile then left for home. had aunty D picked me up from the station.

    this is what i got today.

    everything else was from portmans except the covergirl mascara which i lovee! tried it on and it works so good! lovee it! ((: and i am an accessories craze too!!! never was ever able to resist of buying them. hehe!

    $1 fedora!!! CHEAP!!!! cherly got them first then she paid and it was like a dollar. i quickly grabbed them since there were only two. cheap cheap CHEEEAAAAAPPPPP! got 50% wool somemore.. (((:

    gosh time passes so fast. my weekends just went by like that. omg so fast lo! and i have no idea what i did from after dinner till like now and it's like 11.30 ish already. other than skyping with mum..hmmm...

    and and someone is watching step up without meeeee! ))): now you owe me a movie. definitely claiming from you when i get back. ((: in return you'll get nasi lemak. hehe! and when i download them, you'll have to watch it again with me when i am home. :DDD

    shall watch valentine's day and then go to sleep. byeee!

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Unbeautiful - Lesley Roy

  3. a great day out. ;D

    Saturday, August 28, 2010

    today was awesome la!

    first was meeting up with cherly and celine at melbourne central at about 12.30pm or so. and had that thought of going to hardware lane for lunch at some cafe.

    then while walking down swanston street, we just decided to change our minds and go to south melbourne market instead. so met up with yao yun at collins street then took a tram to the market.

    dined at this place which i had paella last week with cherly.

    simply spanish, at south melbourne market.

    had 4 different kinds of food and we shared. i so wanted to try their breakfast all this while. finally... today. :DD

    Spanish Clay Pot Eggs
    *farm fresh eggs poached in a tomato and herb salsa, served from the clay pot with toasted sourdough*

    Gypsy Eggs
    *soft poached eggs rolled in a middle eatsern dukkah served with wilted spinach on grilled sourdough with a romesco spread*

    Chicken Burrito.

    we had a plate of paella too. but i don't need the picture la. just see a few posts down and you'll see it. ((:

    cherly, celine and yao yun.

    this has me in it. :D

    today was the girls day out! (:

    lunch costs us about $12.50 each. not bad eh? so satisfying le.. aussie breakfast are like da bomb la! ((((:

    then we left back to melbourne central about 3pm i think and yao yun left first. me cherly and celine we shopping at jeanswest cause they were having this sales la. pretty good deal. :D

    this is me today. (: loving my $10 pants and it goes so well with my wedges. loved my outfit today tho! :DDD

    after that we walked over to bourke street cause i wanted to visit supre then we settled down at Max Brenner at QV for a drink. i guess the idea of going out yum cha in melbourne is not at night but in the last afternoon at some really expensive cafe. :D

    no cheap mamak stalls here unfortunately.

    cherly had her waffles... (:

    celine and her strawberry mixed passionfruit drink which i personally like it! :D

    and i had the Suckao. $6.50

    add the chocolates into the milk and let the candle beneath it, melt it.

    then with this metal straw, you stir and scoop the chocolates and drink with it. (((: AWESOME! :D

    and you get to like drink it for very long cause you get free refill of milk. i find that it is very worth it. ((((:

    we were there for a little over an hour i guess. had our chats and bringing back old highschool memories and people we don't like. usual girls gossips la i would say. :D

    then jia shen dropped by towards like the end and we left. (:

    i took a train home, so did cherly and jia shen and celine had other plans for the night.

    and came home greeted with salmon for dinner! too bad no pictures la.. but like my list of food i want to eat in melbourne is like slowly striking out one by one. loved it! awesome awesome. :D

    tomorrow will be out lunch with cherly. (: going to greco's and have my favourite mud cake!! can't wait!

    basically today was just one word, awesome. :D

    oh and happy birthday wei ping! miss you.... (((: hope you had fun since there is like about 2 hours more to go. :D

    i loveee this fedora somehow. tomorrow i shall bring it out cause it'll be a sunny day.. ((:

    lots of love,

    music addiction : The Perishers - Best Friends

    thanks to yao yun who introduced me this band. their lyrics are so good man! like them. (: i just downloaded all of their songs. so far so good. ((:

  4. taking this less harsh nowadays. (;

    Friday, August 27, 2010

    my $6 top. loving it!

    had a 4 hour class today. from 9.30am to 1.30pm. then off i went down to the city then another tram to bridge road.

    cause i wanted to check out jeanswest thats why i went there. and i think i spent like 2 hours there. ahaha! with an initial plan of going to the CBD and walk around but then when i got in the tram, i just wanted to go home.

    so tired. i slept in the train while i was holding a pen trying to solve the sudoku in the Mx paper. ahah! the guy infront of me must think that i was funny. (((:

    home by 5pm. :D

    leftover laksa for dinner again. which i don't mind.. i loved it! and also long long conversations with ju and aunty D after dinner. i enjoy it cause this doesn't happen very much.

    from tobacco's to shisha to school to chemistry to the old house and lastly ju's transformation of hairstyles throughout high school. he had his hair bleached once and it was also orange once! HAHA!

    and painted my nails blueee! it says on the bottle that it is a midnight blue. (:

    tomorrow will be a girls day out i think. me, cherly, celine and yao yun. we are gonna go for something new. cafe style breakfast-lunch.. (((:

    i am so looking forward to the food! me loveeee cafes altho i don't like coffees, i love the cafe food!! awesome lo... :D

    thought of starting season 4 of ghost whisperer and then sleep. somehow i am feeling tired already. maybe cause you are not here for me to talk to. but you've made me a happy girl today... which is good enough! ((((:

    and happy birthday khai shien! and ernie too..

    with love,

    music addiction : Fighter - Christina Aguilera

    whenever i hear an All American Rejects song, i think of work. i guess it was really one hell of a three months for me.

    i've met friends which i never thought i would get close to.
    and certainly didn't expect myself to be somebody's good friend. i mean i don't look so high upon myself la.. i know that i am not the best person at times. so yea.. (:

    but work thought me quite a few things. so many different people out there. some you'll love some you'll hate. pretending i think it is the best cure when it comes to difficulty in facing someone. it'll just get you through the day.

    in that shop, i had miserably fun times. which means really miserable times and also really fun times. i miss it. i mean missing the fun moments and i miss them. (:

  5. today just went by so quick.... ):

    the first thing i knew was waking up at like 12 something in the afternoon the lunch then a little chats online and then was switching on my songs on itunes and start cleaning my room.

    vacuuming the carpets and rearranging my closet.

    i am having too much stuffs hanging so i need to fold it instead..

    this is how it looks like after. forgot to take like a before kinda picture in order to see the difference but yea..

    just imagine those clothes on the floor, i had them hanged up before today. imagine that... i know right? hehee

    and shoes and my jackets and dresses are at this side of the closet. and yea i am craze when it comes to jackets. which explains all of that. :D

    i have alot of clothes i know. but that's because i brought my whole entire closet from malaysia to here. which usually other people who comes here and study don't, but miraculously i just managed to bring it all over. :DD

    and i just love this set of bedsheet alot. :DD

    i guess it is because of the colour which happens to be my very favourite shades of blue and it is from my friends. great idea and i could still remember how khai shien brought in a big box of present for my birthday party.. (((:

    staying at home the whole day and listening to my library of song on my itunes and sitting there cleaning and also squeezing in ghost whisperer in between and also text messages, feels nice sometimes.

    not to mention laksa for dinner with all my favourite ingredients. seafood tofu, brocolli, eggplant and chicken. tho i think my sore throat got worse, i think its worth satisfying my taste buds. :D

    shall go to bed. tomorrow i have an early start. but also an early end. ((:

    if the weather is kind to me, i'll go walking around the city. :D


    oh and i just got to know what a LAN party is.. guys and games? hmm.. i just somehow wouldn't understand. but yet cool finding out about it... :D

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Howie Day - Collide

  6. playing dress ups is always fun!

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    i think it was a first that my heeled boots was out for uni. :D

    i ate so much today man.

    had like two dim sims before classes then after a two hour lab it was an hour break and i had this...

    yes, i ate all three of them. :D

    classes finish by like 5.30pm and got home an hour after that then had like two empanadas that aunty D made then leftover fried rice and pasta then another two empanadas.

    aunty baked a caked too. she went out and when she got home she cut the cake asking me try and i had two slices...

    feels like i've eaten alot.. :DD

    tomorrow is my off day of the week! i am going to do cleaning. clean up my messy room. and rearrange my clothes. and then vacuuming... (:

    shall be a very good girl and stay at home the whole day tomorrow. :D

    but now, watch more of ghost whisperer first.


    took for the fun of it. feeling very 乡下妹. (((:


    live life to the fullest. you won't know what will happen to you tomorrow. after reading and hearing a sad news of a friend, it really really made me think that your life could just be over in like a snap of a finger.

    make the full use out of everything and hopefully the regrets you have would be minimized if and when the time for you comes.

    i really can't imagine what he is going through but all i know is that it is hard. for his family too. i hope they'll be alright soon. it's a sad thing tho but life goes on.... my deepest condolences. ):

    music addiction : Sarah Mclaughlin - When She Loved Me

  7. just flowing together with you.

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    first time with three quarters pants and boots. feels different tho.. :D

    so... today..

    hmm, was out of the house at 10am. got to uni and all that then had my one minute presentation. which i think.. THINK was alright. so i don't know...

    then lunch break which my usual thing was sushi. :D

    maths was after that. two hours of maths, of probabilities and random variables and all that stuffs... ):

    i was home by 5pm.

    could have been back by 4.30pm but i missed the bus just by like 2 minutes. and then had to wait in the cold weather with rain and strong winds for half an hour... ): super sad...

    weather's like this, you'll be glad that the hot water works perfectly fine.

    i mean i don't mind cold and low temperature and all that. but i don't like the wind and especially when it comes with rain. horrible feelings for my fingers... )):

    tomorrow classes will be till 5.30pm. don't like it...

    guess i'll be off to bed. my throat seems to be killing me right now. the gallons of water doesn't seem to be helping... ):

    okla.. nitee!

    i always had the thought of cutting bangs. but picture my face with that instead of my hands.. somehow feels like cannot make it tho.. hmm...

    lots of love,

  8. forgot i had this top. (: and wore the shoes for like the second time only. and new bag too! ((: hehe!

    classes started again today. don't like mondays. i just feel like i am still in the weekends. (:

    went out to brunswick street again with aunty D this morning before my classes. she had an off day and she wanted to go and get more scarves so i tagged along then she fetched me to uni. :D

    was in uni like exactly on time. 1.30pm. i somemore took my own sweet time go buy sushi first then while eating and walking to lecture.

    omg man that two hours lecture made me so sleeeeeeepy! then an hour maths.

    left uni and was actually on time to catch the 5.35pm bus from moonee ponds but because i went to kmart and by the time i walked to the bus stop, the bus left right infront of me. just cause i was still stuck on the other side of the road waiting for the pedestrians light to turn green.... -.-

    got home and ate dinner. fried rice which i think was very nice just that it was abit too wet. not dry enough. but lovee the ingredients. mushrooooms! ((:

    then came up to my room and stayed in here till like now.

    watched two episodes of ghost whisperer. (:

    these are my damage today. :D

    scarves again. two today. and three fedoras. ((: which all happen to be $4 each. :D

    not going back there anytime soon already. cause the sales is like over. today was the last day. so yeaa... :D

    just finish skyping with qihong for like an hour. ahah! it didn't seem that long at that point tho. we talked about all sorts of nonsense. HAH!

    tomorrow i will be having a presentation. one minute ni. what can i talk in a minute la?! roughly possible la i guess. so not too bad. (:

    ciao first la. feel like sleeping but also don't feel like sleeping yet. what am i talking.. haha! byeeee!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : 我爱他- Della 丁当

  9. wasn't home this weekend. went to stay over at cherly's last night. ((:

    yesterday my day started with going out to brunswick street to shop with aunty D at some factory outlet which is like some warehouse that has soooooo many stuffs.

    i spent like almost 3 hours in there okay... i kid you not.. =P

    came out with so much stuffs man. haha!

    then aunty D fetched me to melbourne central and i went to exchange some stuff at valleygirl then took a train to caulfield and then a bus to chadstone to meet up with cherly.

    went there and just had a cup of bubble tea then caught a bus to jia shen's. cause apparently we are having dinner there.

    talked to his mum and dad then lazed around in his room seeing him game and seeing how cherly tries so hard to distract him and don't want him to game. so funny!

    i loveee the soup during the dinner. beef brisket soup with white radish and which fermented beancurd paste. niceee! and with the chilli even nicer. :D soo this what jia shen has been telling me about all this while... ((:

    about 9 plus he fetched me and cherly back to her place.

    i guess we really had alot to talk about cause somehow time passed so fast. until a point where cherly started looking for her phone which she just somehow dropped it outside of the building when she was getting out from the car.. luckily it was still there.

    slept like 2 something and woke up about 9 something. had jia shen's mum's cheesecake for breakkie. i like it lo! not too heavy tho i like rich cakes.. :D

    got ready and all then left about 11am which we had to run for the bus and the train. exhausting and hot!

    took cherly to brunswick street and she bought too. i bought another two more scarves. hehe! then went to south melbourne market cause i wanted to eat paella.

    love paellas. but today's one like not as nice as usual tho. seems abit too watery..

    then went to dfo for a while which we got nothing suprisingly. ahah! then took back the tram to the city.

    got home about 5.30 or so.

    aunty D made some empanadas. niceeeee! and i had her leftover risotto for dinner. nice too!

    this are the stuffs i got from brunswick street. (((:

    my scarves. have a count how many are there... XD all of them for $4 except one for $1.80.

    love this bag! $8.

    chanel inspired type of bag and clutch. $4 each.

    a pair of floral print princess highway shorts for $4. retailed price was like $78. cheap cheap!

    all of those for under $45.

    i think its pretty good lo. ((: i only buy bargained stuffs but i usually get quite a few so yea.. back to square one. hehe!

    better go off. thought of getting some stuff sorted out. nitee!

    overall it was a great weekend. spending with my best friend and seriously talked about everything. like seriously every single thing.

    it always nice having someone to listen to you and especially if it is someone who has been through with you for almost all the significant things that happened in your life.

    one word, love.


    i never thought i was this weak. i always thought that i had everything planned out nicely in the future. all it took was to be home for a month. it just hit me. tho people always leaves and all that crap but i just never thought i would be this far off the track which i drew for myself. having all sorts of doubts.

    and with the include of this individual in my thoughts, it isn't really helping me very much.

  10. 1oo.

    Thursday, August 19, 2010

    lovee the hearts! and the colour! ((:

    had to get up at like 10am to do laundry cause it'll approximately take about one and a half hours before the time i am suppose to go out.

    suppose to catch the 11.26am bus so yea. 10am would be just right. (:

    look at the weather.

    one side so gloomy.

    one side at least you see blue sky.

    then at the station, the sun was up and all. all this in 15 minutes weird.. -.-

    was in the city at like 12 something then went walking around melbourne central. valleygirl is like the only thing i really frequently visit in melbourne central.

    then celine came about 1 plus and we headed off to rose garden!

    her chicken egg chiffon. $9.50

    my eggplant with mince chicken. $8.50

    we just sat in rose garden till like 2 plus then walked over to bourke street. i was keeping celine updated on whatever that is going on in my life now and all that.

    stopped over at supre and try on stuff which ended up buying a basic top for $7.50. then walked over to sportsgirl across the street.

    kinda like sportsgirl stuff but it is abit too out of my budget. shall wait for the take a further discount of the sale price then it'll be like so worth it!

    celine had to go for her class at 3.30pm so i left to flinders and then took a tram to bridge road.

    view from flinders street station.

    arrived safe and sound. ((:

    was just there for like an hour more a little ni. nothing much caught my eye tho.

    just this esprit trench coat. $49.95

    still thinking about whether to get or not. cause tomorrow i will be heading to bridge road again but with cherly this time. after my classes.

    and this teapot and cup thing for my mum. childish? still thinking..

    went back out to the city and met up with celine again.

    this time for a drink. and settled down at melbourne central's max brenner. yao yun came and join later too. :DD

    tried this new drink. well new to me la, not to celine cause she suggested. but i've heard about it from cherly before already.


    you have to melt the chocs in the milk and then suck it up through this metal straw which isn't in the picture. will take it the next time. and that metal straw is what amazed me. HAHA!

    love it le.. definitely will order again when i visit max brenner again. and quite worth it too. (:

    was home about 7pm and aunty cooked green curry. nice le! hot enough and syiok!

    i guess i will be going to sleep soon. tomorrow class at 9.30am. so yea. needa leave early. but at least classes is just till 1.30pm. (:



    music addiction : 宝贝 - Gary 曹格