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  1. next stop, happiness.

    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    woke up at 1pm this afternoon. thats cause i slept at 5am watching autumn's concerto. have i mention that i really like this show? it's been a while since i really really like a taiwanese drama.

    the small boy is so cute my god. so so adorable. :DDD and as usual vanness is hot and cutee! haha! but i like the show la. not the usual typical taiwanese drama sort of storyline la. at least not like the ones i've watched. and this show has alot of hokkien in it, thank god for the english subtitled streaming videos. :D

    i basically did nothing today but just watched the show the whole day.

    and also chatting on msn while watching.

    watched till my whole room got dark when it was only 5.32pm.

    and it was time for dinner, then came upstairs and slept awhile then skyped with mum then now continuing it again.

    i am now at episode 16 already. still got 5 more episodes to go. love it!

    was suppose to go for the dance thing at monash but there was a last minute change of plans. so yea i stayed at home.

    tomorrow i have a 9.30am class means leaving the house at 8am... ): so no sleeping late tonight.. how sadd.

    then prolly i will be roaming around the city till about 7pm cause i am meeting up with the s9s for dinner. then i'll be home.

    resume my show first la. nitee lo!

    with love,

    music addiction : Jaeson Ma - Love

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