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  1. left the house yesterday at about 7 plus to get to the airport.

    my last ride in my beloved Matrix.

    it has already been sold. so yea bye bye lo! ):

    25.0 kg.

    got to the airport and checked in everything by like 9.10pm and boarding is at 9.50pm. sat down and had a cup of drink at chocolate lounge first.

    my stupid cousin who i love. ((:

    my strawberry frappe and his almost finished tiramisu cake.

    mum and me. *loves*

    then i went in and waited at the boarding gate. went in the plane, got all ready and all then mana tau they couldn't find this whole bunch of people. so yea the flight got delayed like half an hour.

    the moment the seat belt sign went off, i quickly went to the back. it was empty. but all the three seater seats all taken up by people already. so i got the two seater ones. better than nothing. (: because my previous seat couldn't recline and crampy. :D

    lucky i had a pillow with me. made my sleep much much more comfortable.

    my food at 12.30am malaysian time.

    didn't sleep much the whole night tho. i did lie down and slept for about 2 hours. which is not too bad already. then watched half of shutter island and a little bit of ghost whisperer then i just decided not to watch.

    but admire the view outside.

    so colourful.

    then it had like these circular rainbow on the clouds. pretty cool.

    finally, flying over melbourne already.

    that is melbourne city. :D

    landed at 9.05am at tullamarine airport. hello melbourne, bye bye malaysia!

    got my luggage everything and declared my coat hanger/rack cause it is made of wood. knowing australian customs, you need to declare these sorta things.

    but the man and the lady there was very nice. the guy said i had a beautiful name. cheh cheh. (: and the lady just scanned it and let me go. how nice. and no trouble.

    then went up to the departures level to wait for aunty doris to come and pick me.

    waiting. and it was hot!

    i expected cold weather but it was hot!! )):

    came home and unpacked a little then went out lunch with aunty doris at moonee ponds.

    had their chicken pad thai.

    i like it lo. cost about $10. and so much chicken. but i can't finish it. seems too much for me.

    then teman-ed aunty doris to bunnings to get some tree cutter thing. and got home and crashed on the bed.

    i was so sleepy. didn't bother all the stuff on my bed but just pushed everything on the floor and slept.

    got up about 5 plus then had some conversations online till it was dinner.

    had steak tonight.

    after dinner i came up to my room and continued unpacking and continued my conversations online. (((:

    now i guess i'll finish the other half of shutter island and watch A-team again.


    byeeeeee! oh and tomorrow meeting up with cherly and yao yun for lunch. hehe. :D it's been awhile since i saw them.

    loads of love,

    i love to sit night flights. i love the stars outside. i'll go all WOW and smile here and there when i see them. so peaceful and pretty. i just absolutely loved it! (: and i also hope and wanted something so bad. how i'd wish that it would come true someday.. :D

    one word, love.

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