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    Thursday, August 19, 2010

    lovee the hearts! and the colour! ((:

    had to get up at like 10am to do laundry cause it'll approximately take about one and a half hours before the time i am suppose to go out.

    suppose to catch the 11.26am bus so yea. 10am would be just right. (:

    look at the weather.

    one side so gloomy.

    one side at least you see blue sky.

    then at the station, the sun was up and all. all this in 15 minutes weird.. -.-

    was in the city at like 12 something then went walking around melbourne central. valleygirl is like the only thing i really frequently visit in melbourne central.

    then celine came about 1 plus and we headed off to rose garden!

    her chicken egg chiffon. $9.50

    my eggplant with mince chicken. $8.50

    we just sat in rose garden till like 2 plus then walked over to bourke street. i was keeping celine updated on whatever that is going on in my life now and all that.

    stopped over at supre and try on stuff which ended up buying a basic top for $7.50. then walked over to sportsgirl across the street.

    kinda like sportsgirl stuff but it is abit too out of my budget. shall wait for the take a further discount of the sale price then it'll be like so worth it!

    celine had to go for her class at 3.30pm so i left to flinders and then took a tram to bridge road.

    view from flinders street station.

    arrived safe and sound. ((:

    was just there for like an hour more a little ni. nothing much caught my eye tho.

    just this esprit trench coat. $49.95

    still thinking about whether to get or not. cause tomorrow i will be heading to bridge road again but with cherly this time. after my classes.

    and this teapot and cup thing for my mum. childish? still thinking..

    went back out to the city and met up with celine again.

    this time for a drink. and settled down at melbourne central's max brenner. yao yun came and join later too. :DD

    tried this new drink. well new to me la, not to celine cause she suggested. but i've heard about it from cherly before already.


    you have to melt the chocs in the milk and then suck it up through this metal straw which isn't in the picture. will take it the next time. and that metal straw is what amazed me. HAHA!

    love it le.. definitely will order again when i visit max brenner again. and quite worth it too. (:

    was home about 7pm and aunty cooked green curry. nice le! hot enough and syiok!

    i guess i will be going to sleep soon. tomorrow class at 9.30am. so yea. needa leave early. but at least classes is just till 1.30pm. (:



    music addiction : 宝贝 - Gary 曹格

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