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    Monday, August 16, 2010

    wanted to wake up early and go down to the city and walk around but ended up only waking up at 11am. i just didn't want to get up and wanted to sleep more. ((:

    took the 11.26am bus. went to melbourne central and walk around then to bourke street then it was like almost time for the catch the train to uni. so i hopped on a tram to flinders and took the train to uni.

    i had to thought of doing shopping but there wasn't any good bargains around also.

    walked around glenferrie road for abit cause i was at uni at like 1pm and lecture was only going to start at 1.30pm.

    the sky was so gloomy at first then at least a little sunlight.

    in an hour, the sky became total clear.

    omg man i so hate the weather nowadays. don't get me wrong, i loveee the chill but hate the sudden rain and sudden shine kinda thing. can't it just stick to one so it isn't so confusing whether it is to bring an umbrella out or put the sunglasses on. -.-

    was home by like 5 something.

    and came home with 2 and a half packets of smith's salt and vinegar. ((:

    that's cause i ate half a packet on my journey home in the train. i just couldn't resist the temptation of three packets of unopened salt and vinegar chips. :D

    slept for like an hour then had dinner. loveee tonight's dinner! had lamb chops and steamed veggies!! love it love it!!! (((:

    and then watched Love at Seventh Sight.

    main reason to downloading, Mike He. (((:

    its a love story. a weird one at the start and the middle. things got more romantic towards the end which is so cute. (: sad at first and felt cheated with the plot but well overall ended with a smile. (:

    and also finish my other remaining half packet of chips. ((:

    i'll prolly go to bed soon enough. tomorrow's class it at 11.30am thus leaving the house at 10am... ): and then class till 5.30pm.... )): don't like it!

    okla. bye bye!

    something of this picture i like about. (: despite the food in the mouth smile. :D

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Tyrant - One Republic

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