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  1. forgot i had this top. (: and wore the shoes for like the second time only. and new bag too! ((: hehe!

    classes started again today. don't like mondays. i just feel like i am still in the weekends. (:

    went out to brunswick street again with aunty D this morning before my classes. she had an off day and she wanted to go and get more scarves so i tagged along then she fetched me to uni. :D

    was in uni like exactly on time. 1.30pm. i somemore took my own sweet time go buy sushi first then while eating and walking to lecture.

    omg man that two hours lecture made me so sleeeeeeepy! then an hour maths.

    left uni and was actually on time to catch the 5.35pm bus from moonee ponds but because i went to kmart and by the time i walked to the bus stop, the bus left right infront of me. just cause i was still stuck on the other side of the road waiting for the pedestrians light to turn green.... -.-

    got home and ate dinner. fried rice which i think was very nice just that it was abit too wet. not dry enough. but lovee the ingredients. mushrooooms! ((:

    then came up to my room and stayed in here till like now.

    watched two episodes of ghost whisperer. (:

    these are my damage today. :D

    scarves again. two today. and three fedoras. ((: which all happen to be $4 each. :D

    not going back there anytime soon already. cause the sales is like over. today was the last day. so yeaa... :D

    just finish skyping with qihong for like an hour. ahah! it didn't seem that long at that point tho. we talked about all sorts of nonsense. HAH!

    tomorrow i will be having a presentation. one minute ni. what can i talk in a minute la?! roughly possible la i guess. so not too bad. (:

    ciao first la. feel like sleeping but also don't feel like sleeping yet. what am i talking.. haha! byeeee!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : 我爱他- Della 丁当

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