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    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    first time with three quarters pants and boots. feels different tho.. :D

    so... today..

    hmm, was out of the house at 10am. got to uni and all that then had my one minute presentation. which i think.. THINK was alright. so i don't know...

    then lunch break which my usual thing was sushi. :D

    maths was after that. two hours of maths, of probabilities and random variables and all that stuffs... ):

    i was home by 5pm.

    could have been back by 4.30pm but i missed the bus just by like 2 minutes. and then had to wait in the cold weather with rain and strong winds for half an hour... ): super sad...

    weather's like this, you'll be glad that the hot water works perfectly fine.

    i mean i don't mind cold and low temperature and all that. but i don't like the wind and especially when it comes with rain. horrible feelings for my fingers... )):

    tomorrow classes will be till 5.30pm. don't like it...

    guess i'll be off to bed. my throat seems to be killing me right now. the gallons of water doesn't seem to be helping... ):

    okla.. nitee!

    i always had the thought of cutting bangs. but picture my face with that instead of my hands.. somehow feels like cannot make it tho.. hmm...

    lots of love,

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