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    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    hello people!

    you know, now everyday is like a repeated routine. well at least for the days that i have uni. i'll be up and getting prepared for uni then into the bus then into the train, go for classes then lunch then classes again then train into bus then home.

    everyday with classes, same.

    which includes today. had a change for lunch today tho.

    seafood salad.

    i wouldn't say wasted my $7, but it wasn't worth $7. i could have like added $1.50 and get rose garden's spicy chicken ribs. which i am getting tomorrow!

    omg man, i miss rose garden's food so much. i think the most out of any food in melbourne that i've eaten before. which i meant spicy chicken ribs and eggplant with mince chicken! yum yum!

    but the list would go on and on if i would wanna mention what i feel like eating right now.

    in no particular order,
    - cafe greco's mud cake
    - south melbourne market's simply spanish's seafood paella
    - rococo's seafood pizza
    - any kinds of risotto
    - aunt's eggplant and salmon
    - vic market's churros
    - grill'd burgers

    that's pretty much it that i could remember. but love all of it!! love love savoury food instead of sweet food. but there are exceptions here and there. :D

    i know it is fasting month and all, but well. can i say whatever but yet don't mean to be impolite? ((:

    for the first time i was at the second last row in a lecture theatre. looks pretty cool and all but not nice to see whatever that is projected on the board.

    finished class today at about 5.30,

    and this is how the sky is at 5.30 ish.

    used to be like dark and all. but its getting brighter and brighter each day at the same time. apparently the sun sets a minute later each day than it did the day before.

    pretty cool eh?

    but you know what sucks, daylight saving! don't like it. tho i'll get like miraculously an hour more than usual now, but it is 3 hours apart to malaysia..

    don't like. really don't like it...!

    got home about 6 plus towards 7pm. aunt cooked pasta and i ate like one and a half plate cause i so hungry..

    then just the usual. up in my room doing god knows what till it is time for bed.

    god knows what usually means series and maybe abit of work.

    tonight, it is series. and painting finger nails. :D

    had a french manicure done. (: simplicity is good enough. ((:

    and also catching up on ghost whisperer season 2. did i mention jennifer love hewitt is like so gorgeous? :D love her!

    i guess i shall resume to my shows. and you. (:

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    you know, the way you say it, makes me feel cared for. and i love it. (:

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