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  1. i'll tell you one day. as i promised.

    Tuesday, August 31, 2010

    casual. (:

    uni as usual. looking forward to thursday cause i'll have a day off and friday classes isn't till very late and then comes the weekends. ((:

    had like a late start today cause the first tutorial wasn't running so i slept in till like 11 plus and 12pm only i left the house. :D

    it's independence day back in malaysia and it is a holiday and i had to go uni. how sadd huh.. ): mum they all went pavilion for lunch and all that and snowflakes too..

    will be resuming to three months of that kinda live in three months. so can't wait. :D

    now that it involves much more, home seems better.

    tomorrow uni starts at 11.30am for me.. i guess won't be up too late. tho i am hooked with ghost whisperer just cause i wanna see how melinda and jim got back together in the show.. ((: half way through season 4 already. :DD

    i've already been called an owl. one who is awake day and night. i guess i should really start packing up soon. after this episode...hehe XD

    and and i am loving the search the blog engine at the sidebar!!! when i type in a word, it'll just help me find the posts that i have written that has the word in it. loved it!! who needs labels when i have that now... ((:

    also cause i have like 800 plus posts unlabelled. so this works so good for me. :D so easy to find if i was looking for something specific or someone. (:

    took my tony bianco shoes out for the second time since i got them. :D

    with love,

    music addiction : The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved

    i'd better take care of myself and be careful as i was told. ((: tho i like the way it was being said. :D or more like who it was said from.

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