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  1. a great day out. ;D

    Saturday, August 28, 2010

    today was awesome la!

    first was meeting up with cherly and celine at melbourne central at about 12.30pm or so. and had that thought of going to hardware lane for lunch at some cafe.

    then while walking down swanston street, we just decided to change our minds and go to south melbourne market instead. so met up with yao yun at collins street then took a tram to the market.

    dined at this place which i had paella last week with cherly.

    simply spanish, at south melbourne market.

    had 4 different kinds of food and we shared. i so wanted to try their breakfast all this while. finally... today. :DD

    Spanish Clay Pot Eggs
    *farm fresh eggs poached in a tomato and herb salsa, served from the clay pot with toasted sourdough*

    Gypsy Eggs
    *soft poached eggs rolled in a middle eatsern dukkah served with wilted spinach on grilled sourdough with a romesco spread*

    Chicken Burrito.

    we had a plate of paella too. but i don't need the picture la. just see a few posts down and you'll see it. ((:

    cherly, celine and yao yun.

    this has me in it. :D

    today was the girls day out! (:

    lunch costs us about $12.50 each. not bad eh? so satisfying le.. aussie breakfast are like da bomb la! ((((:

    then we left back to melbourne central about 3pm i think and yao yun left first. me cherly and celine we shopping at jeanswest cause they were having this sales la. pretty good deal. :D

    this is me today. (: loving my $10 pants and it goes so well with my wedges. loved my outfit today tho! :DDD

    after that we walked over to bourke street cause i wanted to visit supre then we settled down at Max Brenner at QV for a drink. i guess the idea of going out yum cha in melbourne is not at night but in the last afternoon at some really expensive cafe. :D

    no cheap mamak stalls here unfortunately.

    cherly had her waffles... (:

    celine and her strawberry mixed passionfruit drink which i personally like it! :D

    and i had the Suckao. $6.50

    add the chocolates into the milk and let the candle beneath it, melt it.

    then with this metal straw, you stir and scoop the chocolates and drink with it. (((: AWESOME! :D

    and you get to like drink it for very long cause you get free refill of milk. i find that it is very worth it. ((((:

    we were there for a little over an hour i guess. had our chats and bringing back old highschool memories and people we don't like. usual girls gossips la i would say. :D

    then jia shen dropped by towards like the end and we left. (:

    i took a train home, so did cherly and jia shen and celine had other plans for the night.

    and came home greeted with salmon for dinner! too bad no pictures la.. but like my list of food i want to eat in melbourne is like slowly striking out one by one. loved it! awesome awesome. :D

    tomorrow will be out lunch with cherly. (: going to greco's and have my favourite mud cake!! can't wait!

    basically today was just one word, awesome. :D

    oh and happy birthday wei ping! miss you.... (((: hope you had fun since there is like about 2 hours more to go. :D

    i loveee this fedora somehow. tomorrow i shall bring it out cause it'll be a sunny day.. ((:

    lots of love,

    music addiction : The Perishers - Best Friends

    thanks to yao yun who introduced me this band. their lyrics are so good man! like them. (: i just downloaded all of their songs. so far so good. ((:

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