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    Wednesday, August 04, 2010

    woke up at 12 plus today. eventho i slept close to 5am, i couldn't sleep anymore. don't know why yesterday, i felt so not me. like everything was falling apart. ):

    i did hope for a better day today, and yea it is a better day! (((:

    only had lunch at like 3 something pm. which was just ibumie har mee. :D

    basically stayed at home the whole afternoon painting my finger nails and toe nails and watched two episodes of hai pai. which i am only left with one episode.

    my new nails. (((: my toes are equally identical too. :DD

    i don't know what i did till like 9pm la. suddenly had like last minute yumcha plans with qihong and steph. umm.. before that i was watching Make It Happen again. which i am halfway thru now.

    qihong came to pick me up about 9pm then pick steph then we went to ss2 Murni. (((: damn banyak people lo.. my first time there. :D

    my two very good friends.

    iloveyou special.

    pink panther special.

    roti hawaii.

    pizza dragon.

    overall, the food was good. i am so full now. we just ordered and share. but damn alot of people la. go there so mafan.

    then on our way back we were a little lost and ended up at ss9a and the houses there like raub kinda kampung houses. didn't know this kinda house still exist in pj le.

    just got back not long ago only. around 11pm la. (:

    hmm.. now what to do ah... finish Make It Happen then prolly the last episode of haipai then sleep kua. whole day no nap today. so i guess i will be pretty tired by then. :D

    k la continue with my stuffs first. ciao!

    much love,

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