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  1. taking this less harsh nowadays. (;

    Friday, August 27, 2010

    my $6 top. loving it!

    had a 4 hour class today. from 9.30am to 1.30pm. then off i went down to the city then another tram to bridge road.

    cause i wanted to check out jeanswest thats why i went there. and i think i spent like 2 hours there. ahaha! with an initial plan of going to the CBD and walk around but then when i got in the tram, i just wanted to go home.

    so tired. i slept in the train while i was holding a pen trying to solve the sudoku in the Mx paper. ahah! the guy infront of me must think that i was funny. (((:

    home by 5pm. :D

    leftover laksa for dinner again. which i don't mind.. i loved it! and also long long conversations with ju and aunty D after dinner. i enjoy it cause this doesn't happen very much.

    from tobacco's to shisha to school to chemistry to the old house and lastly ju's transformation of hairstyles throughout high school. he had his hair bleached once and it was also orange once! HAHA!

    and painted my nails blueee! it says on the bottle that it is a midnight blue. (:

    tomorrow will be a girls day out i think. me, cherly, celine and yao yun. we are gonna go for something new. cafe style breakfast-lunch.. (((:

    i am so looking forward to the food! me loveeee cafes altho i don't like coffees, i love the cafe food!! awesome lo... :D

    thought of starting season 4 of ghost whisperer and then sleep. somehow i am feeling tired already. maybe cause you are not here for me to talk to. but you've made me a happy girl today... which is good enough! ((((:

    and happy birthday khai shien! and ernie too..

    with love,

    music addiction : Fighter - Christina Aguilera

    whenever i hear an All American Rejects song, i think of work. i guess it was really one hell of a three months for me.

    i've met friends which i never thought i would get close to.
    and certainly didn't expect myself to be somebody's good friend. i mean i don't look so high upon myself la.. i know that i am not the best person at times. so yea.. (:

    but work thought me quite a few things. so many different people out there. some you'll love some you'll hate. pretending i think it is the best cure when it comes to difficulty in facing someone. it'll just get you through the day.

    in that shop, i had miserably fun times. which means really miserable times and also really fun times. i miss it. i mean missing the fun moments and i miss them. (:

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