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    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    i think it was a first that my heeled boots was out for uni. :D

    i ate so much today man.

    had like two dim sims before classes then after a two hour lab it was an hour break and i had this...

    yes, i ate all three of them. :D

    classes finish by like 5.30pm and got home an hour after that then had like two empanadas that aunty D made then leftover fried rice and pasta then another two empanadas.

    aunty baked a caked too. she went out and when she got home she cut the cake asking me try and i had two slices...

    feels like i've eaten alot.. :DD

    tomorrow is my off day of the week! i am going to do cleaning. clean up my messy room. and rearrange my clothes. and then vacuuming... (:

    shall be a very good girl and stay at home the whole day tomorrow. :D

    but now, watch more of ghost whisperer first.


    took for the fun of it. feeling very 乡下妹. (((:


    live life to the fullest. you won't know what will happen to you tomorrow. after reading and hearing a sad news of a friend, it really really made me think that your life could just be over in like a snap of a finger.

    make the full use out of everything and hopefully the regrets you have would be minimized if and when the time for you comes.

    i really can't imagine what he is going through but all i know is that it is hard. for his family too. i hope they'll be alright soon. it's a sad thing tho but life goes on.... my deepest condolences. ):

    music addiction : Sarah Mclaughlin - When She Loved Me

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