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  1. hurry on home....

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    i was only out of bed at 12 something in the afternoon. this is cause i was watching autumn's concerto till like 4 something in the morning.

    starting to really like the show. not only cause of vanness but the show is so sad. something that would fit in with my mood and would get me all emoish la. ((:

    left the house at 12.45pm and caught the bus and then the train at Essendon station. stopped over at melbourne central awhile to get my lunch which is salmon handroll and to withdraw some money. i lazy go uni and cross the road and under the rain just to get money.

    was in uni slightly after 2pm.

    today i started at 2.30pm just cause the earlier tutorial wasn't running yet. if not, i would have started at 11.30am.

    it was suppose to be a 3 hours lab but i finished it in 2 hours so i got to go home. :D

    got over to flinders and bought my favourite snack. cheap ones too. 90c per piece. and it always hot and nice. (:

    potato cake and dim sim. cost me only $1.80 ((:

    i haven't had it in a long while. it was like more than 7 weeks now. so i miss it and must have it tho i wasn't really hungry. :D hehee!

    at essendon station waiting for bus.

    been raining almost the whole day. so not fun lo. getting dark early and with rain drops all the time sucks. spring spring faster come! but shit la, in october will be like 3 hours ahead of malaysia already.... )):

    3 hours not fun too. )))):

    got home had dinner with aunty D then i came up and watch somemore of autumn's concerto already.

    about 8 plus i slept till like 10.30pm. just cause i wanted to get my mind off some stuff.

    and then resume to autumn's concerto. i am actually streaming it. this is what i love about oz internet. i don't have to wait for streaming. it just goes on and on. (((:

    k la. watch show more important now.

    tomorrow i got no class. (: but prolly going over to cherly's and join dance at monash. ya imagine me moving all over the place. shit man i think i don't have that talent of dancing. but i guess i'll give it a try with a cost of $100. )):

    wish me luck! ciao.

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Amanda Seyfried - Little Houses (LOVE IT!!)

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