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  1. hello!

    today uni started at 9.30am so i had to leave the house at like 8 in the morning. plus is was like drizzling and all. ughh i hate the rain when i am outside.

    i like the winter temperature but don't like the wet weather...

    uni today was just normal la. as usual. nothing spectacular about it. and it ended at 1.30pm which is pretty good. i have free friday afternoons! ((:

    then took a train down to caulfield and took a bus to chadstone to meet up with jia shen and cherly.

    the 900 bus from monash caulfield.


    nothing much one also. i mean the place is big and all la but things are expensive so means nothing much for me. alot alot of designer brands. they call it a fashion capital. i prefer bargains and all that. dfo would do the job for me la. :D

    had kfc's hot and spicy super charged zinger burger for lunch. (: cost me only $5. :D

    then about 4 plus we left back to jia shen's house. jia shen's mum came so i thought of saying hi to her too. went there then got so much food to eat already.

    mantao and some pancake thingy which i loveeee. then took a walk out to IGA, got back and talked to the mum a lil and ate somemore mantao then left about 6pm.

    left with cherly tho. she wanted to go and shop so she went down earlier with me.

    had pretty interesting conversations in the train. something we don't usually talk about but i guess now we do? ahah!

    and there were like so many police officers in the train.

    got to melbourne central and walk awhile then met up with the rest already. apparently there was a shooting at lygon street that killed two people. so yea...

    cherly left for her shopping and we went for dinner.

    we is me, audrey, ernest, ken, daniel, michelle and siew yung. we went for vietnamese this time. we've never been to vietnamese for our gatherings. :D

    on swanston.

    my spring roll and beef wrapped batel leaves with vermicelli. $8.50


    i had to leave at like 8 plus in order to catch the right train and then the last bus from essendon at 9.05pm. so yea.

    now essendon's bus stop at night feels so much safer cause it became brighter. i think it was because of the previous shooting so they made it brighter. (:

    got home about 9 plus then watched autumn's concerto till like 10 plus and slept till it was 12am. (:

    so my blog post's time is altered. :D

    and omg i tell you! i woke up i was like scratching all over. i don't know what happened i am having bad bad rashes which i have never had it before.

    look at it my god! it's everywhere! damn creepy looking lo.... )):

    needa go find something to apply on it then watch my show. hmmm bye lo!

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Paperweight - Schuyler Fisk and Joshua Radin

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