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  1. trains and walks and driving.

    Saturday, February 28, 2009

    i woke up at 12 pm today. cause i was suppose to go out with cherly at 1 pm. i had to trouble her to fetch me to ss15's IDP cause i had to hand over one piece of stuff which they claim they dont have.

    met yao yun at mac centre though and the lady there was indirctly teasing her about how smart she was in a weird way.

    then i had cherly to fetch me over to KTM station cause i had to meet my mum at KL to do some stuff for my work starting on monday.

    thanks alot girl! (:

    suprisingly today i was there almost the right time. by the time i bought the ticket and walk over the other side and sat down a while only, the train came.

    and there was very little people today. after sooo many trips of going to KL Sentral with it, today finally i had a place to sit. two seats all for myself. :D

    its nearly empty.

    reached KL Sentral and hopped onto the other Putra Line. i had to go over to mum's office which is the Masjid Jamek's station.

    KL Sentral.

    the train.

    there were some hot guai lous. hahaha! somewhere in the picture.

    reached mum's office and then went over to the CIMB Bank nearby cause i had to open an account for my work. they'll credit into CIMB Bank account only.

    but i tell you, to open an account takes damnnn long. my god man. the people there.. sighs. and i am not 18 years old yet so i am considered as a teenage account and only allowed to withdraw 200 ringgit per day. how saddd.

    then walked over to the EPF office to get my EPF number meaning to open an account there too. its also needed for work.

    after everything was done, me and mum went for late lunch at Colliseum Cafe. which is pretty rundown already. it used to be damn famous.

    the went to Sogo and walk a while and headed back to mum's office by train and tooked off for home. (:

    i was tired. but instead of going home we detoured to my uncle's house at ss14. stayed there and had dinner and only reached home around 10 pm.

    was practically out the whole day. and mopped the floor when i came back.

    now, i am catching up my shows on astro on demand. Ron Ng and Sammul Chan is leng zhai laaaa.

    and... yao yun sent me some videos on Jensen Ackles. omg~! hot hot hot!! he is the one full package guy. i am serious. hot laaaa.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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  2. soon to be work place.

    set my alarm at 10 am one. mana tau i really couldnt get up so i set another two hours later. sooo i woke up at 12 pm.

    the reason of me wanting to wake up early was because i wanted to wash my sport shoes and fold the clothes stacking on the couch.

    and i was suppose to go out at 1 pm so i only managed to wash my nike sport shoes which i love. <3

    i have been delaying it since my chiang mai trip. from white it became yellow and now its white again! but the soap i use is making my hand itcy le.

    khai shien came to fetch me around 1.15 pm then we went to fetch teck wei and took off to pyramid.

    went over to Machines and disturb itu ferng lin and wei jun. then headed over to subway for lunch.

    after lunch i went to nike to go for my interview. was interviewed by a guy name nick. he seems like a nice guy laaa. and he is the main fella over there at the pyramid branch.

    asked me quite alot of stuff and explained to me quite some stuff too.

    and.... i landed myself a job!! (: finally. i am starting next monday at nike in pyramid. sooo from now on people.. start coming there if you want to find nike stuff. got commision punya tau.

    when i was done with interview, khai shien and teck wei was already waiting for me outside of nike.

    then ferns and wei jun had break so we went looking for them at mcdonalds. i tell you ahhh wei jun is equally bad. all four of them zhat me like nobody's business. even khai shien supported them!

    hmph! terrible friends. :D

    and cherly was already in pyramid cause there was sales in topshop, miss selfridge and dorothy perkins.

    but when i went looking for her she was already in guess. she didnt know got sales and kept complaining she didnt bring enough money and started blaming her sister for saying the sales for guess is tomorrow.

    last last she also bought 200 plus ringgit of stuffs. to be specific three pieces of stuffs. (:

    then we left for home already.

    now i am home sitting blindly in front of the laptop blogging. and the pile of clothes is still stacked on my couch. i am lazy to move laaaa.

    oh and i am suppose to go IDP tomorrow cause i left out something for them so cant get my offer letter. i thought i gave everything already? hmmm.. i have to trouble cherly to fetch me there tomorrow. sighs.

    k laaaa. ciao people~!

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

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  3. woke up at 11 am today. cause i was suppose to go pyramid with jack and cherly to go and see the people at adidas.

    left the house at 1230 cause cherly didnt know i woke up already. i know laaaa i wake up very late but still can wake up when i want to one.

    reached there and walked around. then met up with ferns since his work only starts at 1 pm which only had another 15 minutes more.

    then went with jack to adidas and mana tau i couldnt work there. cause i am a malay. they only hire chinese at the pyramid outlets. how sadd right.

    since i couldnt get adidas, jack ask me go nike and check. i went to fill in the form and she asked me some questions.

    but the executive wasnt there so cannot interview me. so she said she'll call me and let me know how.

    went makan with jack at zanmai then he had to go to class. we sat there till 2.30 pm man. eat and talked.

    walked around with cherly till 5 pm then met up with khai shien, teck wei, wei xiang and siew yung.

    we talked a while and that cherly i tell you is such a good friend. she also started with the direction crap. sighs.

    then vincent came and went to tgi to get his pay. then we all went to buy movie ticket for the Kungfu Chef and then went for dinner at kim gary.

    and the nike people called me and ask me go for interview tomorrow at 2.30 pm. lets see how it goes laaa. hope i get it. anyway, i prefer nike more than adidas. i have soo many nike stuff where as only one adidas shirt.

    khai shien and wei xiang.

    vincent say chong lam.

    ching teck wei.

    wei ping and siew yung.

    had a good chat.

    then went for the movie.

    at the start it was soo hard to watch. everything was stretched sideways and everything looks sooo fat.

    luckily after that it went back to normal.

    and... vanness wu is damn hot man. i tell you his body is to die for. i admit last time he was gay looking with his long straight hair but i already like him then. he reminded me of someone back then.

    his outfit in the show and the other two pictures which i adore.

    my favourite picture of him. his smile is to die for also. :D and the body. ahhh~~

    until today i still like him. (: hot hot hot.

    the movie is not bad. funny and got hot guy to distract my attentions. ahahaha! ending abit the not satisfying. its short.

    after movie we went walking around somemore. then left around 9.30 pm. reached home and settled down.

    and now i am hungry. hahaha!

    anyway, stay strong my dear. i know you can pull it through. dont matter what i'll always be here for you regardless of whatever you decide. you know i love you. (:


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  4. south bank.

    he is leaving in another 3 hours. lets just hope that things will be as you said it will after 5 months. and lets just hope we will have more conversations after 5 months.

    woke up damn late today. i was seriously drained out.

    was suppose to go out with rui siong for some catching up sessions but suddenly decided not to go. cause he was tired and stuff.

    and because of the earlier plans i didnt go with jack to pyramid to find job.

    stayed at home the whole day and did nothing. laze around the house and read a few chapters of my unfinish storybook.

    even editted my blog completely. i wanted it to be blue. i tell you ahh these days my addiction towards blue colour is getting more and more severe.

    as you can see almost everything is blue.

    just received a message from jack saying that he got a job at adidas. blardy hell that day i went to ask those people they say they are full for the month.

    mana tau jack just go today only then he got the job already.

    tomorrow i will be going with jack and cherly to pyramid to look for job. hope that i'll get a job from adidas. hope so laaaa. keeping my fingers crossed.

    then tomorrow there will be a small outing with the ex-classmates. the s9s. probably around 5 like that.

    so see how la.

    everyday something has to remind me of you. without fail an image of you will appear. i somehow enjoy the process of being reminded but yet too much is killing me.

    maybe it isnt that i can't let go. maybe its i dont want to let go.

    its already deep in me. its too hard to say no now.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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  5. amazingly beautiful.

    he is leaving tomorrow already.

    i'll see you in 5 months also. had a last warm hug and will be welcome with one in another 5 months.

    had a great dinner at Crocodile Farm then went over to another cousin's place at USJ One Avenue. which is a condo.

    the view was fantastic. and the breeze was good.

    i somehow miss jia shen's joke but yet still get entertained and annoyed at the same time when he tells me again.

    somehow malaysia seems to be more peaceful without him. just that we havent go used to it. we soon will.

    but unfortunately i have way lots of people to annoy me as much as jia shen did. stupid ching teck wei with his pork and azan. stupid vincent with the prayers stuff. sighs. life.

    i want april to come faster. and july. somehow i want to leave but yet feel very very not seh dak. sighs.


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  6. a normal day lunch.

    Monday, February 23, 2009

    at prom.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECK WEI!!(stupid chinese XD)
    happy 19th~!

    i am soooo sorry i forgot till you reminded. soo sorry laaaa. somemore when i first entered the car today i whacked you. sorry sorry!

    at least we had a birthday lunch celebration with you. eventhough at that point of time we still forgot. (:

    slept at 4.30 am this morning and woke up at about 11 am cause of cherly's sms. suprisingly that could wake me up when it was just a doorbell sound for my smses.

    went out at about 12 plus i think. cherly drove along with khai shien and teck wei in the car to fetch me out for lunch.

    we went to Asia Cafe. it was soo long since i ate there. and met tim there too.

    teck wei and khai shien.

    teck wei's uncle bob, khai shien's pasta, cherly's subway and my fried tang hoon.

    went to buy Subway's sandwiches with cherly and then headed back to AC. sat there and talked for some time then they had to go back Taylor's to get their LAN results certified.

    but cherly left hers in the car so she and teck wei went to get it from her car. and before that she was looking all over for the AC parking ticket mana tau she dropped it on the road beside her car and just beside the drain. how smart.

    finally they were done with their stuff. and i had to go IDP to check on my offer letter which is taking a long time to reach me.

    went to see Penny and she said she'll help me to follow up. hope it will reach soon. i need to book my air tickets and mum has to plan her leaves.

    after that we headed home.

    and the first thing i did when i came home was to cut pieces and strips of paper to fill in the blue box with blue papers. and its finally done.

    i can put that box to rest until it has to be given out. and there is even name on the card's envelope already.

    i know its too soon but i still cant help it. once and for all just do it all.

    later i will be out to Crocodile Farm for dinner. the last dinner with my cousin cause he is going to Melbourne already.

    i shall see him in 5 months! and start drooling all over after that again. (:

    much love,
    sher xoxo.
    music addiction : 男人ktv - Justin 侧田

  7. chiang mai.

    Sunday, February 22, 2009

    my chiang mai trip.

    let all the pictures do the talking. i am too lazy to write too much.

    day 1

    just reached.

    first group picture.

    first lunch.

    elephants are their trademarks. its everywhere.

    our first walk out to shop.

    my room. 1008.

    the hotel.

    our first thai dinner.

    me and uncle felix.

    the night market. and i am in love with those lightings.

    day 2

    meo village and visits to the king's summer palace and a temple.

    the exhibition hall.

    the village.

    the poppy flowers plantation.

    poppy flowers.

    you have to scratch from this thing only you can get drugs.

    whole lots of other poppy buds.

    pretty flower but deadly buds.

    mum and aunty.

    yours truly.

    mum and me.

    me, aunty lian, mum and cousin sis.

    pretty flowers.

    a roof full of orange flowers.

    the king's summer palace.


    the flower shot i love most. its blue!

    its called angel something.


    julian and uncle.

    water reservoir.

    bhubing palace.

    our ride up.

    the inside.

    omg. i enjoyed this ride sooo much. it was bumpy yet fun and cooling. and its really a great experience.

    me with cherry blossoms behind.

    me and mum.

    so cute right??

    cute laaa.

    the temple which you have to climb 360 steps up. thank god the was a cable car to go up.

    the night market which only open on sundays. and its blardy 1.5 km long.

    day 3

    on our way up to chiang rai which is 3 to 4 hours away by car. to visit the golden triangle and the long necks.

    first stop for the toilet. its the hotspring area.

    second stop. the Wat Rong Khun Temple. or better known as the White Temple.

    this is it. damn nice right? its like all white. even fishes in the lake in white.

    this is creepy! it seems its the hell hands.

    all the ladies plus our tour guide, AJ.


    all white.

    the toilet is different. its gold!

    our cruise at the Mekong River overlooking 3 countries. the golden triangle.

    first country to visit was thailand. second is Laos!


    disgusting looking whiskies. makes me wanna puke.


    third stop, Myanmar. omg this is the other ride which i enjoyed sooo much! it was fun!

    at a temple.

    some Pagoda thingy.

    us again.

    Myanmar's markets.

    goodbye Myanmar! and honestly i dont want to visit it again. makes me feel so sad that people are so poor.

    on our way back to Chiang Mai we stopped by to visit the tribal people. the long necks.

    elephant skull.

    a long neck woman.

    pityful small girl.


    aunty doris and julian. soon to be my families in australia.

    two sisters.

    one is 13 years old. one is 5 years old.

    some other tribe people. because there are 5 tribes there.

    its heavy~!

    day 4


    first was our elephant ride. and thats our elephant and our mahout.

    mum and uncle was behind us.

    me and julian. and our elephant Poo Nung which is 16 years old.

    i enjoyed that ride soo much. the were cute and mischievieous.

    big cute creatures.

    julz me and aunty lian.

    bathing time.

    elephant show.

    playing football.

    painting. they can really paint man.

    seeee.. make me feel stupid.

    day 5

    bye bye chiang mai~! i had a great time.

    i am so sorry i took soo long to post this up. i am damn lazy. i think there is 80 pictures here.

    hope you enjoy the pictures an probably imagine how great was it there. i was fun and i did sooo much of shopping. it was cheap and i had great companies to walk with.

    and today i freakingly bang my stupid neighbours car. well.. its somehow my fault. but they made me bang! agrh. indians. no offence. just that around my house, the indians are getting on my nerves.


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