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  1. Hellooooo!

    Why don't Australia have as much public holidays as Malaysia ah? :( 

    I miss being back home for holidays lorrrrrr!! Everyday can just go do whatever I want and go wherever I want... And now, I know for a fact that holidays like that will be harder to come by already.. :'(

    Anyways, this is a super throwback post :D Happened almost five months ago? But anyways the idea of it is what I am missing right now so a post on it shall do the job of reminiscing :)

    One night when me and the boyfriend was in Malaysia for our year end summer holidays, we went out randomly with JW and headed to The Roof. Not sure what triggered it or if we actually planned it because I can't remember the details already hahaha! But in short, we ended up there for drinks. Just the three of us.

    Ordered their famous Watermelon Slushie cocktail to share with the boyfriend <3

    This was JW's which I can't remember what it was called :D But it was nicer than our Watermelon Slushie lor... Maybe because I love that it was sourish :)))

    Also ordered a large plate of quite yummy nachos!

    And also a bucket of buffalo wings :)

    The food and drinks was pretty good! As far as I remembered, the food wasn't that expensive. But maybe the cocktails were around the RM30-45 mark? If my memory didn't fail me, I think all of that was about RM110 in total plus tax?

    The ambience at the bar was pretty nice also. There was a live band but it was still comfortable enough to have conversations with one and another.

    We also happened to witness a marriage proposal that night but IMHO, I thought that it was a rather fail proposal. Who the hell proposes at a considerably noisy bar????? All we saw was the guy whispered something in the girl's ears whilst holding a bouquet of flowers and the next thing was the girl just gave him a nod and they did the mandatory kiss in front of their friends. It was generally quite a weird scene to witness. Nothing romantic about it at all.... -.-

    After that we decided to head up to the rooftop because I was mentioning to the boys that there is an outdoor drinking lounge pad area called Stratosphere. And so, we went up to check it out and had another round of alcohol. The boys ordered beer and I think I ordered a glass of mojito?

    Stratosphere. Basically as mentioned, its an open air lounge pad on literally the roof of 1 First Avenue.

    We were then joined by a couple more of the boyfriend's friends towards the end. Because the three of us was prolly there for about two hours already before the rest came and joined?

    The last leg of angled bridge that leads up to Stratosphere. Took it on my way back from the toilet which was downstairs haha :)

    Lights always look prettier and brighter in bokehs :DDD

    The view on one side of the building. I was too lazy to go around the whole area just to snap different angles. At where we were, which was Bandar Utama, I think every angle of the building would have looked the same at night? Maybe except the side that faces the KL city view. Which I totally forgot to snap a picture of HEHE :P

    Overall, I must say, it was quite an awesome night :) It's quite fun hanging out with the boyfriend and JW. I may not have known JW that long, but I find that he is such a nice person to hang with and to talk to :)

    That pretty much concluded the night that happened five months ago!

    I know, this was such a "random and short and out of the blue" post. I still can't commit myself into jumping back to long posts....

    I'll be back whenever I can and it would prolly be as random as it'll get!


    sher xoxo.