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  1. in two days, up to level 70. xx

    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    lunch today at purple peanuts japanese cafe on collins with teck wei and cherly.

    my prawn gammodoki in ciabbatta bread. it was nice! $9.50

    this is how it looks like inside. stole this picture off theveryveryhungrycaterpillar.

    the place was pretty popular. and i definitely will go back to try two more of their dishes. we shall see when that will be.

    lunch was done under 30 minutes. took a tram up to swanston street then another tram to melbourne central.

    grabbed a cup of chatime passionfruit qq cause the weather was super damn hot!!

    walked in melbourne central for abit till about 2 ish? teck wei and cherly left back to clayton.

    i on the other hand went shopping awhile.

    bought a $10 maxi (:

    outfit today =D

    really loving those pair of t bar flats but it hurts.... it'll take me awhile to break into it. but love it cause its like so lady like. haha

    tomorrow off to st ali with cherly for brunch. then meeting up with wei ping for tea.

    i just had two slices of bread with tuna. i am so bored now that i am resorting to eating eventhough i am not hungry. haha

    so bored that i am about to scream out loud. the heat is terrible!!!! and i am already starting to pack up for home. not that i am eager to go back but because i am really really bored and have nothing to do! ):

    shall resume to sex and city.

    signing off.


  2. we are the world.

    Monday, November 28, 2011

    went to the eureka skydeck just now (:

    first was dinner along southbank.

    the ludlow formation.

    my hanger steak. nehhh not nice.. and it cost $29.50 )):

    won't be back here again. we wanted to go meat and wine co but it was like fully booked up to 830pm.. ): i wanna try the meat and wine co someday. a date, shall we? =D

    then up we went to the eureka skydeck. it was only $13 for students.



    and more views..

    the lights were ahmazingg.. love them!



    its like the klcc of my melbourne. love this place along the river. the lights, the people, the performers, the view (: niceee!

    crown atrium's christmas decoration.

    love love the blue lighted christmas tree!! ((:

    came home about 1030pm and i was omnomnom-ing on ice cream. heheh i wanna try ben and jerry's ice cream! saw the mini tubs when i was up on the eureka which made me wanna eat them. where can i get ben and jerry's ice cream???

    i shall now resume to sex and city.


    tomorrow off to lunch with teck wei in the city

    sher xoxo.

  3. nubuck.

    Sunday, November 27, 2011

    khai shien went back this morning so last night we ordered dominos for dinner.

    me, teck wei and khai shien shared three pizzas, one cheesy garlic bread and one lava cake. cherly only had their brownies.

    was over at khai shien's youtubing talking till about 11pm? then went back to teck wei's and watched forensic heroes. and managed to watch finish =D plus me love my company for all the 30 episodes (((:

    slept about 2am and left MA at 9am this morning. took a bus to box hill and met up with aunty D and uncle felix. and off we went to Wandin for cherry picking (:

    cherry picking was kinda fun. but the weather was very drizzly at the start then it stopped. but everywhere was like super muddy... ):

    after that went over to Olinda.

    pie in the sky! (: yums!

    lunch was at the ivy.

    seafood pizza. its tasty but the ingredients abit sad. still love my rococo seafood pizza!

    vege pizza. but nice.. their pizza's crust is actually quite nice and woodfire pizzas are always good (:

    walked around olinda awhile then went to Sassafras for miss marples famous scones.

    its nice but very filling... one piece was enough for me.

    after eating and eating, we left for home. was home by 7pm.

    the cherries we picked today. about 2kgs of cherries. hehe different varieties. i just knew today that there are so many different variety of cherries. haha

    my new earring stand. i got it from the garage sale thingy at sassafras for 20c. yes... 20 CENTS!! =DDDD super happy!

    hmmm now i am so so so so bored. i don't know what to do now. sighhhhh sleep early??? watch sex and the city series? hmmmmm....

    kla ciaoz!

    much love,

  4. post exam freedom (:

    Friday, November 25, 2011

    i've been off the blogging scene for like 2 weeks exactly.. ): well last week was because of exams and exams was a nightmare that i don't want to elaborate further on. just super glad that it is over..

    i was literally feeling like a whole entire bag of weights were left off from me once i walk out of the exam hall on monday at 415pm.

    and for the past 4 days i've been busy and just enjoying my holidays!

    have been over at teck wei's in MA since tuesday. going back tomorrow. hmmm...

    yesterday and today i have been eating at sort of the top listed eateries in melbourne. heheh =D

    yesterday was chin chin with celine and cherly.

    crispy skin barramundi green apple salad. so so nice! but.. $26

    bang bang chicken. the sauce was amazing! $24

    cherly's a platter of sweet things to share. $13

    lunch cost me about $30. but was like super damn awesome. the flavour was so so good. no wonder it's like in the top list in urbanspoon. hahah (:

    dinner was at springvale with teck wei, cherly, ck and khai shien.

    vietnamese pho (: sliced rare beef and beef meat balls with rice noodle.

    today, out by 930am with teck wei. met up with yao yun and celine about 1030am and headed over to abbotsford for three bags full =D brunch! yumssss~

    my soy chai tea with honey. $4

    teck wei's big breakfast. $18

    both yao yun and celine also had their big breakfast. but yao yun's was scrambled eggs instead of poached.

    my potato rosti with poached eggs and smoked salmon plus added spinach (: nice! $18

    after brunch, headed over to bardot factory outlet for a little shopping. which my dear had to wait for the three of us girls. hehe

    then caught a tram and headed back to the city then to yao yun's place.

    was back in MA at about 5 ish?

    now me and teck wei are both hooked on a tvb drama. but sadly don't think we'll finish it before i go back tomorrow.

    forensic heroes 3 (:

    wokies... sign off first! back to series.

    bye lovelies!

    lots of love,

  5. only one down.

    Friday, November 11, 2011

    today's exam was okay.

    i don't think i've ever said this in my entire education but for once, i could do almost all the subjective part of the paper but the objective part is what i am worried about. i didn't even dare to answer two questions simply cause i didn't dare to guess.

    because answering it wrong gets me -1.4. yes NEGATIVE 1.4. not answering just gets me zero. i so hate uni objective style....!!

    after exam, met up with uncle in the city and went to degraves street for brunch. to be specific, RMB cafe.

    my chai and uncle's hot chocolate.

    uncle's spanish omelette. $14.90

    my big breakkie. yumsss! (: $15.90

    then was just walking around the city. and snacks shopping because i am out of food to munch on when i am awake at oddly hours studying. hehe

    kla taking a break for tonight. vampire diaries is coming right up (:

    tomorrow back to studying. sigh


    with love,