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    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    lunch today at purple peanuts japanese cafe on collins with teck wei and cherly.

    my prawn gammodoki in ciabbatta bread. it was nice! $9.50

    this is how it looks like inside. stole this picture off theveryveryhungrycaterpillar.

    the place was pretty popular. and i definitely will go back to try two more of their dishes. we shall see when that will be.

    lunch was done under 30 minutes. took a tram up to swanston street then another tram to melbourne central.

    grabbed a cup of chatime passionfruit qq cause the weather was super damn hot!!

    walked in melbourne central for abit till about 2 ish? teck wei and cherly left back to clayton.

    i on the other hand went shopping awhile.

    bought a $10 maxi (:

    outfit today =D

    really loving those pair of t bar flats but it hurts.... it'll take me awhile to break into it. but love it cause its like so lady like. haha

    tomorrow off to st ali with cherly for brunch. then meeting up with wei ping for tea.

    i just had two slices of bread with tuna. i am so bored now that i am resorting to eating eventhough i am not hungry. haha

    so bored that i am about to scream out loud. the heat is terrible!!!! and i am already starting to pack up for home. not that i am eager to go back but because i am really really bored and have nothing to do! ):

    shall resume to sex and city.

    signing off.


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