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  1. my new gadget.

    Saturday, May 31, 2008

    yesterday night i was in one utama for a movie. i like watching movie there la.. one thing is because the seat is damn comfortable and another thing is it is GSC. got alot of food to eat and the drinks are alot bigger. hahah!

    the new indiana jones is a good movie. most of my friends i asked also didnt watch the old ones before. the new one is already the fourth movie.

    indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull*

    it was worth watching. just that the alien suddenly appearing was abit off. but overall it was good.

    eventhough Harrison Ford is old. he is still rocking. indiana jones wouldnt be nice if he wasnt in it. well.. yeah he is the main guy. Indy! Junior? i miss that small chinese boy that acted last time. he was sooo adorable.


    i had finally got what i always wanted. i had fell in love with it the moment i saw it in singapore, behind the displaying windows. my eyes just couldnt stop staring and now, i finally have it in my hands and it is mine!

    my very own Sony T2.
    its all that i've been craving for.

    in my favourite blue...

    i have this obsession for blue colours. one day i WILL make my room blue and in future, make my house filled with blue things. even if it is not the whole house, at least one space for my own in blue.

    i know it sounds weird but is my very own obsession. =) shereena is weird. and proud about it!

  2. new image.

    Thursday, May 29, 2008

    i've been going out alot this holiday. just got home from one utama with jia shen, sheng loong, wey liam and cherly.

    just went and walked around and watched movie. watched the orphanage. some horror movie that talks about kids. and its in french.

    scary la... having jia shen and cherly to sit beside me is scary enough. jia shen wanted to scare me mana tau he got scared too. hahah! then, when the show finish he said, actually its not that scary la. dont know who, during the movie using fingers to cover his face hor? haha!

    now cherly, you will keep your seatbelts on right? for what that just happened. hahaha!

    i changed my blogskin! after using for 10 months i finally changed it. i guess it was time for something new. give some comments about it la..

    you are everything i need. everything i want.

  3. Wednesday, May 28, 2008

    went to pyramid again today. actually it wasnt intentional but yeahh i went with my cousins. one went to cut his hair and one followed me hang kai.

    i knew qi hong was there so i wanted to see him. mana tau that fella no credit somemore ask me to call him. met up with him and walked around. it was soo nice seeing him after some time and crapping with him and zha-ing him. zha him till he got nothing to say! haha. until he had to run to my cousin and didnt want to talk to me.

    he asked me to pui him go find alicia for some birthday thingy just to say hi. i dont know them so i was waiting for him outside while he went in and wish her. =)

    while walking into parkson i saw hong jiun. and it seems jia shen is in pyramid too. and how can i not see him before i leave? well.. actually i can but coincidently met him near baskin robbins. talked for a while, said hi to the others and he had to go home already. he drove to pyramid you know? geng right. haha! sarcastically..

    then i had to go home too. left qi hong there cause it seems enlin is on his way to get shoes.

    i cannot stop talking la when i am with qi hong. and i forgot to give him a welcome hug. sighs. anyway it was good that i went to pyramid.

    whenever i hear your name, i give a different expression.
    i give the "oh my god really?" kind of expression.

  4. Monday, May 26, 2008

    went to pyramid with jia shen, sheng loong and en lin. LIM QI HONG was supposed to come. and he ffk-ed me! i dont like you. =D lim qi hong, you still owe me a movie. remember that..

    loong came to fetch me. first time sitting his car. quite good weih.. better than jia shen that nearly killed us both in the car this morning. well... i am exagerating a lil' bit.

    we watched drillbit taylor.

    the show is nice and hilarious. the geeks are really geeky. haha! owen wilson is the attraction. i find him seriously quite good.

    and spotted another one. not bad looking. the crew cut suits him. i found pictures of him that made him look like a 30 year old. this is the best picture i could find. i like his arms and him in that tank top.

    alex frost

    guys in tank tops and nice hand muscles are hot! i've seen a few in it and its enough to make my eye glued to the screen. channing tatum is one of them. hot hot hot. there are alot of these guys in australia!!

    whats with the name alex and me? coincidence? weird la.

  5. i am done with gossip girl season 1.

    and also....

    one tree hill season 5.

    now its supernatural season 2. =D

    jensen ackles and jared padelecki. both also very the hot.

    its the series marathon period. i have two whole weeks to rot in front of my laptop. and going out and wasting money and probably TRY to revise my work and work on my presentation slides.

    fabulously GREAT holiday. terrific.

  6. Saturday, May 24, 2008

    exams are finally over

    went to pyramid after exam with jia shen, felix, audrey and khai shien. we went redbox. a place where i've not been since like a year ago?

    had fun singing. long time didnt sing out loud already. and audrey has a really nice voice le. so does felix. aiya jia shen... no need to say la. =D

    ernest and enlin came to join at the last hour.

    the gang*

    compliment for jia shen: you do actually look QUITE good today.

    felix wanted to get a present for his girlfriend so we stopped by body shop. they are on sales anyway so he got her a bottle of perfume. me, being a good friend help him try all the scent and ended up my hand full of perfume smell. everything mixed up.

    after that we went to mcdonalds and sat down and talk. en lin managed to get himself and jia shen a free big mac with his skills of saying that four sentences in like 2 seconds. geng!

    met kah tim with his classmates. finally. i am seeing him!

    liam, sean and mun hoe came too. wanted to watch movie but it seems everything was full so we had dinner in A&W. talked and laughed. but i had that emoness today. dont know why.

    maybe i was too tired of walking. had quite a good chat with wey liam. and also a fun trip home. it was a good day out. from 1 in the afternoon right up to 930 at night. =)

    at least after my exams i can continue being a drug addict. my series equivalent to my drugs. my gossip girl season finale here i come!

    you are still attractive to me in all ways. still VERY hot to me!

    i need to go back hometown, Raub for the weekend. thank god i have my addiction in my laptop so i can still watch. but the bad part is, there is NO internet. sighs. aiya two days isnt that long after all.

  7. Thursday, May 22, 2008

    i had exams. four papers done and only one more to go. maths was crappy. for once i actually suck in normal maths. and specialist maths was disastrous.

    the essential need for maths*

    on the good side of it is holidays!! woo-hoo. effective on friday at 10.05 am. looking forward for the clock ticking sharp to it. but.. i don't like having holidays same as peoples in school. apart from having my cousin around. other than that i dont like it to be on the same period. going anywhere nearby and seeing school students scattering around.

    and only SAM students are on holiday. so those friends that take other courses will likely not be seen so often. but well... even no holiday also hardly see already. for example, tang kah tim! chai yew wei, jenn hsen and dicky.

    only physics left on friday.

    i desperately need to go out and walk around and watching movies. jia shen, friday confirm la. i dont want to stay at home already. oh ya, his driving is actually good. i mean compared to cherly gan when she started driving, jia shen's alot better.

    you are my current obsession.

    i will work towards getting myself near you. i have to. its my only chance. i dont want to waste another year just like that.

  8. Monday, May 19, 2008

    i have been spending days infront on my screen for this. dramas and tv series with me is always inseparatable. and i am loving it. but... i guess i am loving TOO much.

    i love to see them both. my favourite girl and guy in the show. but not the favourite couple.

    its addictive. VERY addictive.
    i am at 17 already.

    plus him.
    its even worst.
    chace crawford. hot hot hot!

    especially with him in it. how do you expect me to stop? i just cant even stand a day leaving an episode in my laptop without watching it. they, putting hot guys in series do actually attract more people to watch. if there are more people like me. well.... i doubt people are not like me. i mean girls. so yeahh. and.... he has dimples!! now its even harder to resist!

    everyone knows i dont just watch the show, i watch the people in it too. to be more specific, the guys. the HOT ones.

    watching dramas and series make me want something even more. and made me realise that friends are biatch when it comes to troubles. especially girls which are leeches that sticks and sucks everything from you. literally everything. and when troubles arrive, you'll finally know who are those little leeches and who are those who stays and help and try making it heal.

    now there is nothing more i want but THAT.

    oh god. mid year starts tuesday and of all the time i got addicted before it even started. what a timing.. at least i found a way to stop the drugs for a week and then continue getting it back on track next week. but it still isnt strong enough to help pushing me to take up that book and start pressing my pen on it and work the solutions out.

  9. Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    i dreamt about him last night.
    omg is it because i thought about the person too much?

    shit la. omg.
    something is wrong.
    and its not really a good thing.
    i didnt see him today.
    sad case.

    over obsessive already.

  10. Tuesday, May 13, 2008

    what is it that i really want about you? i am doubting and questioning myself too much.

    question marks all over*

    i dont even know what i want anymore.
    what i meant is ideal person la.

    i want chace crawford!
    i want the blue sony t2.
    i want k660i.
    i want to eat marble cheese cake!
    i want a red volkswagen beetle.
    i want a pair billabong jeans.
    i want the blouse i saw in dorothy perkins.
    i want to go hong kong AGAIN!
    i want to own a suzuki swift.
    i want he jun xiang and wu chun . not as much as chace crawford.
    i want chad michael murray! but not as much as chace crawford.
    i want a Guess? watch.
    i want those perfect guys in shows appearing in real life.
    i want that Guess? handbag.
    i want you biatch out of my sight.
    i want to go Monash next year.
    i want you, hottie to appear infront of me more often.
    i want to eat lamb chop suddenly.
    i want blue eye guys appearing more in malaysia. well at least good looking ones.
    i want to drive as soon as possible.
    i want to go Monash in Clayton on my 21st birthday year.
    i want more sleepovers.
    i want to go on trips with friends.
    i want to go to Europe and New York.
    i want to get a night out. i dont get them.
    i want to stay in Melbourne. for good.
    i want to be able to go shopping without looking at price tags.
    i want to be a better person. i hope so.
    i want the downloads for gossip girls to move faster. and so does my one tree hill.
    i want back my high school moments.
    i want back the bonds that i had with my good good friends.
    i want those days back again.
    i want alot more....

    come to think about it i want alot more than this. just that i suddenly can't remember the full list.

    at least there are things i actually want badly and craving for. partially good partially not good.

  11. Monday, May 12, 2008

    i am currently into chace crawford. he is SOOO hot! maybe somebody might replace chad michael murray now. chace crawford is god damn hot!

    sweet* those blue eyes are hot.

    i am also into gossip girl. i am TOTALLY hooked to it! too bad mid year is coming. after may 23rd its series marathon time. gossip girl is actually more intresting than the o.c.

    i love it*

    gossip girl. chace crawford. is love♥ NOW.

    post number 100. not bad. =)

  12. Friday, May 09, 2008

    i just finished ps i love you. i am sooo into that show. but well there isnt such thing at eternal love. even if there is, it is not easy to find.

    ps i love you*

    i am in love with the fact that in the show or the book there is that guardian angel always right beside you dont matter where you are. always there to guide, to bring happiness and to make you remember your sweetest memories. always there for you from the above. like the wonderful stars shining down on you.

    my psiheartyou came from p.s. i love you.

    p.s. guess what? i love you too.

  13. he finally notice me.
    and i am sooo happy!
    after like so long finally he did notice my existence.
    omg.. hahaha!

    you are my favourite person to look at for now. *

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!!! my dearest...

    hong kong disneyland* 06'

    i love my mum soo much!* 07'

    bali* 07'

    japan disneyland* 04'

    china* 05'

    australia* 08'

    its my mum's big day. i love her tooo much. she is my everything. and i am hers.

    went out dinner with mum. at parade sakae sushi. ended up i bought stuff one hundred plus. hahaha! =)

    love you mummy.

  15. Monday, May 05, 2008

    suprisingly i manage to take a bus home today. haha. well its nothing that suprisingly but its my first bus ride home alone. well not alone as in alone. there are other people and rohit.

    caring good friends seem to be asking me about my posts. but well as i said i am fine. just that even how cheery a girl will be she needs a time out. not to say i am not that cheery type so i need time to express things. since i can say it to no one then i'll just blog it out. it helps sometimes.

    anyway, i've been tagged by rui siong. AGAIN. i didnt know i was tagged until i read his blog. since i got nothing better to do. i dont mind doing that.

    Instructions: Remove ONE question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

    1. What have you realised recently?
    dont trust easily. not until you know that person well.

    2. what's your favourite animals?
    gosh. if you guys are a close friend you'll know i am not an animal lover. i dont like them.

    3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 11 buddies you will take with you?
    cherly gan~i cant go anywhere without her. she's the fun.
    stephanie aeria~i need her with me. i love talking to her.
    loy yao yun~take her along to turn her more girlish. well she is turning into one by the day already.
    low jia shen~those jokes and stupid things he says are in need.
    tang kah tim~my consultanTim. i need him man. where can i leave my sifu behind?
    lim qi hong~having him around is fun-ny. both fun and funny. the gay lou.
    walter aaron wong chun yin~he stays too far and i miss him. well its not that far. but far.
    leong chun kit~wherever we go he'll go.
    vooi dickson~his noisy voice must be around.
    michelle malthew~i havent been seeing her much. but the combo of steph, yy and her is the best! i miss her.
    the guy i have a crush on or i am currently dating with~who doesnt bring your other half when you are on a deserted island? well if i have one.

    4. Where is the place that you want to go to the most?
    New York City. i had always wanted to go there when i was a kid.

    5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
    i dont have to stay in malaysia anymore. get some money and leave.

    6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after a rain?

    7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
    any of my family members at all time.

    8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
    i would get myself a volkswagen beetle. go shopping. get myself a house and the remaining money i'll save it.

    9. If you meet someone you love, would you confess to him/her?
    i dont think so. unless i do really love him.

    10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
    rui siong. i am not use to calling him jenson.
    ~jenson reminds me of goh jenn hsen. so i prefer calling rui siong.
    ~he is not bad looking.
    ~a nice fella.

    11. Which singer do you hate most?
    i dont like all those punk rock bands. i find them weird.

    12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
    people who destroys family. i dont know what is their effing problem.

    13. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you?yeapp. at least i'll try to ammend my faults. and see what i can do the best out of it.

    14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
    my mum, my family, my good friends.

    15. Are you a shopaholic or not?
    yeah of course. i am girl. but not the really really shopaholic kind of thing. i am still controllable.

    16. If your house burned down, what is the one thing you'd save from your room?
    my laptop. why one thing only? i want to save more things.

    17. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
    i admit i dont like to talk to people that i dont know much. people thinks i am stuck up. probably i am. and everytime it is so obvious i dont like somebody because i show it in my face.

    18. Where will you want to go for your honeymoon?
    i want to go to Rome. then hollywood. i want both.

    19. What is the one you want most now?
    i want food. i am hungry. i've not eaten anything yet.

    20. If you have the ability to control time, what would you do?
    redo what i've done wrong.

    oh god. i still got my english work not done. nevermind i'll do it later. i am off to watch America's Next Top Model. then only start my work. i hope i will finish it on time. =)

  16. people always tend to use others to get whatever they want. once they've got what they wished for they wont even say thank you, not even bye but just whack their ass and leave.

    is everybody like that? friends? family members? almost everyone are like that.

    click with those that are like your ownself. so you wont hurt anyone nor anyone will hurt you. you people are the same type of people. you'll get along. so.. leave me alone!

    leave me alone please. please.. you idiots!

    DON'T come begging for help and just leave. earn the hand i've offered. dont beg for help. you DON'T DESERVE taking it from me.

  17. Friday, May 02, 2008


    i am not-to-say very close with him but still good friends. nice guy, funny and a good photographer i guess. genting was fun with him around~

    eventhough we are in taylor's i dont really see him. seriously damn hard to see him! hope to see you more often la brother.


    my taekwando senior!! i almost forgot. i miss the taekwando days~ enjoy yourself and take care..