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  1. Monday, October 15, 2007

    its been sometime since the last post. i damn lazy want to blog. ahaha. well... where to start? i've been seeing a few shows during this period of time. and there is one i love sooo much.

    the lake house.

    the lake house*

    this show is soo nice. omg i love it. all girls loves romance story right? its kinda like a proven fact.

    i just love the show. maybe one part of the reason is because the lead actor is hot..keanu reeves. and other than that the show is just super nice.

    the wont be anything like whats in the show ever happen in real world. if it does how nice?
    keanu reeves*

    omg he is hot hot! very yeng lerr. especially in constantine. super yeng! my name is john...john constantine quoted by him in constantine.
    well my list of hot guys will never end lahh. every month there is definite post about a guy and a hot one. hint hint* if your pic ever appears.. u know lahh. you are hot! ahaha. =)

    watching the lake house hits me that true love can wait. but well is just a show. =) but finding your true love and exchanging vowes to each other is a very magical thing as people say love is the thing we have closest to magic.

    true love? hmm...

    i m sorry my dear.
    i just cant be who you think i am.
    we can never be.
    we could only be friends or best friends.
    nothing more than that has ever crossed my mind.
    the one you are finding is not me.
    the thing you are looking for is not from me.
    i m truly very sorry.

    only you can brighten up my day. one and only. youu.

  2. stef's bday

    Tuesday, October 02, 2007

    this is gonna be one long post.

    sorry stef i didnt post about your birthday on the exact day itself. but.. nevermind lahh ryte?? =D

    on september 28th, it was stephanie's birthday! my bestest friend ever. actually i've know her since kindergarden but you know kids mix around with anybody and then forget them. ahaha.

    she is always there for me without fail. i love her soo much! we can share practically evrything and anything. from very minor things to major ones that no one knows. i wonder how my high school life would be without her. see steph.. u are important u know.. ahahahaha.

    this girl had finally turn 16!

    love ya loads. xoxo. (thats actually what was written on the cake)

    yours truly and the birthday girl. love her to bits.*

    we were all invited to stephanie's birthday dinner at

    strawberry fields.
    7 pm onwards.

    as usual malaysian people are not punctual.. we started at 8 something i guess. it was her treat so evryone ordered side orders and main course thats for sure. =)

    but.. 3 people couldnt make it. yao yun dear, cherly darling and tim. thats the sad part. cherly forgot that it was her dad's birthday. ahaha.

    i bought her a cake. oh no its "we". evryone shared. went to booked it the day before in secret recipe. stef didnt even know that the cake existed at first. she got a shocked when the cake appeared. and as usual we sang her a birthday song like damn loud. i hope we werent distracting people. but they shuld be happy for her right? ahahaha.

    blueberry cheesecake*

    feeling happy while we sang for her*

    they stuck the candle deep in the cake and want her to get it out with her mouth. aiya you know lah what was our real intension. then nicholson just push her head right into the cake. damn sad lahh.

    everybody was like...i dont feel like eating the cake already. lol.

    all of us had loads of fun and everybody having their own sweet time taking pictures. including me of course.

    me and qi hong*

    yyling and me*

    after strawberry fields, we all headed to baskin robbins. the walk there was noisy and everyone just stared at us. *jakoons

    in baskin robbins itself also we making soo much of noise already. luckily there wasnt alot of people.

    aiya we did the usual thing lahh. taking pictures like nobody's business.

    me, stephanie (the birthday girl), and yyling*

    chun kit and me*

    mr justin low and mua*

    chai yew wei*

    su ann dear*

    one big happy family.*

    and lastly... group picture. but 3 people are not in it.. no its 4.
    jia shen, qi hong, yy ling and ferng lin.

    thanks steph for the lovely night! and thank you puan evelyn... ahaha

    had a lot a fun yesterday night! =)