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  1. My 3rd Sydney visit!

    Wednesday, March 05, 2014

    Hi peeps!

    As promised (although it's super longgggg overdue from the promised date XD), I am finallyyyyyyy back with my Sydney trip post! This post have been drafted since two months ago... OMGGGGGGGG... Sorry? :P

    *But be warned, it is super lengthy! (I think lengthy is an understatement.....) with A LOT of pictures! Because to me, holiday trip blog posts has to be written down to as much details as possible to be reminded of the good times! And mayyyyybe because I am really bad at screening down the number of photos... I just feel like every picture is relevant! In 4 days I took about 800 pictures mann..... :P*

    Soo.. Sydney..? *Here is my first Sydney visit post & my second visit post*

    Sydney.... I think I subconsciously love the place(?) because it was my third visit in 3 years! Once a year for the past three years.. I don’t know why.. but it has just been a yearly thing for us. Us being me and the boyfie. For some reason we are always drawn back there. This year will likely be an exception because I want to go somewhere else and not Sydney again! HEHEHE

    Maybe plan a trip for the coming Easter holidays? Altho I don’t really know where else can I go to already. I have more or less covered the major states in Australia. So…, where to next Bii? Maybe a short drive getaway thingy somewhere near? :D

    Anyways.., Sydney was from the 6th to the 9th of December. It was a very last minute planned trip and I had no prior intentions of even going again. Until…, one day Janelle was telling me she hasn’t been to Sydney and I just suddenly had this thought and asked the boyfriend if he wants to go to Sydney with Janelle and Hong Lee (the bf’s uni friends who I’ve grown to know better and am already comfortable hanging out often with) and have a double date trip :D

    The boyfie said “Why not?” and that was it, I started looking out for accommodations whilst Janelle settled the air tickets. The whole trip was planned for in a span of slightly over a week from the day Janelle told me she hasn’t been to Sydney, ever.

    So…. details on the trip!

    Day 1,

    We flew out of Melbourne at about 8 something in the morning and arrived in Sydney at around 10 plus in the morning. Immediately after we got out, we cabbed to the place we booked through AirBnB. In case if none of you are familiar with AirBnB, it’s like a website that people lease out their homes either just one room or the entire house to people for vacations or short stays. And this house that I found was a decently sized Victorian terrace lookalike in Surry Hills for $200 per pax for 3 nights. Meaning… it’s $800 for the whole house for 3 nights.

    Surry Hills is known to be a huge food scene area and is pretty near to the Sydney CBD plus the price for the place is considered quite affordable! I was really happy about the location of where we stayed considering that we could easily access any sort of public transport. I rely on public transports quite strongly whenever I am on a vacation by myself and I really take the time to know and understand each and every nook and street and stops nearby so that I can get to wherever I wanna get to. That’s just me! Throw me wherever, alone or not, and I will surviveeeee! I dare say! :P

    *This was the place we stayed for 3 nights!*
     The entrance to the little victorian styled house.

    The lounge area and dining and kitchen at the back.

    Dining/Kitchen area.

    The balinese styled courtyard with an outdoor shower and that little room is a laundry room and a second outdoor toilet.

    Upstairs. The master bedroom, the toilet and I am standing infront of our room door.

    The toilet. With a huge and super glary sun light/roof light? And the lights in the toilet are motion detected when it's dark... -.- when in the shower, suddenly the lights will go off and you'll be dancing and moving around most of the time to trigger the light to come back on. I think I looked like a somewhat crazy person whenever I shower in there at night hahaha!

    The master bedroom. Which is Janelle and Hong Lee's room.

    Our room :)

    The first thing we did after we’ve gotten our house keys and after all scouting around the place and dropped our luggages, was... head out to the Sydney Fish Market for lunch! We walked about 15-20 minutes to Capitol Square and caught the light rail/tram to the fish market. We ended up buying a weekly MyMulti3 pass for $61 for all of our travels for the next 4 days. It was the cheapest option than to have bought anything other than that after all the calculation because we knew we will be travelling to Blue Mountain by train and that itself would have costs us a fair bit if we would have just bought a day pass.

    Yeap.. as you can see we got the "perfect weather". Clear blue sky with super blazingly glaring hot sun.. -.-

    At the tram stop.

    *Sydney Fish Market*
    We are finally here! 

    Fooooood time! I don't know why but it has also always been a thing to get to the Fish Market first for food before going anywhere else in Sydney..

    The place we go to everytime for sashimi.

    And this is the one we go to for fried food.

    The food we ate! There were salmon and scallop sashimis, fried soft shell crab, fish bites and chips, half a lobster and some baked scallops. All of that for 4 of us!

    The lobster and the baked scallops were a letdown. It was not fresh and tasted nowhere near good… BUTTTT the rest were still as good! Especially the salmon sashimi!! So freshhhhhh! Even the scallop sashimi was so fresh and cheappp! Sydney fish market will always equals to yummy sashimi!

    *but a little birdy told me that I could possibly get the same kind of goodness here in KL. I went and tried it out and it was SO SO SO GOOD! Now I can get awesomer sashimi in KL but fish market style! I'll blog about it soon definitely!*

    We sat outside for the first time! Altho it was damn scaryyyyyy...! Those seagulls are just never ending and they are so aggressive! LIKE NEVER ENDING! Have to dug everytime! And the most annoying part is other people don't clean and throw away their leftover after they are done and that's when the seagulls attackkkkkk! On this table beside us... it was baddd! Anyways.. It looks like a great day doesn't it? Butttt too hot for my liking... =/

    After the fish market, we hopped back onto the tram and headed over to The Star for Adriano Zumbo!

    Had my favourite flavours of macarons!! Salted butter popcorn!! Salted butter caramel on toast and the brownie :DDDD

    Anddddddd most importantly, I managed to try Zonuts!!! Initially I thought they didn't have it cause I blindly didn't see it. So I went up to the cashier and asked what time do they normally sell out their Zonuts thinking that I'll come back again to get it. Then she was like "We still have some if you want.... *while pointing out to this whole rack of Zonuts* and the flavour this week is Passionfruit and Basil."

    I instantly went OKAY!! I'll get one! Now that I think about it, I should have gotten two.... ): 

    ZONUTSSSSS!!!! SO AWESOMELY GOOD! Basically they are a hybrid of a donut and a croissant. As you can see it looks like a donut but the texture is like a croissant with it's layers of buttery flaky goodness!

    It's actually called Cronuts and it first started in New York but Zumbo put his touched to it and named it Zonuts. Whatever sorcery this is, it is just a damn good one! Tastes so goood!!

    We sat on a bench in the park just right outside of The Star while I ate up the Zonut and it was just so so so good! Too good!!

    After all that eating business, we decided that we will pay Madame Tussauds a visit and decided to walk over to MT from The Star. 

    Some shots of the nearby scenes taken while walking towards MT. The last picture, the building on the bottom right corner is where MT is at :)

    An artsy shot I took under the bridge in Darling Harbour. Looks nice righttt? :P

    I have never been to any Madame Tussauds so I figured I should start somewhere anyways so we went for it! It was pricey tho… The entrance fee costs us $36 per person..

    *Took pictures with all the celebrities lookalike wax figures that I was interested in :)*
    I have no idea who he is. Just that he was the first wax figure we saw.


    Our ex Australian prime minister, Julia Gillard.


    Kylie Minogue.

    This is Madame Tussauds.

    Beyonce and Will Smith. This was "the making" part.

    Their thing. Einstein.

    Rove McManus.

    Eric Bana.

    Everyone will have a thing for Miranda Kerr lah of course.. He too is no exception.

    Delta Goodrem.

    Heath Ledger! Its so sad that we've lost such talent and such hottie! ):

    The closest I’ll get to a celebrity.. Me and my “ming seng (celebrities)” dreams hehehe :D And they are made to exactly how the look in real life. Meaning, I am so short!!!! All of them were like talllll!!

    But I think, it wasn't worth the amount of money we paid for tho...

    Altho there wasn’t much and I would say it wasn’t my money’s worth, I regretted not going to the one in Hong Kong when I was there the last time.. I always had this thought in my mind about the fear I had over wax figures when I was a kid so I never bothered going. But after witnessing this one in Sydney, it just made me feel like visiting more MTs because it is seriously as tho as you’re taking pictures with the real celebrity. Some of them just look too real!

    My only regret at MT was not being able to take a picture with Johnny Depp’s wax figure at the attraction entrance because I thought I could still take a picture with him when we got out. But by the time we finished and got out, the attraction was already close and his wax figure was inside, behind the shutters… )):

    Then, we decided on having early dinner so that we could head back and have a rest. All of us was exhausted from all the traveling and lack of sleep.

    The Sydney tower in the distance.

    We headed over to Chinatown for dinner! @ Gumshara Ramen :)

    Super damn thick damn kao and authentic ramen.

    It was nice but abit too thick to my liking. But that's also cause they use 120kg of bones to make the broth. It was definitely worth trying!

    And after eating super fully, we just lingered around Chinatown for a while as they were having a small little flea for the night. After that, we hopped onto a bus and headed back to the house. Everyone was already so tired from the early travelling and all the walking..

    Whilst waiting for my turn to bath, I totally collapsed on the bed already. Was already in deep sleep for sometime and then woke up and went to shower with a half awake mind and then continued back into deep sleep until morning. Me and the boyfie were both in the same shoes. Two of us completely knocked out till morning. Straight.

    Day 2,

    We had to wake up early because our planned itinerary for the day is to Blue Mountain. But before we catch a train ride for 2 hours, we needed to get food first. So, first stop of the day, Bourke Street Bakery.

    I can never resist not buying more than one item in a bakery. I have always had a thing for bakeries and their breads! Not the usual loafy kind of wholemeal/rye/grain etc kind but the per piece ones. Especially freshly baked croissants! OMG Heavennnn!

    But instead of opting for croissants, I went with two ham and cheese toast, a quiche and a ginger pistachio crème brulee tart :)

    Was so hungry that me and the bf gobbled down the toast before even taking a picture of it. And savoured the quiche for the train ride and further kept the tart for later. And guess what.... I totally forgot about the tart until I got back home at night.. By that time, it no longer had the sugar crunch and not as fresh but still tasted somewhat good. It would have tasted so so good if I ate it straight away!!!! Nouuu... ):

    The inner city suburb area in Sydney is just so pretty! I loveee the houses! A little tight and cramped up, but I love the victorian style houses. They are like town houses which looks old and quaint but new at the same time after some renovations.

    We walked to Central Station quickly cause we had to catch the 9.48am train. With the Blue Mountains train line, the frequency is every half an hour to an hour. We initially planned for the 9.18am but we missed it cause first, we left the house slightly over the scheduled time and second, we didn't know that the bakery would be so off the usual walking route to Central Station. In order to get the breakfast we wanted, we deviated for more than 30 minutes. But it was all worth it!

    Central Station!

    Our double decker train for the next 2 hours.

    Janelle ordered the Bourke Street Bakery's flourless chocolate cakes and ate it in the train. I had a bit to try and it was gooooood!

    The train ride to Katoomba station (which is the stop to catch those hop on and hop off buses and trolleys to the Blue Mountains) is 2 hours away from Central station. The journey was long and boring and boringggggg!

    All we could do was sleep… I should have brought my iPad along and watch a movie or something... =/

    Once we got off at Katoomba around 11.50am, we immediately went to purchase the trolley tickets and start off our sightseeing tour. We didn’t really have that much time cause we had to leave Blue Mountains at 3.26pm in order to be on time for our Hurricanes Grill dinner at 7pm.

    Paid $20 for the trolley tickets and started our guided tour of a total of 29 sights. All we were interested in going is to Echo Point to see the Three Sisters formation. 

    Some shots taken from inside the trolley.

    This was our only stop off the trolley that allowed pictures taking before we continue on the "trolley tour".

    From where we started until Echo Point which is stop number 20, we only managed to get down once to take a picture because that particular stop is meant to have 5 minutes for picture taking..... In the event if we wanted to take a picture or explore of any of the sights before Echo Point, we gotta get down the trolley and wait till another trolley comes to pick us up which will be an hour wait... So ridiculous... Why can't they just allow a 5 minutes stop at the lookout points???? What's the point of having lookout points but not allowing us to go down for 5 minutes and come back up. What the hell are we going to do at a lookout point that has no other sights nearby to explore for an hour???!!! That's why ended up not going down anywhere except Echo Point.

    *A combination of the Information Centre, Three Sisters and Heritage Plaza*

    We spent about an hour plus lingering around Echo Point and then hopped back onto the trolley and went to Leura town for lunch.

    Settled down at a café/restaurant that sits under a huge tree. The ambience was good but the food was just alright?

    The place.

    Our fooood.

    Walked up the strip of the shops in Leura town on our way to the train station. 

    Some cutesy stuff found in one of the small shops.

    Leura station. 

    And that was it! The end of our Blue Mountain adventure. We spent a fairly short period of time up there and spent most of our time on the train…

    There goes another 2 hours train ride back into the city. This time, in an old and hot and juggly train…. It was baddddd… Everyone managed to catch some sleep but everyone was somewhat cranky after that because of the heat. The bf was sweating like no one’s business and he gets crankyyyyy when he feels hot.

    After two hours, we are back in Sydney CBD. Took this shot of the Central Station's clock tower while waiting for a bus to go home at the bus stop opposite the station. Looks quite nice right this shot?! :P

    Before heading to Hurricanes Grill for our dinner, we just HAD to go home and have a quick shower and change first. By the time we were done with all of that and left the house, we realized that we were gonna be about 10 minutes late for our reservation!

    Hurried our butts and walked as quick as we could to Capitol Square to catch the tram and headed over to Harbourside Shopping Centre. Altho we were a tad bit late, the table was still not ready for us yet. So technically we were early-ish :D

    The usual crowd @ Hurricanes. People will wait up to 2.5 hours just cause they have no reservations.. 

    Waited around 10-15 minutes and were finally seated to our table. This time, they answered my request nicely. We sat outside on the balcony overlooking the harbour. Not that the last time they didn’t, the still gave us a harbour view table but we were seated inside.

    The dusk view from our table! :)

    The classic well known full rack Hurricane's Grill's Ribs!!

    Yeap... we had two BIG main meals each! :D We were so full but it was so satisfying! 

    The night view from our table! :) And I was into the bokeh effect thing hahaha! I think bokehs captures the colours of the lights prettier than they are in a clear shot lo.. :P

    We purposely scheduled Hurricanes on a Saturday night so that we could catch the fireworks! The fireworks are on every Saturday night at 9pm for the whole entire year I think?

    The view of darling harbour and the restaurant we just ate at from where we were standing to watch the fireworks.

    That's the old monorail stop to Darling Harbour that they have now abolished.

    My most favourite shot of all the fireworks shot I took. It forms like a heart!! So pretty!

    It was SO pretty!! And so close! Don’t you guys feel that fireworks are so magical? Feels extra special when you’re watching it with the one you love by your side <3

    After the fireworks, we just walked around the harbor and enjoyed the Christmas decorations and the night life. 

    There were street performers, pretty Christmas night lights everywhere, a tall Christmas tree and packed bars filled with chatters. It was a good night for a walk. It felt like you were breathing in the night life and living it together with the rest of the people.

    Part of the Sydney CBD at night.

    Pitt Street Mall at night. Quiet.

    Our stroll led us from Darling Harbour all the way to Pitt Street Mall. And I quickly app out a bus route to get us home and it happened to be that it was just around the corner of Myers. Even before getting on the bus, I was already announcing that I want me some Gelato Messina. It was super near where we stayed plus I googled and found out it only closes at 11pm. We had ample of time! Of course must have gelato before sleep!! :DDD

    The moment we got off the bus, we walked over to Messina on Crown Street and were greeted by this long queue of people. 

    Then the waitress handed us the menu. We pondered on what to eat while we queued. To our surprise, it took us no time at all to be in the shop, to be served and to get our gelatos. FYI, the queue may look long, but the wait is super duper short! So if you’re around the Surry Hills’ Messina branch, don’t get intimidated by the queue! It WILL be worth queuing!!

    The way I have my gelati is always by having two flavours. One sweet and one sour. That’s always been the way I eat it and I loveeeeeee it!

    I ordered their Blood Orange Sorbet and the Milk Chocolate that has chunks and chunks of peanut butter chocolate fudge!!! OMGGGGGGG SO SO GOOD!! These two flavours were da total bomb!! While the bf ordered their Coconut & Lychee flavour. I am still salivating over the goodness of it! How nice if I do stay 10 minutes away from an awesome gelato joint then I could go and eat every night or whenever I want!!

    Fat die me also its okay. I was too happy! HAHA!

    Holding a cone of gelati in hand while walking back home seems to be way cooler :) hehehehe and we were living that near cause we still had the cone in hand when we got home.

    I don’t know how I stuffed myself with so much food one man… I was literally filled to the brim by the end of the day. HAHAHA I have this bad habit that I’ll always want to eat and try everything and order lots lots and fill myself up completely. Super damn wai sek! :P How to lose weight lah…… *Let’s just continuously put it in every year’s new year resolution and never fulfill it HEHEHEHE :P*

    After all that eating, I showered and there I was, lying in bed with my iPad in hand watching YouTube videos. Before one video could even finish, it ended up watching me sleep already…. Super damn tired lah. Tired until every night I will sleep on my side of the bed and not cuddle the boyfie ): Okla in my defense also.., the room could get quite stuffy so we would rather air ourselves than to be stuck in a cocoon together and sweat like shit hahaa

    But.... I am missing my cuddles with the boyfie. The wrap up together in bed kind while we stream a movie or runningman or watch any sort of downloaded movies.. =/ The days will be back sooooon!

    Day 3,

    Sunday Funday!

    Met up with dear’s cousin sister who lives in Sydney for breakfast/brunch. Left the house at 8 something and was there @ The Grounds of Alexandria at about 9 ish? It’s been awhile since I got out for brunch thaaaaat early man. I am a brunch person but it has to be at 11am or later cause I simply just can’t wake up or more like refuses to wake up. Those who knows me well enough, knows how much I loveeeee my sleep!!! And I sleep till however late possible when I can! BUT if I am on a holiday, it’ll be a different case. Cause the holiday’s day has to start early in order to cram in as much as possible.

    This brunch place is pretty cool leh!

    *Our fooooood!*
    Janelle's banana bread.

    Hong Lee and the boyfriend ordered their breakfast burger.

    And this was mine. Can't remember what it is called but basically it is just a whole platter of everything and you just kinda put everything onto the toast or eat it however way you like.

    And my soy chai with honey :)

    There is like all sorts in here. A restaurant(duhh!), a small little farm and a Sunday farmer’s/flea market going on all at the same time and place.

    But everything was a tad bit on the pricier side.. I did see a bracelet that I wanted but it was like $40 leh.... So nope... all I bought was a cup of Rose Lemonade.


    After brunch, we walked over to the station to catch the train and hopped off at Circular Quay. Walked towards the Opera House whilst taking pictures along the walk being touristy!

    *Circular Quay! The iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge!*
    As usual there is a cruise ship docked at the harbour. But this time, it is freakinggggg huge!!!! It goes all over the world kind of cruise ship leh... To me, if I were to imagine how huge Titanic is, I would think it was that huge lo!

    These are the shell of the Opera House. Tiles.

    Managed to catch all the touristy shots that we wanted and off we walked over to The Rocks Market for some flea shopping. The boys went to the German restaurant and chill while me and Janelle went walking around the market. Only managed to get a pair of fresh water pearl earrings because everything else was so out of our budget. There were lots of pretty things but it comes with a large price tag as well.

    And then we joined the boys at the German restaurant cause I wanted to try their Mango Beer! The boyfie already had a glass of 500ml mango beer prior to us joining them. 

    And I insisted I want one 500ml Mango Beer to myself as well! 

    So the boyfriend ordered a Lemon Beer and we all order a plate of german sausages to share. Everyone was still somewhat full from brunch and just wanted to nibble on something whilst having our drinks.

     Our shared plate of german sausages :)

    The boyfie initially had already doubted me when I insisted of having a 500ml mango beer to myself and offered to share with me but I said no! :P So... that was why he went on to ordering another one for himself. And then…., it turns out I couldn’t finish mine… :D And he was like “I told you already right.. Think I don’t know you meh…. See lah now you’re making me drink 1.2 litres of beer in one afternoon…!” And I went, HEHEHEHEHEHEHE :D I do what I always do, say HEHE and give him a :D whenever I know I am wrong and he is right. HAHAHA!

    My red face after about 300ml of beer :P 

    After our drinks at The Rocks, we went walking around the harbour and took more pictures.

    The super huge ass cruise ship! I feel so molecularly tiny next to it.

    The harbour bridge.

    The Sydney Opera House shot from the other side of the quay.

    A cool street performer! But I totally salute him for doing what he does in such a crazy blazingly hot sun.

    Then after all that walking and pictures under the glaringly hot sun, we went on the ferry and headed over to Manly. Our MyMulti 3 ticket included unlimited ferry rides too! So of course have to utilize it completely la right...

    *Pictures taken on and from the ferry*
    The different angle of the Opera House.

    Clearly my red face is still red from the beer earlier.

    Photobombed by the couple who is carrying some wine is their hands and do seem very happy hahah!

    We left Sydney CBD behind us.

    And started approaching Manly..

    After about 30 minutes on the ferry, we finally got there!

    It was a very weird weather day. I remember having the sun blazing and glaringly hot but it was also super duper windy. And it was like cold chilly wind so if you’re under the shade and out in the wind, you’ll feel cold.

    Of all the days, it had to be the day that I wore a skater skirt for it to be so windy…. -.- Half of the time I am clinging onto my skirt more than anything else. Not a very fun thing to do..

    First thing we did once we arrived was searching high and low for Ben and Jerry’s. I was the only one that wanted to eat and I was sure that there is an outlet in Manly so of course I had to! I just can't say no to good ice creams especially in such hot weather.. Plus it's B&J lah please!! One of my favourites!!

    Ice cream time! The air was so hot that the ice cream started melting away almost instantly..

    Then after that was just chilling on the sidewalks of the beach till it was time for dinner.

    Manly Beach :)

    We went for Chat Thai in Manly for dinner! Whenever I am in Sydney, it is like A MUST to eat @ Chat Thai! It is just simply one of my most favourites Thai restaurant ever!

    *Our Food*
    Som Tum. aka Papaya Salad.

    Green Curry Chicken.

    Kangkung Belacan.

    Beef Panang Curry.

    Soft Shell Crab in Yellow Curry Sauce. This was gooood!

    It was a very very yummy dinner! 

    After dinner, we hopped back onto the ferry and headed back to Circular Quay. I wanted to catch a shot of and with the Opera House at sun down.

    Some shots just before we went into the departure terminal.

    *The journey back to Circular Quay from Manly*
    The dusk orange is just so prettily reflected on everything!

    *Other shots along Circular Quay at sun down*
    The moon is clearly visible already!

    Not just only the shots of the quay at sun down, but I also wanted Janelle and Hong Lee to see the night lights of the city sooooo we stayed at Circular Quay till after 8pm. Because it's summer and the sky only gets dark completely around 820 830pm. What did we do while waiting? Stoned. Hahahah!

    We should have went up on the pillars that holds the Harbour Bridge. I didn’t know we could go up and I wasn’t sure where to go up from….. I only found out about how to after I got back from the trip.. FML -.-

    *Lingered around outside the Circular Quay train station for awhile*
    Bokehs of the Christmas Tree just outside!

    Anyways what we did was around 830pm, we hopped on a ferry that is en route to Darling Harbour. That way, they could see the night lights and enjoy the night ferry and it’s fresh breeze.

    While waiting for our ferry to arrive.

    It's here!

    And we sat right at the front! Unlimited full screen high definition view baby!

    *Taken whilst on the ferry*

    The night view is breathtaking. And the pictures I took on a moving ferry doesn’t do it justice at all..

    We hopped off at Pyrmont Bay Wharf and then took the light rail/tram to Capitol Square. 

    Was greeted by this sign the moment we got off the tram. It was placed in front of a bar.

    And the pretty christmas deco-ed tree we stumbled upon in World Square while looking for our supper.

    With the thoughts of having Din Tai Fung’s lau sar bao for supper but by the time we got there, they were already closed. So…. we went on the bus and headed back to our place.

    But but, we went on with gelato!!! Messina again!

    As usual the double scoop is mine :) Salted coconut with mango salsa and, yogurt and berry :D And the bf's is pandan and coconut. So awesomeeee!

    Called it a night after that. With a very happy and satisfied tummy but with very sore legs..

    Day 4,

    And it’s our last day... ):

    Slept in because we were only meeting the house owner at 11 in the morning. Handed him the keys and he was kind enough to still let us keep our luggage at his place. Initially our plan was to hire lockers to keep our luggage while we went out sightseeing cause our flight back to Melbourne is at 6 something in the evening. Since he offered, it saved us a whole lot on the locker hiring! Thanks Micky!

    After settling all of that, we immediately headed for breakfast. It was @ Bills!

    Janelle's corn fritters.

    HL and dear's Big Breakkie.

    And my zucchini fritters with a deep fried egg, haloumi cheese, parsley salad, tahini yogurt and pickled cucumber.

    Brunches at Bills is good but a tad bit too pricey lor.. The portions aren’t huge but you spend more than $20 a plate… Which normally in Melbourne you pay at most $19.. Anyways it was still good lah just the price is not that good..

    Then we headed on towards Bondi Beach. Hopped on a bus on Oxford Street and off we went to Bondi!

    *Bondi Beach*

    It was just sinfully gooood!

    But honestly, there isn’t much to do there lor… All you do is walk on the beach for like 20 minutes max and then go and get Fried Mars Bar and that’s it. Done for the day. A journey of over an hour to and fro was done explored in 30 minutes. So not worth it... But maybe the for the fried mars bar, it was worth it? :D

    We should have went to Black Star Pastry for the watermelon cake than going to Bondi Beach. I thought that since the two haven’t been to Sydney, they should go and check out Bondi Beach lor.. And because of our trip to Bondi, we have totally and completely forgotten about the watermelon cake! Nooooooo! T.T And so, we completely neglected the watermelon cake and only realised we did when we were on the cab to the airport... ): So long to the never tried but heard so much watermelon cake....! ): I will try you someday! For sure!

    And after Bondi, the bus we took leads us straight to Hyde Park sooo.. that was our next stop!

    *Hyde Park*
    I just loveeeeeee this arc trees formation! It never fails to aweee me everytime I am there... It's so Central Park like! Altho.. I have never been to Central Park but I've seen enough from pictures :P

    The somewhat mediumly big bird that eat's crap? Literally. They eat out of garbage cans..

    Some war memorial thingy..

    After all that park exploring, we walked over to World Square for some Din Tai Fung lau sar bao!

    The bull in World Square. Which also resembles the Wall Street bull in NY.

    But before getting those baos, I went to the post office and mailed a postcard back to Malaysia for my mum. It's now a thing for her that wherever she goes, she always mails out postcards. So I thought I'll do the same too :D

    The DTF lau sar baos! 3 for $6 I believe they were..

    Look at that oozie goodie inside!! SO YUMSSS! It is making my stomach growl right now.... ): Anything salted egg yolk related is most likely my favourite!

    After eating that, we went on for more eating. Arguably, it was initially with the thought of just going over there for dessert. But dessert turned into a kind of big meal because I just can't say no to such awesome food that you could ONLY find in Sydney. HAVE TO EAT LAH RIGHT!! Last meal before flying back to Melbourne already ma....!

    It was Chat Thai of course!!!! They do THE BEST thai desserts I have ever had! EVER! Even compared to the ones I've had in Thailand..

    This was Janelle and HL's dessert. Which is normal.

    *And below was our supposed "dessert session" but turned out into this big feast*
    Lodt Shong Singapore. We always always order this drink whenever we are at Chat Thai. It is so so so good! Basically just coconut milk with some stringy dumplings and jackfruits! Simple but so tasty!!

    Tup Tim Grob or better known as red ruby. It was just so awesome as well!!!! It is water chesnut balls coated in red tapioca flour and in a bowl of coconut milk. Just so so so good!

    Those two, the drink and the bowl of red ruby was suppose to be our dessert but then we went on and started ordering all of the below.. HAHA!
    Some sweet cake thingy that was recommended by the waitress. But boy is was sweeeeeet!! Too sweet to my liking.

    And then we saw their lunch menu and was like I wanna eat that! And so the bf was like, 'ok I'll order it then.' Fried kuey teow with minced chicken but in those godly awesome thai flavours! So good!

    And then we ordered one skewer each just to try it out. Was good too!

    Then I also spotted some $5 noodles on the menu. Its just a small bowl of one of their best selling noodles. But even they claimed it was a mini size bowl, it was enough for me! And it tasted so so so good! THE BEST THAI NOODLES I HAVE HAD IN MY LIFE!! It is the Sukho Thai Noodles Soup :) spicy thin rice noodles with fish dumplings and minced chicken with peanuts and dried shrimps. SO SO HEAVENLY GOOD! I really want to eat this again man....!

    And that was out feast @ Chat Thai! It was well worth it tho! Eventho I was stuffed to the brim.. Chat Thai is hands down my most favourite Thai restaurant EVERRR!!

    After all that eating, we hopped onto a bus and went back to collect our luggages and freshen up before heading out to the airport. Then, we managed to catch a taxi just right outside where we lived which was nice. And then off we went to the airport... ): And that was also when I realised we forgot about the watermelon cake... T.T So saddd.... ))):

    At the departure lounge area. 

    Goodbye Sydney! Thanks for the nice food! :)))

    And that was it! My 3rd Sydney trip!

    OMG it has happened exactly 3 months ago and I am only doing this now... HEHE I guess better late than never eh?

    I hope you guys managed to survive reading until this point. It is seriously so length.....! I think it is the post with the most pictures ever ever already! And I hope you guys enjoyed reading it :D

    I sure did miss blogging! Hopefully, I'll get to it more often.. I still have so much to write about places I've been to in Malaysia and the things I've done but not sure when will they be up or will they ever be up .. I'll try my best alright? *If you guys don't mind some backlogs.. HEHE

    That's all for now!

    Goodnight y'all!

    Lots of love,

    Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier on UrbanspoonGumshara Ramen on UrbanspoonBourke Street Bakery on UrbanspoonCafe Bon Ton on UrbanspoonHurricane's Grill on UrbanspoonGelato Messina Surry Hills on UrbanspoonThe Grounds of Alexandria on UrbanspoonLowenbrau Keller on UrbanspoonChat Thai Manly Wharf on UrbanspoonBills on UrbanspoonBondi Surf Seafoods on UrbanspoonDin Tai Fung on UrbanspoonChat Thai Haymarket on Urbanspoon

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