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  1. yay! holiday time! ((((;

    Wednesday, March 31, 2010

    hey guys!

    yesterday i was too tired to blog at first. i fell asleep halfway watching grey's anatomy. so that pretty much explains how tired i was.

    but when i finally went upstairs and lie on the bed wanting to sleep, i remembered i haven't touch my assignment which is due today. HAHA! i know very last minute. sorry mi! (((: in case if you read so detailed. :D

    thank god it was just like calculations and only 5 questions. was done by 12 am. then i couldn't sleep already so i watched somemore grey's anatomy until i got tired.

    okayy... short recap on yesterday.

    went to uni to meet up with nina to study for programming test that happened today. talked alot then studied then went to lunch.

    she brought me to grill'd cause there is like a special on mondays and tuesdays for students where if you buy a burger you get a bottle of drink for free.

    i don't know whether does it apply to that particular branch or everywhere else.

    my simply grill'd with cheese. $8.90.

    but so worth the price! i loveeeeee it!! seriously damn niceeee. :DDD and i got a bottle of schweppes. white grape and passionfruit. niceee too!

    i'll definitely be back to try the other burgers!

    studied till about 5 pm then i left for home. nina is very nice. (: and somewhat cute. ahaha! we talked like damn alot.

    came home and did the usuals.

    today, i was woken up by some weird sounds coming from outside the house. open my blinds and i saw this big hot air balloon.

    suddenly out of no where. got two somemore. one at the other side.

    by the way, that's the essendon airport so yea i guess thats the only place they could land considering this airport isn't for commercial purpose. only for private jets or emergency planes or helicopters.

    went to uni and sat for my programming test which i got 3.4 out of 5 marks. okla not too bad la.

    was at uni till 4.30 pm then got back by 5.30 pm. suprisingly the train i took today no delay. really suprising. (:

    got home and slept for a while then went downstairs to eat dinner then just sat infront of the tv watching so you think you can dance australia. ((((:

    i loveeee the show. makes me wanna go learn dancing too! HAHA!

    tomorrow is the start of my easter holidays!!! yay! i can sleep till god knows what time and don't have to worry about uni work. :DDDD

    i shall wash my clothes, clean my room and watch more grey's anatomy tomorrow.

    i am almost half way through season 5. (((:

    k laaa.. ciao dulu. nights ya'll!

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Love Will Tear Us Apart - Fall Out Boys

  2. i still want you. $

    Monday, March 29, 2010

    my 700th post. ((((:

    i've came a long way in the blogging environment. it has been almost 2 years i think? in july it is 2 years. oklaaa.. 3 months plus to 2 years.

    went to uni at 11 pm today. my lecture was cancelled so i got to sleep later. :DDD

    my first rainbow in melbourne!

    was greeted by a dark gloomy and wet morning but i saw a rainbow! oh so cool! colours are always very pretty.

    in the bus. and that's the house i like. somehow i just like it. :D

    and uni was boring as usual. tomorrow is suppose to be my day off but i have to go back and study for my programming test with nina. )))): luckily test then i am done till easter break!

    got home and had scotch fillet for dinner. oh damn nice! i really enjoyed that piece of steak and with the ikea meatballs gravy. yummmmmm!!

    then watched the mentalist and supernatural on tv. i loveee the winchester boys! they are so funny and hot at the same time. :DDD

    was talking to celine and planning our barbeque. it will be on saturday! and we were talking about what to buy and cook and what to eat for breakfast the next day already.

    we will be staying over a night at her place. (((((: oh sounds so fun. can't wait!

    then going st kilda on sunday to check out their flea market. ((((: i haven't been to the flea market in ages. and then prolly go for fish and chips. :D

    i just finished skyping with my cousin in raub for like 2 hours? and it is already 1.05 am. i should prolly go to bed soon.

    i still have one more episode to wrap up season 4 of grey's anatomy. hmmm... might watch first then sleep.

    k laaaa... niteeeee!

    much love,

    music addiction : Someday - Bryan Greenberg

  3. i woke up at 3 pm today. that is so late! i slept at 3 something in the morning and woke up almost 12 hours later.

    i love my sleep. enough said.

    sometimes i just wanna stay at home and see nobody. i don't know if any of you ever get such feelings but i do. i just wanna be left alone and see no one and hear no one and talk to no one. :D

    watched a couple of grey's anatomy episode on the 40 inch led tv. ((((: damn syiok! btw, i am like halfway through season 4 already. i am picking up the pace so i shall be left alone only with my uni stuff rather than both.

    did a bit of my programming assignment. and then stopped and ate dinner with aunty doris. watched an old episode of bones and a bit of castle and i came up.

    fidling around with twitter cause i just signed up! with the purpose and following a few celebs which i loveeeee! matt lanter.... chace crawford... jensen ackles.... *loves* not only guys la that i am following. girls too. (:

    reading what they personally wrote themselves are the closet thing i could ever get to.

    notice the pink flowery stuff on the top. (:

    did something to my firefox as well. i like the persona i am having now. cuteeee! but don't have a blue one. ): and i know i am a bit late at using this now. :D

    and painted my nails black and white. :D

    mum called me a while ago and had me talking to her friend's daughter which is only five years old and sounded older than that.

    and that sorta canadian accent she had was just i don't know.. i rarely hear it on a five year old. and she sounded so cute.

    i think i should catch up on my work now and make room for grey's anatomy before i sleep. soooo... good night!

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Gavin Degraw - Just Friends

    i am not ready to let go the thought yet.
    so i shall continue.
    and still so hot!

  4. today is pretty good. i woke up at 11 am and got out of the house at 12.20 pm. met up with cherly and jia shen and yao yun at melbourne central then went makan at chinatown.

    this small little shop in chinatown. but the food was not bad. good price though. $9 with drinks. consider good already okay? cause got drinks.

    then went to vic market and see loong buy groceries. and just stood there and chit chat while loong went to buy somemore groceries.

    after vic market was to pancake parlour on bourke street.

    our usuals. short stacks. (((:

    and complimentary cheese pancake which doesn't taste like pancake but i so loved it! :D

    we just sat at pancake parlour for quite a while and talked about everything. especially high school. i really really miss high school. nothing beats my memories in high school. nothing at all.

    friends especially. i wish i could be young again and go back to school and wish everyone else was young again too.

    last time in school i used to want so badly to go to college but after leaving school, school life was THE BEST! right at the top best.

    i regret i did not do anything minorly offensive in school last time. just that once of playing cards and got charity work to clean the dewan bitara. oh that was fun! i can still laugh my ass off thinking of what happen that day.

    talking about the good old days makes me really really miss it. like seriously miss it. ))):

    got home and ate dinner with my aunty and watched The Blind Side.

    i like it. it is nice. (((:

    it meant a lot that show. and it is that kind of show that will make me have my eyes glued to it and just wanna keep on watching. and i don't know why.

    now i am chatting with steph about cute guys.

    HAHA. don't give that weird stare. we are best friends and best friends talks about hot guys! and all this while guys i think who is hot, she does too. we have the same taste girlfriend!

    and i just told her something that sounded weird but i really really meant it.

    :DDDD our little secret.

    i am having a crush and stalking the same guy. no doubt i am here and all but i am stalking his facebook. HAHA! can't blame me, i've never got this close to him. and facebook is close enough.

    although i have seen him in person and stood a few metres away from him. but still....

    hot hot hot! *loves*

    i think the last time i had major crush on a guy was like in form 1 or form 2.

    and i so regretted going to the toilet when i was working for that 5 minutes and missed out the 2 minutes of chance of seeing him and prolly say hi!

    why laaaaaaaa.........

    i am now feeling like a 13 year old having a major huge crush! oh so hot!!! :D

    HAHA! but so worth the happiness i am having.

    and i missed out on earth hour today. i wanted to see like how it is everywhere and all but i just totally forgot about it.

    and i didn't participate. alaa no fun.

    aaaa.... really lo. really really lo. i have been saying that in my mind since battleground and now i am saying out loud. hot! even hotter when he dance. oh god!

    much loveeee,

    music addiction : Beautiful Blue - Holly Mcnarland

    liking someone is no fun at all.
    i shall have more crushes then. :DDDD

  5. hmmmm... uni today was as usual. oh and i forgot to mention, i teamed up with the cute vietnamese guy that i mentioned in my professional skills tutorial yesterday for some group work. turned out, he is more aussie than vietnamese. (:

    reached home at about 5 pm i think then i was watching 90210 and gossip girl's new episodes and the start of season 4 of grey's anatomy.

    and... julian cooked dinner and dinner was only me and him. VERY RARE tau! really very rare. plus dinner wasn't awkward i think? i talked more than usual and he talked but not as much as i did. don't know what has got into me for talking so much. hmmm..?

    just got off skype with my mum and cousin for an hour plus abit. and after posting this post, i am gonna watch the new episode of vampire diaries then continue with grey's anatomy.

    oh and i am so loving the stalking thing. okla it sounds scary or whatever but i think it is the most fun i've had in the week. it is like my highlight of the week kinda thing.

    really really VERY hot! or maybe i am just overwhelmed. but still hot. :DDDDD

    okla. byeee!

    with lots and lots of love,

    music addiction : Coffee and Cigarettes - Michelle Featherstone

  6. first and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY sei fei lin! oh i mean OOI FERNG LIN!

    this was potentially supposed to be a nice picture of us, but what the hell am i doing? nice background, clear water and i wasn't ready and made me look like some lala trying to stick my tongue out on purpose. ishhh!

    but anyhows, thats the birthday boy. 20 years old already lo.

    i called him in the afternoon and him not knowing who i am. and apparently the number that appears on a malaysian mobile of whoever i call, i'll be appeared as a 019 number? weird...

    soo today nothing much. uni then home then sleeping time then dinner then tv. daily routine la. nothing special.

    and i don't know what to buy for ferns... hmmm... i shall have a good think about it since i am not gonna be back till june. if not, i'll treat him some good food when i get back to malaysia and force him to drive. hehe!

    oh i so love interior designing. i am picturing what house i'll get and what i'll do to it already. i want to paint a wall mural. (((: i want to decorate it till it looks so me.

    and i love holidays. i love to go to the beach and just admire the sceneries. was watching getaway just now and OMG the places are all so beautiful.

    and i love the hotels. ughh so nice. can my life be fast forwarded till i am earning tonnes of money and just go for holidays? pweeese? :D

    damn, eventhough i haven't been talking to you for quite a while, it still feels good hearing what you just told me. although i know it is more likely to just be a conversation that ends there.

    okla. good night!

    i am in love with my grey's anatomy series marathon and i'll now continue being in love with it. (((((:

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Looking For Love - Michelle Featherstone

  7. this time, i wanna cry it all out.

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    i had a dream just now went i was sleeping in the evening. it wasn't happy. it was sad i think? i don't even remember what is it about. but i want that feeling again.

    i want to pour it all out. sigh....

    uni today was not bad. i am having an "appointment" with nina next tuesday to study for our programming test on wednesday.

    i am feeling good about this sem. it is like i do talk to people. like whenever i see a few people, i would stop by and talk for a while. i never had that last sem. and this makes me happy this sem. (:

    was watching so you think you can dance australia just now.

    i have 4 favourites now.

    ivy, jessie h., phillipe and robbie.

    they are so great. and phillipe is hot! plus he dances so well. but too bad renee was out last week. i liked her too. ):

    oh and there is also another cute boy, nick. but... dance wise, i still prefer the four on the top.

    so far my life at this point or i would say this week, it is all about uni and tv shows. thats all. i haven't been seeing any of them since last saturday. and hopefully this saturday i shall.

    i am getting pretty isolated by my own moods. don't wanna affect others. i remember who i used to be, and it was horrible.

    so i'd rather not be seen. :D

    oklaaa. i wanna do some work then maybe watch an episode or two of grey's. bye ya'll!

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : The Scientist - Coldplay

  8. i miss my friend. one in particular. i almost forgot how he used to look like when he is looking so happy. i almost forgot how did it feel like seating beside him in a car and rambling all sorts of words over girls that he likes.

    i think i used to be a horrible friend or maybe still am. but i still miss him. but thank god, i didn't forget my ride to the airport. and i'll never forget the sound that comes out from his BM.

    i just miss my friend.

    i was home the whole day. doing work and watching grey's anatomy and streaming american idol.

    and i was watching grey's anatomy and private practice on tv just now. eventhough i am only at season 3 episode 18, i am watching season 6 on tv.

    i know it is weird.

    i am having all sorts of weird caught up thoughts in mind. happy, sad, angry, annoyed thoughts all together.

    but i think i meant what i thought about when i said in my mind that you were dead to me. i hope i mean it. i am sick of all your crap and might as well just be dead to me.

    i don't hate you anymore. i just want you to get the hell out of my life. i seriously seriously, never ever will need you anymore. since you already left, just leave permanently and don't ever come back.


    okay i need something to put me back on track to be the shereena i've always had been. hmmm....

    ok... oh so there is a few hot and sexy guys in grey's anatomy. oh and some hot girls.

    so there is patrick dempsey which is sexy! and coupled up with ellen pompeo which i think she is not bad.

    eric dane and kate walsh. eric dane is hot! seriously in the show, i so think he is. and i really like kate walsh. i think she is very pretty.

    justin chambers which i also think he is hot! and cute together with kate walsh. overall, among all the girls, i like kate walsh. (:

    yes, girls pictures in my blog. big deal.

    tv shows is keeping me sane at the moment. and i have no idea why am i not feeling sane. i really don't. i am not saying this cause i don't want people to know, but i really don't know why myself.

    i guess i don't think i need a reason to it.

    okay good bye.


  9. i feel like yelling at someone. harsh and just blab the shit out and walk away and never had to talk to that person again.

    no one in particular but hopefully some stranger which i won't have to have any connection to.

    i not feeling quite like myself at this moment apart from being the usual self that watches tv shows and downloading them as well.

    other than that, no. i don't see myself anywhere.

  10. just finished skyping with my family back home for almost two hours. it is nice seeing everyone doing fine and i so can't wait for may yen jie and tai yi to come in may together with mum!

    i really am looking forward to it. especially mum. i really do miss her alot. but thank god aunty doris is here and she's like a mum to me now. i am feeling very blessed having her to have me staying here with her.

    i'll clear the air up first, i might not see much of my friends when my mum and cousin and aunt visits here in may. i mean i'll still be out but won't be for like lunch and dinner. prolly just lunch.

    mum and my other cousin, fei zhai and oh lou and ah yi and uncle lee and grandma and joyce all went up to genting last night.

    aww man, when i am home, no one goes up to genting. well they still do but not my mum and i don't get to go along.

    but good news though, everyone took back quite some amount of money. hope it benefits me! HAHA!

    yay! now i am gonna have 50 gb a month of internet usage rather than 30gb. yay! and i now have to only pay $40 to julz every month.

    thats so nice. i can like download non stop! oh so fun!

    i just finished season 2 of grey's anatomy. moving up to season 3 in a while. (((((: i love the show lo! i love shows like that.

    i watch most of the shows but not everything. i don't like heroes, i don't like prison break, i am not into sit coms or whatever sort of half an hour comedy series, not like i don't watch but just not into it. i don't like desperate housewives or any shows that are similar. like cougar town? ughh!

    oklaaa i've got to go. back to my movie marathon then sleep then attend a whole day of lecture tomorrow from 10.30 am till 5.30 pm. so darn long....


    lots of love,


    still so hot. still glued to. still so cute. and i am still having those heart thumping moments for you. really, i don't know why but i still do. i actually wrote something worse, but i deleted it off. don't think it is very appropriate to be read.


    yea yea jia shen i know what you'll tell me.....

  11. currently listening to Fox fm on my mac. cause apparently with iinet, which is the service provider i am with for my internet, you get free radio streaming.

    even though i do have a radio in my room, i never used it. all i use it for is the huge red display of time.

    i was too lazy to blog yesterday. and i went to sleep quite early too. i was watching you, me, and dupree on tv last night.

    aww... this show. wayy back in form 4 and had some memories tied to it. good ones that when i think back on in a few years, i still would have think that it was some fun times back then. although, it ended up pretty bad la. but still...

    i was out yesterday almost the whole day. left the house at 12.20 pm and reached home at 9.20 pm.

    first stop yesterday was melbourne central to meet up with cherly then went to rose garden for food. i was like craving for their spicy chicken ribs on rice. nola in general i was just craving for rose garden's food.

    had lunch together with cherly, jia shen, sheng loong and loong's friend.

    sat there for quite long though. then went to vic market cause loong needs to buy groceries. then went over to loong's place at unilodge.

    so much better than the before one that he stayed lo. this place almost look like a hotel suite. nola. like a service apartment. nice floors, nice toilet, air cond in all rooms. looks damn nice lo.

    after that went searching for wei nian's apartment cause cherly wanted to pass him some stuff. then to melbourne central cause we had to take a train to camberwell cause our dinner was at Sofia again. (:

    celine was meeting us there and jia wei and iris came too.

    seafood pollo and char grilled chicken salad.

    pollo is chicken in italian? i think. it was nice le. it is a piece of chicken breast but didn't taste like chicken breast. it wasn't dry at all. i love it! there was like a layer of cheese and then seafood on top. niceee! yummy!

    as usual our pasta mista. i so love their risotto!!

    this time had dessert. gelati! i like the chocolate, hazelnut, lemon and orange.

    all of that cost me $13.60 for dinner. not bad eh? after sofia was home. jia shen and cherly went back with jia wei and iris. me and celine walked to the station. celine left to box hill, i went back out to the city.

    stopped at flinders and had to switch train. waited at flinders for 20 minutes.

    i've always love cities. i don't know if i like to stay in one cause i never tried. but i love the atmosphere the lightings at night are so pretty. i can walk along the city street by myself and still enjoy it.

    oh and especially here in melbourne, i love to walk along southbank. i love it when it is broad daylight and i love it even more at night!

    people who knows me well enough, knows i love driving in kl at night and just for the lightings. i am so doing it when i get back to malaysia.

    i don't mind driving alone at night in kl and pass by klcc and zouk and this second hand car shop that has a red tt displayed there and then pass by kl tower just for their lightings, the partly quiet road, the people walking along the sidewalks. reminding about it makes me wanna jump in a car and get there.

    i wanted to do it so long ago. this time, i definitely will when i get back to malaysia!

    took the 8.40 pm train back to essendon. then the 9.05 pm bus back to home.

    came home greeted by no one. everyone else was out. julz was at work and aunty doris was out for meeting.

    turn on the huge led tv and watched the ending of RV and half of you me and dupree.

    i mistaken yesterday to be sunday thats why i was saying about watching bones. bones is tonight! yay! it will keep me entertain.

    it makes me laugh so hard. i love it!

    now i am gonna transfer some episodes of grey's anatomy and watch it on the 40 inch led tv. provided if the dvd player is connected to it. hmmm...

    okla. and off to my brunch. bye!

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Cry - Kelly Clarkson

  12. as if i don't already know.

    Friday, March 19, 2010

    i was in a moment of happiness then now i am brought down to the lowest i could possibly feel.

    i am already trying. may not be as hard as i can but i am getting there. you think i don't know how much it cost? i know better than anyone else. you think i wanted it? of course not. but i can't change what i have done, i can only change whats coming.

    ughhhh this shouldn't get to me. but it is starting to kick in real fast. ):


    mind that little rant. i need to get it out of me. it isn't fully out yet, but i felt a little lighter.

    sooo... today, just went to dfo cause i am suppose to take cherly there and go see billabong sales. i know i shouldn't but screw it.

    then went to moonee ponds to refund her barret or beanie whatever that thing is called.

    after that went down to the city to meet up with jia shen and had two cones of lord of the fries to munch.

    ate it at QV. sat there and talked and look at birds feeding off our leftover fries.

    then lepak a while and walked back to melbourne central. and there was some thing going on i think.

    those are police officers on horses with shields on their heads. pretty rare. i've never seen such thing. wonder what was going on. hmmm...

    then i was off for home. they were still there apparently for dinner. and i was home at about 6 something.

    came back and saw a hugeeee tv in the living room. a 40 inch led tv. damn nice man. ((((:

    i know can't really see. but as long as it is hugee!

    super huge lo. sorry la, mind the jakun-ness, i never actually had such a huge tv before ma. not that this is mine also but still... and it is so damn clear! like really VERY clear!

    ohhhh bones tomorrow on huge and clear led tv. damn syiok lo! must be back to watch bones. MUST!

    just finished skyping with mum. and off to shower now. so ciao!


  13. i never properly thought about this.

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    today uni was not bad. (: nothing much happened anyways.

    ummmm... i am now at episode 19 of grey's anatomy season 2. thats not considered fast at all. i can go even faster just that i am having uni and all so i can't really keep up to the pace i used to have.

    i was over at essendon dfo today cause billabong had this sample sale thing so i went after class. as usual, i won't come back empty handed if the stuffs are like $5. $5 okay for billabong things. of course la i got buy.


    i saved a bit this month and now i already spent it. so much for saving huh. everything else is $5 except the jacket. the jacket cost me $20.

    i don't buy expensive things but once i buy, i buy a few. so it is like a whole sum gone kinda thing.

    and tomorrow i am suppose to bring cherly there after my class. ahaha! tell me laa... how can she miss out a sale. hehe!

    when my mum comes in may, she might be suprise by some extra items in my closet. i will tell her about this when i get hold onto her on skype. (:

    in case if you read mum, i love you!

    oklaaa... i am off to some grey's anatomy as i slept like 2 and half hours just now, i can sleep 2 and a half hours later tonight.


    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : The Wreckers - The Good Kind

  14. its meeeee.... ;D

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    you have no idea how much i want to feel.
    so much until i hide inside like a hermit.
    and it is so tiring and painful.
    i want it so badly.

    had uni today. it was alright. made friends with this girl in programming lab cause she was sitting next to me and i sorta can tell she wasn't sure of what she was doing.

    cause i was once like that too. her name is nina from south america. she's nice. she said i was good at this programming thing. i simply already did what we were suppose to do today, last semester.

    i should say, i am doing it for the freaking second time, i HAVE to be good if not i'll be dead.

    sorta help her a little bit cause i know how hard is it not knowing what you are doing and have no one to help you or ask help from. since i knew abit of it, might as well give a helping hand.

    and my help was appreciated at the end. (: i feel so good over programming for the first time.

    i know how to do my assignment and i helped someone out. :DDDD

    but, maths tutorial was horrible. like literally horrible. the whole class displayed lost faces on their face. everyone didn't get it. the tutor is not good at expressing what he is good at.

    and i think the main problem is also he doesn't communicate well in english and i think a lot of them struggle with that. and i am struggling with his hand writing. my god, do all PHD people have to write like that?

    okay not all, but most.

    maths 2 is gonna come up as a disaster unit on my list now. i have to get back on track. ):

    met jia shen after class at richmond station to pass him cherly's book. but it was just like for a minute cause i was in a hurry to catch the train. sorry and thanks my dear!

    i already said that i am hooked onto grey's anatomy right? i seriously am. i slept at 3.45 am watching it after doing my assignment. yea i know i am crazy.

    came home after class watching for like 45 minutes and i couldn't stand it but to catch an hour of sleep before dinner. which i did.

    watched so you think you can dance just now. and i love them. their dance and movements and chemistry is making me wanna get to a dance studio, and get some dance lessons. which i know i awfully terrible at. (:

    oh and cherly was asking me how to cook pasta. ahah! i know right, asking me for help. i don't think it'll do any good. i wonder how it went?

    okla. i need to do some journal entries and hand it up tomorrow. i've been blogging 688 blog posts, i think two reflective journal entries won't get to me.


    byee yo!


    music addiction : Taylor Swift -Today Was a Fairytale

  15. oh gone laaaa... i've been watching so much of grey's anatomy. i watched till 2 am this morning when cherly was already asleep on the bed since like 11 pm. ahaha!

    went to airport west this morning. and got mum's birthday present. i know she'll love it. (((: then after airport west was dfo essendon.

    i bought a scarf from billabong for only $7. (: niceee. blueeee.. and cherly bought one too.

    then after that went to moonee ponds for a while cause cherly wanted to buy some supplements and stuff like that. then was off to home.

    she followed me home and left at about 5.40 pm? she left by herself okay. it is considered an achievement. (:

    had dinner and i slept from like 7 pm till 9 pm. no one was home and i was suppose to watch my kitchen rules but i ended having it watching me sleep. (:

    woke up watched season 6 of grey's anatomy and now i am upstairs.

    i am supposed to do my assignment which is due tomorrow, right now. so yeaaa.. i haven't even start a bit. yea i know.... it is to the very last minute.

    i should probably go now.


    byeee then!

    oh and that aim of losing weight is back. ahaha! well not that it ever went off but i went off my track. aahhahaa! i shall TRY to get back on track. ughhh it is just so so hard. i love my food! )))): sien.

    oh an lastly, i did something bad today. so not good. but this is just a remark for me to reflect in the future. haha! ok bye.

    with love,

  16. i am stuck to it. ((((;

    Monday, March 15, 2010

    i am now officially hooked onto grey's anatomy. i watched till like 2.30 in the morning this morning and i watched it during my journey to uni and in uni. ((((:

    met up with jia shen and cherly after class and had a drink at QV and just sat there and chit chat. (:

    then caught a train back to my place. only me and cherly though. tonight she's staying over at my place cause tomorrow we wanna go buy some stuff.

    i cooked some pasta for dinner just now. oooo i love it. eventhough it is with some leftover stuff which are already cooked, i still loved what turned out. yummy!

    hehe. not bad ahhh....

    oklaaa.. i am off to somemore grey! ehehe! i am hooked.

    so this post is just gonna be short and sweet and simple. HAHA! byee lo!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

  17. umm whatcha say? i so love you!

    Sunday, March 14, 2010


    today was pretty normal. i feel fat now eating so much today. seriously lo makan damn alot but very nice also lo... i'll get to what i eat in a while. (((:

    woke up at about 11 am wanting to get up and wash the remaining of my clothes and take a bus out to dfo essendon but aunty doris was home so she sorta say that we will go together so i didn't have to take the bus.

    and that was good news. i was hoping for her to be home anyways so i didn't have to go there all by myself. :DDD

    we only left the house about 1 something and before leaving i was eating lunch, washing and cleaning my toilet and watched an episode of grey's anatomy.

    oh now i am hooked to it! i am planning to blog finish this post and get to one episode then go to bed cause got uni tomorrow. hehe!

    soo went to dfo and bought three pairs of shorts for my cousin which was $10 each. and i bought a pair of shorts and top for myself for $5 each for myself from cotton on. (:

    it is sorta a cheap brand in australia, but i don't care. i kinda like their stuffs. ((((:

    came home and fried some "nin kou" or kuih bakul. but i have no idea what is it called in english. you know that brown soft like cake thingy that only has during chinese new year? i hope you guys know what that is.

    fried it and sandwiched it with two pieces of yam. oh so nice! i miss this so much!!

    it was so yummy till i had like what 6 pieces? and i fried one okay! hehee...

    then went upstairs with a few on a plate and a cup of water and skyped with mum then watched another episode of grey's anatomy. (:

    had two pieces of t-bone steak for dinner. aunty doris and julian both only had one piece and i had two! ate with some mushrooms and salad.

    then after dinner i makan somemore of the fried stuff. what not feeling fat la now.... haha!

    after that watched bones. i love it la as usual! suprisingly i am loving it so much. (((((:

    then skyped with uncle felix for like two hours. i am tired but still wanna watch grey's anatomy. hehee!

    oklaaa.. off to one episode then i have to go to bed already. got class tomorrow... )))):


    with love,

  18. hello hello!

    oh today was so fun! really....

    started of with meeting up with celine and cherly in melbourne central then went over to don don for lunch. cause me and celine was like starving.

    i had the teriyaki don which is only for $6.40.

    and celine had their soba salad which i don't know how much is it.

    then audrey came and join us. after makan, we left to bourke street to take tram to go to dfo south wharf. (((((:

    seriously just went for pure shopping and talking. (:

    we were there from like 1 something till like 4 something 5? damn long kan? and all of us girls bought something for ourselves.

    i bought a dress and a skirt for $5 each from cotton on.

    celine bought a skirt from cotton on and a pair of jeans from guess i think?

    audrey bought a top and dress and a bathrobe from cotton on. i think thats it? i think...

    cherly bought a pair of shorts from cotton on, some pajamas from bnt, two pairs of shoes from novo and a pair of jeans from guess? i think that's it?

    cotton on is having like some huge massive sale cause most of their stuffs are like $5. super dirt cheap!

    after shopping, jia shen joined us and we went for max brenner. but only me, cherly, celine and jia shen cause audrey need to go off and catch a movie with her sis.

    after max brenner then headed off for dinner at ying thai along lygon street. the four of us and yao yun and sheng loong!

    i didn't take the most important dish. the tom yum soup! sien. first one is some vege thingy, then papaya salad, then minced beed with chili and basil leaves and lastly, chicken red curry. which i like eventhough very milky. i like lo..

    oh dinner was great! i so love it. now i am having the hang of sour and spicy food already. i used to be so bad at eating spicy food, but i am picking up the pace already. :D hehe.

    after dinner was dessert at brunetti. a slice of pear and cheese crumble shared by 6 of us.

    after all that, was home time.

    this is so fun now. having so many friends in melbourne is so fun! we are having weekly food outing. oh so nice!

    now melbourne is the more the merrier already! yay yay!

    hehe my buyings today. first picture, the skirt for $5. and second picture, dress for $5. both from cotton on. :D

    i've got to go. i need to skype with mum. and catch up with some grey's anatomy and then go to bed.

    i am still in that hang of cotton of massive $5 sale. i am going to dfo essendon tomorrow and see what there is. and i am so sad that the jeans are all out at dotti. so so sad! i shall go see essendon one got or not.



    lots of love,

    music addiction : Gravity - Sara Bareilles

  19. hmmm okay...

    today, started off with 2 hours professional skills tutorial then 1 and the half hour eating at sushi sushi and walking along glenferrie road then another 2 hours of electronic systems lab.

    i sat at the level 1 of EN building and streamed american idol on my iphone then i was off for home.

    came home, washed some clothes which is now still hanging outside and changed my bedsheet.

    finally i got my hands onto grey's anatomy. and also brothers and sisters. ((((: thanks to julian. he allowed me to access into his hard disk and grab some shows.

    i haven't watch the downloaded episode 13 of 90210 yet. i will in a while. :D

    oklaaaa... i shall go on with my movies then. (((:

    yay tomorrow will be out with the girls for shopping! yay! and thai food for dinner? ooooo... :DDD


  20. i've waited too long for this.

    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    i so hate the iphone's alarm thing. you have to press snooze to make it snooze. if not it will just stop ringing. like stop stop!

    my sony ericsson, you don't need to press snooze to make it snooze. it will just continue ringing till you switch it off. it has been few days now that i always couldn't wake up to that blardy alarm! ughh annoying betul.

    i shall stick back to my beloved w595's alarm. (((: much better.

    today's uni was not bad. my professional skills tutor is a malay dude from malaysia. i felt so like home when he was talking infront there. like i was in a college in malaysia or something. despite all the ang mohs sitting beside me. :D

    oohh and there is this cute vietnamese guy in that tutorial class. cute but not hot. just cute.

    went for maths lecture then i was off for home. i had to be stuck with the school kids cause i took the 3.05 pm bus. which is so annoying. they curse and swear and point middle fingers to each other, they greet themselves with small pecks on their cheeks, trying to act all elite and top of the chart or something think what in france ah now?

    girl and girl is sorta everywhere cause only girls bother to do it. but this guy which is so bad boy and so "ryan in the O.C" looking guy doing that, ughh.. not right...

    but but there was this kinda hot and cute guy in the bus. he wasn't one of the kids. but just some passenger. i think he was hot and cute. i think?

    i hardly had a good glance. i just know he looks cute and hot from the side and shy looking with a red liverpool jumper. awww.... (((((:

    came home, and watched my episode 13 of gossip girl!

    after so long it is finally back! but my one tree hill is gone for like a month plus or something. ))):

    OH AND WARNING, A BIT OF SPOILER here. those who never watched season 3 till where it left off, this will be a wee bit pf spoiler to you. but i think when you read this, you'll prolly see the picture already. nevermind la. hehe!

    but gossip girl was fun. chace crawford is back in my eyeing list. ohhh so charming and hot and cute and those blue eyes are OH MY GOD! he is the perfect guy!

    i know too many girls out there that agrees with me. :D

    right right?

    oh and ed westwick is also very charming. VERY charming!

    later on at night i was watching ghost whisperer. i so wanna watch it from season 1. but apparently all the torrents are running out of seeds. thats not good.

    and after that, was so you think you can dance result show. don and issi is out. )))):

    i liked them. they are so cute together. like VERY cute together.

    there are a couple of my favourites. but i'll talk about them along the way. since they are still in, then it is okay.

    then i watched law and order's special victims unit. OH MY GOD! pedophiles are so so so so so disgusting my god! i feel like punching the crap out of them. the kids are not victims? they are lovers with the adult? what the hell is that?

    they share a strong bond? it is more than love??? ewwwwww! my nerves are all out when i was watching. they are psychotic.


    need something more dramatic and teen-agey. ((((:

    i am gonna download my 90210 episode 13 tonight. and watch tomorrow. :DDDDD

    oklaa. i shall now patiently wait till my mum is online to skype. and hopefully i don't fall asleep while waiting cause i have to wake up by 7 something.

    so yea.

    i am having a very weird and awkward conversation with jia shen but i shall go on with it. eventhough it is so disgusting to even think about his story. yeaa..

    i don't know how it ended up here. hmmm...?

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Only Hope - Switchfoot