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  1. victory.

    Monday, June 30, 2008

    SPAIN won!!

    it was worth staying up the whole night.
    they freaking won the UEFA Euro 2008.
    it was torres who scored. and it was blardy nice!

    music addiction : Queen - We are the Champions

  2. Spain vs germany later..

    i guess i will be staying up the whole night.

    music addiction : Enrique Iglesias - Can you hear me

  3. what if i was really gone?

    Sunday, June 29, 2008

    was supposed to go to walter's sis (esther's) birthday party yesterday. tim said he wanted to folow my car there but he had some problem with his driving instructor so he didnt follow me. ended up i went with my mum and cousin. i mean they are just fetching me there.

    on the way some stupid vios driver (the old model) suddenly cut to the other lane without giving us any alarm that there was a pile of rubbish in the middle of the road. ended up we ran over it. it was stuck under the car so my cousin had to go down and get it out.

    that was the first bad luck.

    i was like right opposite of walter's condo traffic light already. waiting for the light to turn green so we could u-turn. mana tau some stupid idiotic sleepy blardy useless Japanese dude come and bang our car. so called a director that came by to play golf. screw him man!

    it is not a small bang okayy. we were nicely talking in the car mana tau that idiot go bang us. luckily everyone was fine. the glass broke and the car was badly smashed. i could have injured bad then. i was blardy shocked!

    luckily i sat behind the driver. if i were to sit behind my mum i just couldnt imagine what would happen.

    screw Japanese idiots. want to die go further away. dont get people into trouble also. and... both are vios (the old model). soo.. stupid idiotic brainless drivers! he didnt even dare to get down the car. blardy coward!

    thats the second bad luck.

    my cousin's friend fetched me and my mum home first. since i was right opposite of walter's condo, i think i should drop by to give him his sister's present. right after that i left. sorry walter, i didnt stay on with the party.

    reached home and rest awhile then i went to zafirah's party. i had to go. she is leaving next saturday already. i had to see her for the last time before she leaves. i am gonna miss her. i went with cherly.

    met nasir and michelle loke there. then adrian came by too.

    talked awhile then we left.

    went back and my cousin was home already. made all the police report and stuff. and my car is all the way in cheras in the workshop. all the fella that bang us said was "i am sorry". go die la!

    about 7 plus i had to go to my niece's birthday. ate and looked around the place. i like the condo man. its damn nice. i just like it!

    came home and asked my cousin's girlfriend to straightened my hair for me. had it finished at like 2 something in the morning. damn long la..

    while doing i watched the holiday.

    i like the show la. its nice and i find it very lovey. haha! and.. jude law is hawt! and sexy.. haha! =D cameron diaz had been that actress that i love to watch since a very long time ago. she's weird yet cute and very edgy.

    my head hurts. thanks to that idiot!

    music addiction : One Republic - Say

  4. suddenly a football craze.

    Friday, June 27, 2008

    yay! Spain is in the finals!! i woke up this morning at 2.45 to watch the match. i cant believe i could actually wake up. germany vs Spain monday morning. just as what me and qi hong were saying. "see them both in the finals"

    i like the emblem*

    college was just like usual. had fun drawing on tables again.. hahaha!

    drawn by felix*

    after college i had to go to pyramid to get presents. at least i manage to get something for zafirah and esther.

    i'll have 3 parties straight tomorrow. tired~ hoping for more pictures.

    music addiction : Holly McNarland - Beautiful Blue

  5. today is just like normal college days. except that...

    suddenly jia shen came up to me and showed me a note book with some confession lines. they say it is me cause the ending is sign by a girl that spells Shereena also. i mean it is sign like that.

    masyitah was like who you writing to lah shereena? a*** ka? everybody was like shereena i didnt know you write stuff like that. who is the guy huh?

    especially this. i first read it as gay. hahaha!

    when i start flipping the book, the name wasnt shereena. it just sign like it. soo... it is not me. hahah!

    now i am stressing what to buy for zafirah. too little time already. shit shit. then somemore i have to get walter's sis present. *stress la*

    music addiction: Danson Tang Yu Zhe -最爱还是你 (zui ai hai shi ni)

  6. blurred.

    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    everything is soo misty.

    i got 15 out of 20 for my persentation. and i am very happy with it.

    dont know why i am having weird feelings. people around me are getting alot more happier and i felt left out. but... good for them. =D

    i am still seeing that guy everyday. he really looks like the old him la.

    music addiction : Chris Brown - Forever

  7. everything just seem soo NORMAL.

    Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    yes... Spain won this morning!

    wanted to stay up and watch but i had a presentation this morning so.. i couldnt. the first thing i did when i woke up was switching on my computer and check the score online. =D i was blardy happy to see that they won...

    i am happy that my presentation went well.. i talked pretty good because i didnt studder. but it was kinda short. its my first presentation. its already good to me. aiya nevermind la. i am done and over with it. haha!

    classes was abit dull today. i dont know why. ended up we started drawing and paying less attention on teacher's teaching.

    audrey drew this. her so called "spongebob" hahaha! *damn cute*

    i had nothing better to do. i needed to do things to keep me awake.

    my beautiful name. ahem ahem*

    my daily needs to college.

    i like the after colours. prrreetty~

    my class when teacher stops teaching.

    there is someone that i've came across in college that looks like a guy i used to like badly. well.. yesteryears. but... of course he doesnt look as good as the real guy is. =P

    music addiction : Jennifer Pena - Where will i be

  8. my new baby.

    Sunday, June 22, 2008

    got myself a brand new watch. i've been craving for it since dont know when. thanks to my cousin!

    i love you baby*

    went all the way down to sungei wang to get it. and it was only for the watch. i hate going shopping in sungei wang. damn stuffy!

    had lunch in pavilion. i didnt know all the restaurant are mainly located on the highest floor. had my beef cheese baked rice. =)

    fresh lemon tea*

    the bad part is i didnt go to low yat. because we had to leave. maybe i will have the chance to see him some time soon?

    tomorrow morning is Spain vs Italy. i want Spain to win but.... lets see what happens. "Fernando Torres"

  9. my music addiction.

    Saturday, June 21, 2008

    today all i did was sleeping and watching the television at home. damn boring la. i have been sick for the pass few days. i hate coughing man. cough till all the migrain is running through my head!

    and... migrain sucks like shit!

    i am currently into Maroon 5 featuring Rihanna - If I Never See Your Face Again. the song is blardy nice.

    adam levine is hot hot hot! he has that SEXY look. he looks damn nice in tuxedos. and sexy with the guitar. =D

    Far away
    I don't know if I will find you (find you, find you)
    But you feel my breath
    On your neck
    Can't believe I'm right behind you (right behind you)

    Cause you keep me coming back for more
    And I feel a little better than I did before
    And if I never see your face again
    I don't mind
    Cause we gone much further than I thought we'd get tonight

    Baby, baby
    Please believe me
    Find it in your heart to reach me
    Promise not to leave me behind

    today i was watching chart attack, as usual Utt looks good. anyway, the new Nelly featuring Fergie - Party People is quite good.

    Nelly is a good RnB singer and Fergie is a very good singer and she has a DAMN hot boyfriend. hahaha! Josh Duhamel~ another hottie on my list. they are the Sexiest Couple in 2007 by Victoria Secret. lovely~

    and also Fergie - Finally is very nice. i mean seriously nice. it gives me that fairytale feeling whenever i hear that song. i couldnt love her songs more.

    he is just the ideal guys girl likes.

    Ever since I was a baby girl I had a dream
    Cinderella theme
    Crazy as it seems
    Always knew that deep inside that there would come a day
    When I would have to way
    Make so many mistakes
    I could'nt comprehend
    As I watched it unfold
    This classic story told I left it in the cold
    Walking through an open door that led me back to you
    Each one unlocking more of the truth

    I finally stopped tripping on my youth
    I finally got lost inside of you
    I finally know that I needed to grow
    And finally my maze has been solved

    Now my destiny can begin
    Though it will have a different set
    Something strange and new is happening
    Now my life doesn't seem so bad
    Its the best that I've ever had
    Give my love to him finally

    tomorrow i MIGHT see the blardy cute guy kelvin. hahaha! going crazy shortly...

  10. last few days i have been going to the hospital everyday after college. then come back at like 11 something 12 every night. soo.. i have no time to blog.

    hospital got nothing to do one ler. luckily got wi-fi so can use the psp online. my mum, have been getting damn alot of flowers from her friends. alot until got no place to sit also and the whole room smells of the flowers.

    but the flowers are pretty. and people these days are really really kind.

    my mum is home already. its nice having her home after a week. i missed her. =)

    yesterday after visiting my mum i went down to pj for dinner. was there till like 11 something and i met sheau tien! damn long didnt see her and so happen she is back from melbourne. suddenly only somebody called my name from a car. damn shock to see her man.

    she's studying in melbourne. monash clayton somemore. i damn envy her la. =D

    today's college was just like usual. but nowadays there are more and more laughters already. with audrey, jia shen and wei ping around sure laugh till my stomach cramp.

    the three musketeers.

    class is not that boring anymore. unless i start isolating myself then of course la.

    had lunch at a new noodle shop that open the same row as mcdonalds. face to face i think. i mean the shop name. usually we will follow another way to go back to college but today we passed by mcdonalds to go back.

    and.... i saw him. damn balrdy long didnt see him already la. its like a month but feels damn long. it was damn good seeing him. i was like some mad woman smiling non stop. and ernset gave me "the look" when i said 'omg. its a***'. hahaha.

    i love today la...

    yay! portugal lost to germany!! hahaha. damn good man. christiano ronaldo is soooo OVERRATED. i am looking forward for... torres in action. SPAIN!!

    omg.. next monday i have presentation. and i am the first. freaking nervous la!!

  11. god, thank you.

    Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    mum had an operation this morning. glad seeing that she's fine. its just that she's tired and weak at the moment. headed over to sjmc as soon as my class ended thanks to jia shen's mum.

    lingered around the hospital then, later in the evening we went down to low yat. cousin wanted to get his girlfriend a pink psp. i sure follow la. i got things to see.

    the more i look the cuter he is. well... the last time he didnt notice i was there cause i didnt even talk to him. this time i had more things to talk to him.

    he is just another sales guy. seriously la... he is blardy cute! he is only 19 years old and he is kelvin. thats all i know. but.. a bad thing is he smokes. other than that, i just cant stop looking at him.

    let me say this once more. i like his smile. damn cute la! i guess there will still be times that i'll drop by low yat. so i'll look around AGAIN.

    just came back from the hospital. tired.... bye guys!

    i am really really glad my mum is fine. thanks alot!

  12. glory.

    Sunday, June 15, 2008

    Spain won the match! *yeah*

  13. i am finally into games.

    Saturday, June 14, 2008

    slept late yesterday cause i wanted to stay up and watch the italy vs romania match. but i was too sleepy so i slept towards the end of the match.

    mum was meeting up with her friends in pyramid so me and my cousin followed too. knowing that there will be good lunch to eat of course follow la. haha!

    headed over to TGI for lunch. the food isnt that bad la. but i would prefer tony roma's rather than TGI. the portioning, the taste and the service tony roma's is alot better.

    they were busy talking while i was busy playing. i never really spend time on playing games but i couldnt resist the BLUE psp.

    walked around pyramid and went in to mph for books hunting. damn alot of nice story books that came out. i want to buy la! i am waiting for my mum to get me mph vouchers. hahaha!

    my legs was hurting because of the heels. something went wrong already. i usually can walk really long in it but today was exceptional. maybe too much walking yesterday in downtown kl. to be really honest, bintang walk seriously damn alot of foreigners. and some look pretty good. haha!

    too tired already so we went home. came home only, i played games. played for like 2 hours straight. and i am feeling that my eyesight is getting bad. i should really wear my specs and play next time.

    now, i am waiting for the spain vs sweden match. i cant wait to see torres and see them win. i hope they win la! even if they dont, it should be a really good match.

    okay... i am getting hungry. havent eat dinner yet. ciao guys!

  14. college was okla. managed to do my brochure and the teacher said it was good. soo.. i am amazed with myself! hahaha.

    i thought i was going straight down to kl after college with my cousin to my mum's office. mana tau he wanted to go home and sleep first. if i would have known earlier then jia shen and cherly could have follow me. sorry guys!

    slept for like 1 hour after reaching home. was damn tired. yesterday slept like 1.30 because of the stupid eye drop that taste bitter! after dripping into my eye i could taste that bitternes in my mouth. stupid medication!

    went down to kl to pick my mum from work then headed over to pavilion. the intention was to get my cousin the psp. its half mine! muahaha. and i forced him to get the blue i wanted. i know i am mean. but he admitted himself that the colour was nice. =)

    another blue added to the sony family*

    got the psp from low yat plaza. he already went hunting for which shop to buy from. the guy that sold us the psp is cute! haha. i mean at low yat plaza you usually see those weird people working there with all the lala hair and stuff.

    but... this boy is CUTE! i mean he had his hair dyed but he is cute. it was just a plain dye. not some kind of parrot colour hair. i DONT say lala zhai cute. so... he is not lala. went he said "you get me an iphone i help you crack la". that expression was soooo cute! i know i see guys wherever i go or wherever i am.

    walked back to pavilion and headed over to Chulan Square for dinner. its just right behind pavilion. its was japanese food time! my all time favourite shop Rakuzen.

    the food price is quite reasonable and i like the place setting, the view and a not bad looking waiter. haha!

    the busy streets of OUR city*

    the window would just allow me to scout for hot cars. the busy streets of kl will definitely have at least 3 to 4 hot rides.

    i am in love with the colour*

    they had these vases over a blue light. its damn pretty. my obsession towards blue is getting more and more severe. well.. its actually a very good thing!

    the moment i got in the car i couldnt stop with the psp games. i love it! its blue. soo.. i love it even more. the bad part is, its not really mine. its only HALF mine! *sighs*

  15. guys in shirt and jeans are HOT!

    Thursday, June 12, 2008

    football has got right into me. i watched yesterday's match. the portugal vs czech republic. i am telling you how badly i dont want portugal to win. i have nothing against the team actually. its just because i dont like christiano ronaldo.

    people says he is hot. well... not soo much for me. people says he is a good player. okayy fine.. he is fast. but still not my cup of tea. and i still dont think he is THAT good. soo... screw it.

    tomorrow i had to go back to college. after like two days staying at home.. i dont want to go back!! seriously.

    now i am thinking whether to do the brochure or not. if i do it, i am amaze with myself. if not, thats just the typical shereena. and also physics project due next monday. college annoys me!

    even with all that pilling up, i managed to finish this...

    supernatural season 2.

    i am hooked to the show. dean~sam~the winchester brothers are blardy hot! the show is great. the cast is great. the story line works pretty good with me.

    anyway, i should probably get back to work. at least i will TRY. if i dont then it must be that lazyness thing that caught me. sooo... bye peeps!

  16. the man of the game.

    Wednesday, June 11, 2008

    i never really paid attention to watching football except those major international events. i've only watched the World Cup and recently starting the UEFA Cup.

    and girls watch football with only two motives. one is because the really support the team or because the guys are HOT.

    and i dont have a specific team to support and i am not being a die hard fan so i'll stick to the second motive. =P

    i am actually sick yet i managed to stay up to watch the first half of the Spain vs Russia match. i should really thank felix. if he wouldnt have call, i would probably still be asleep because of the medications.

    Spain is actually the ONLY team i have been looking forward to hear about. thats because of one reason only. and only one which is because of
    Fernando Torres.

    my ideal number 9*

    he is blardy hot. i've been checking him out since the World Cup two years back. especially with that mohawk. that was really an eye catcher.

    eventhough with that long hair he has now. which doesnt-look-that-hot but.. he will still be that great young player that people talks about and also the player that i'll be intrested on.

    anyway Spain won 4-1!!

    its actually very suprising that i actually cared about a football match. its the team and torres. it would be no suprise if i actually go hunting for spain's jersey. i love the batch. and i want to own a girl's jersey. it looks damn nice on the mannequins behind windows.

    let me dream on for another day.

    i hate fevers. it sucks being sick. the good part is i dont have to go to college. and my eye is getting worst and irratating. so does the corner of my mouth. doctor says is a cold sore. whatever that is, it is ugly and painful! and it swells. annoying! doc says it is the lymph nodes. i would rather not see anybody for the next two days.

    thank god tomorrow is holiday for sam students. i dont have to go back to college!

  17. a splash that woke me up.

    Saturday, June 07, 2008

    its the day of the summer splash. left the house around 11 plus. cherly came to fetch me and my cousin then fetch sean then qi hong. we managed to find ourselves parking. the plan of leaving at 10 something to get parking was a waste of time. it didnt even work. (i came up with that plan).

    met up with steph infront of haagen daaz and me, qihong and my cousin were hungry so we decided to go to waffle world but steph didnt come along with us.

    the cute girl*

    jia shen, wey liam, jack, hazel, chun kit and adrian also came and join us.

    i am suprised that jia shen went. i have been trying to get him there for like ever he still says "you know lah, i dont like go this kinda place". mana tau wey liam call only straight away go.

    qi hong and walter*

    walter came too. with his sister, his sister's friends and nick lim. and dickson with alexandra came by too.

    the favourite*

    had my brunch. carbonara pasta. it taste not bad actually but i couldnt finish it.

    headed over to the entrance for the event but the queue was DAMN long. we decided not to go in. it wasnt really worth all the lining up, the heat and the sweat.

    the only ones that went in was walter, his sister, his sister's friends, adrian, nick and dickson brother.

    instead the rest of us went lazing around in the arcade and walking around pyramid. went in to roxy and saw that the queue isnt that bad already.

    sooo.. we THOUGHT we might be able to get in. the moment we saw the queue again, we knew it is a definite to not go in already. the people were really crazy.

    crowds everywhere. ALOT surrounding the entrance, some lazing around the mall and some in everywhere food shop. mostly all is packed with people.

    finally settled down in delifrance. after sooo long of walking. they ate, some didnt and i drank. took pictures!

    partners in crime*

    the good friend. *happy belated birthday*

    the two best friends*

    the three good friends*

    my love*

    about 4 something, me, qihong, my cousin and chun kit had to go to the cinemas to get our tickets before it gets cancelled because of the 45 minutes before movie thing. luckily i booked the tickets. the cinema is flooded with peoples.

    and i met inez low. somehow i do see her from time to time. went over to nike and al-ikhsan. the boys thought me alot on football boots. haha! i was just choosing those that look nice. =D and i got to know which boots he wears.

    we watched prom night! i've been longing to see it since the day i saw the trailer.

    the show is not bad. her boyfriend died! i dont like that. it suddenly scares you out of no where. i like brittany snow! she's pretty and i like the shows she acts in.

    by the time the movie ended we had to leave. but due to the massive jam, we waited for my other cousin for nearly an hour.

    saw steph while we were waiting at the main entrance. and took some pictures.

    the day out wasnt THAT bad. it was still okay. at least we watched a movie. but seriously the management for the event is really bad. really REALLY BAD. they should limit the amount of tickets.