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  1. blinded.

    Saturday, October 30, 2010

    dreams suck max sometimes.

    i've been sleeping so much lately that i don't think it is doing me any good. had this awesome feeling kinda dream this afternoon. i could tell i was dreaming because it was all too good to be true. but yet i did not want it to end.

    and the after effect, like right now, thinking about it makes me feel stupid.


    you, you make me feel stupid.

  2. 28 degrees in melbourne today. )))):

    super damn hot!!! hot and dry is so not the weather man. makes it feel even hotter. tho you don't sweat and all that but feel damn stuffy...

    but no sweating is good. but hot and dry is no good. why can't we have an in between ah? (:

    left for uni at 8am this morning. which i only woke up at 7.45am. har har...! slept pretty early last night. before 12am is early for me okay. =D

    stayed back in uni today cause i got hold of a friend that took summer semester to teach me on the tests i am having next wednesday cause he already sat for his. and passed somemore. i keeping my fingers crossed. i really need to pass!!

    came home temaned aunty D watched criminal minds again then she cooked pasta for dinner.

    so easyyyyy... tomato based sauce with tuna. gonna go back malaysia and cook for mum. dinner shall be served before they get home from work. hehe (((:

    after dinner, aunty D went out for meeting and i slept from 8pm till 12am. writing this now is supposed to be the next day already. but its okay la. :DD

    was contemplating whether to wake or not but figured if i continue sleeping that means i am gonna wake up super early in the morning. if i don't wake up early means i'll sleep for more than 12 hours.

    and so happen a text came in, might as well just get up.

    downloaded new episodes of private practice, greys anatomy and vampire diaries which is already done now.

    watch show first. byeeeee!

    tomorrow and the coming 4 days have to study hardcore on CCNA2. must shereena must!!!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

  3. learnt how to braid the fish tail braid. (((:

    went to uni today. just uni and home.

    next wednesday i am sorta having my first two final test. super stress right now. like super duper stress.

    and i just bought plant vs zombies on my iphone. OMG the world is changing. i am actually buying games! :D that's cause it is for $1.19 only. might as well... since it is supposingly to be nice? yes? that's what i heard tho.. haha

    now i gonna take the night off and watch some show and then sleep. tomorrow gotta wake up early and go back to uni to do presentation report and slides.

    which is gonna be this major presentation infront of like a whole lecture theatre full of people on the 8th of november. god help me!

    brightside, home in a month! :DDD uberrrr happy even thinking about it. i can foresee what i am gonna do everyday already. sleep late, wake up late, lunch, nap, dinner, yumcha. lunch means shopping with movie and food or something. YAY!

    we shall see..

    talking about going home lightens me up eventhough i am like super stress right now. hehe :DDD

    okay going to watch show now and sleep. if not i will like some zombie again tomorrow as i already am today.

    nights. (((:

    lovey dovey,

  4. the distance.

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    my hair is getting kinda long.

    i still remember when chopped it short after form 5. i still have that thought of cutting it short though alot said i don't suit it. but yet i am loving this length also. hahaha

    still thinking about what i wanna do with it when i get back. for sure i'll straighten it. its like a yearly thing now that i don't think i will stop from. but maybe thinking of waving it up also. shall see...

    went to uni today and forgot to bring my phones. i started coming up with thoughts that what if something happens and i don't have any coins in my wallet and i don't know where is the nearest phone booth also. thankfully i was home fine and slept..

    was quite tired considering only sleeping at 3.30 this morning.

    i still have work to do but i managed to like squeeze in watching gossip girl and 90210's latest episode.

    have i mention how charming i find the character Chuck Bass is? and i like him with Blair eventhough their both sick and twisted somehow. but yet they somehow make this perfect couple...

    gossip girl isn't my favourite drama. but somehow i still find myself continue watching it every week. cause i find its plot going round and round the same old thing but this season seem to be slightly different. there is some suspense that i wanna know of.. haha

    and and i managed to cook dinner in 20 minutes. hahaha! first time. (:

    chow mien. :DD

    ate while watching iron chef australia. eventhough i was like super full from the noodles i ate, watching iron chef makes me hungry somemore. haha... it all looked so yummy la!

    this was yesterday's dinner cooked by julian.

    penne bolognese.

    i think i am never gonna be cooking anymore fancy dinner until i get back to malaysia. not that i've cooked anything fancy but fancy to me means everything else but instant noodles. haha!

    cause aunty D is coming back already. in fact she'll be home in an hour or so. (:

    i am missing her cooking. hehe

    okla i shall continue my work and maybe sleep after saying hi to aunty D and wake up early and do more work. nights ya'll!


    still am not feeling alright. but i guess there is progress. considering it doesn't feel as bad as yesterday but still not good enough.

  5. the pieces don't fit here anymore.

    Monday, October 25, 2010

    went to uni for lecture today then realise i needed to go walk around the city. technically i didn't walk around the city but just went to spencer street fashion station. haha.

    one fine day it was today. (:

    just browse through stuff. noticing whats on sale and all that. i was so close to buying a wallet but then realise that i am going to hong kong, i'll have my major shopping spree there! :D

    but bought myself a rayban wayfarer look-a-like. hehe (:

    the real one is too expensive and i am more interested in a real pair of aviators instead. so yea... :DD

    everything was going just fine until something happened. i was walking only halfway through the place and i instantly felt out of place. i just walked straight out and caught a train and got home.

    until this point right now, it is crappy. really really crappy. not only i feel helpless, i feel really bad. it isn't cold and i am having goosebumps all over. it is one miserable feeling right now.

    and don't think i'll be sleeping anytime soon. got a report to finish up and i got a test tomorrow.

    things are really not working my way. when i had my guards down this comes along. i thought things was alright. at least most of the stuff. but clearly nothing is and i am just knowing this now.

    way to go with ever thought things was getting better already... :D


  6. in need of a stranger.

    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    hi hi! (:

    today was nothing out of the ordinary. waking up at 2pm, doing laundry, writing reports, watching criminal minds, x factor on tele, reheating leftover pasta.

    slept at 4am this morning. skyped with tim who is in the uk for over an hour. watched criminal minds and felt tired out of a sudden so went to bed. did my almost-routine last text and slept.

    the weekends are over. week and week time has been passing by so quick. almost as if i can't keep up with the pace. these two weeks would be crucial and then the finals would be just around the corner which is even more intimidating. but the brightside, home.

    family gatherings, favourite food, friends, trips, hong kong, driving around. i am actually really looking forward to be back again.

    i don't call this being homesick. i am just looking forward to my holidays. (:

    life here is alright. nothing i can complain much about but it is just lacking of one thing. maybe in this remaining two and a half years i have to go in uni, i might find that one thing which i am still behind of. then life here would be more than just alright. :D

    my legs are getting itchy. i haven't been out for retail therapy in like a long time now. even if i don't buy anything, just to go out and check out the new styles around would be good enough. but i haven't been seeing the city for like 2 weeks now. and thats long okay...

    i am city freak. pretty sure i'll never survive in retiring to a countryside.

    i love the hustling and bustling of the city. i love the lights. the differences of people you see even if they are unfriendly people and workaholics or homeless strays or some jerk or a weird lady who curse and swears over a her phone or whatever.. i love the city.

    doesn't mean i have to live in one. but at least have close access to. preferably within driving range as i love driving around town or to be driven around town. (: minus traffic jams alone. traffic jams with people in the car, i don't mind being the driver.

    and i think my idea of a relaxing vacation isn't like a waking up to a sea view or some isolated island or hearing the water or the birds chirping or whatever like that...

    mine will definitely be somewhere with buildings and people and street markets and historic looking cafes or restaurants and all that.

    doesn't have to be a city but yea. i am picturing the buildings of a place in europe in my mind right now. santorini, greece to be exact.

    i am thinking about the perfect vacation when i haven't even finish my second year of degree. haha.. talking about thinking ahead huh? (((:

    shall think about going to bed now. tomorrow back to classes. =/

    sher xoxo.

  7. 5 weeks.

    Saturday, October 23, 2010

    slept at 4 am. woke up at 1.30pm and skyped with mum on the phone till 2.30pm. in fact it was her skype call on my iphone that woke me up. (:

    cleaned up my room then felt hungry.

    went down and cooked my late lunch/dinner. as i ate it for both times. haha

    my carbonara.

    which fails to look like one cause of the mushrooms and the use of penne. had to use up the mushrooms cause it has been there for too long.

    tasted alright. but prolly needa improvise for the next time i cook it. it could have been better but first time i was trying out carbonara. so i guess its alright for a first timer? (:

    did some work and watched criminal minds. the show is turning me into a paranoid but i still can't stop watching. haha..

    needa get some report done and prolly skype with tim? we'll see... :D

    okay now i don't just wanna go to hong kong, i wanna go to taiwan too. hahaha i know i am asking for too much. hehe

    and i wanna buy sunglasses. :DDD

    the wayfarer.

    and the aviators. ((((:

    p/s : i love this girl's blog. love her style (: Lady Addict. love the outfits she puts together. :D

    pp/s : 35 days.

    lots of love,

  8. not even once.

    Friday, October 22, 2010

    super hot day in melbourne today! 29 degrees....!

    woke up at 4.30am this morning. i was actually wide awake at 1.30am which means i only slept for like two hours but somehow forced myself back to sleep. didn't like all the stress i was having in mind till couldn't sleep.

    got up and studied and had company till 5 something then it was just me.

    went to uni and stayed back till 3.30pm working on my case study report with sam and davin. then realised i haven't had anything to eat at all since i woke up. grab a sushi roll and then there was this scene going on at the station over some boy jumping pass the barriers.

    left for home and was home by 4.30pm. slept right through till 7. (:

    ate leftover laksa for dinner while watching criminal minds. that show is sick but addictive somehow. haha :DD

    still have another report to do. ughh hate it.

    there goes the celine bag, iphone earphones, wallet, ic, car keys, bank books, credit cards, cash and everything else a lady's handbag has. and leaving 4 swelled fingers. worse thing is i am not there to give a hug and a pat on the back. =/

    screw my other 25%!

    i believe everything happens for a reason and vice versa, everything don't happen for a reason too. but i'd wish things go as the way i thought it would be in my head. i guess everyone wish for that.


    it'll be great if everyday in our lives, it ends with a rainbow of colours above our heads. but everything is just too good to be true.

    much love,

  9. just wouldn't get any better. doesn't it?

    Thursday, October 21, 2010


    prolly should have just used one can of coconut milk instead of two. other than that, pretty happy with it.

    i have two tests tomorrow. so not comforting right now. good night.


  10. note to self.

    suppose to blog last night but turns out i switched off everything at 11.45pm and just went to bed. tho i think i slept alot the night before but i was still like super tired yesterday.

    managed to sorta finish LAN principles case study yesterday in the lab cause we had this awesome guy that practically figured everything out for us. :D

    and just got back from the supermarket to get some stuff cause i thought of cooking laksa tonight. (: not sure how good it'll taste. but anyways it should be fine considering i am just getting it off the packet. :DD

    having two tests tomorrow. shit man. these two weeks is enough to kill me. next tuesday i have one presentation one test. wednesday one test. next next monday major presentation. next next wednesday two major tests. HELP ME!

    god.. thinking about it also i feel like just lying on my bed, cover my head with my blanket and just sleeep right through till the 27th of november and yet miraculously pass everything. it is that bad!

    hmm.. as i already said, everything just sucks right now.


  11. the night lights.

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010

    was going for the boyfriend jeans look. (:

    slept at 4.30am this morning and woke up zombified at 9.30am. clearly 5 hours of sleep is not enough for me... left the house at 10am and went to uni.

    uni was pretty normal. got some group work done and went for classes and had a long chat with peter. first was because i wanted to know about the test that i am sitting for on friday which he already did yesterday. haha... pretty cool that he worked in hong kong for like 4 and a half years.

    dropped by moonee ponds before i got home cause i needed to get some stuff from safeway and then came home.

    ju cooked risotto again. i had my dinner at 5pm. thats like early... just cause he was going out and all that so he cooked like early early..

    ate while watching criminal minds.. the risotto was nice! (:

    then i slept like a pig from 6pm to 9pm. hahahaa! too tired la. now i am just stoning infront of my mac.. supposingly there is some work to do but i wanna watch somemore criminal minds. haha.. ((: will do it in a bit. :D

    "gonna go there someday and get you pictures" that was sweet,...

    but today it didn't feel like it anymore. you seem to bring out the worse doubts i have in me.


  12. think i am gonna stay for quite abit tonight. still have some report work to be done. not that i am actually feeling sleepy yet. i've been sleeping so much over the weekends. so yea..

    uni was pretty normal. can't believe this sem is going to end in like 3 weeks. so fast man time passes this second half of the year. i could still remember the day i left lcct and flew back here. felt like it wasn't that long ago...

    dinner tonight was cooked by julian. beef schnitzel. yummm! he did quite a good job. i mean for him to like whack up the meat and coat it with bread crumbs and fry and all that its pretty good. (: plus had potatoes and beans. good dinner. (:

    apparently he is gonna experiment on cooking curry next. shall see on that. with aunty D not being home, i guess it is really pushing us to learn and cook. haha!

    after dinner i was like glued to the tv watching the x factor.

    mitchell smith, sent home tonight.

    he is cute right? i mean seriously cute... but somehow i guess it is sorta a right choice that he goes. tho i was actually hoping india rose to go instead. i believe he can sing, but his mentor is an ass himself that just refuse to take in feedbacks other judges had already told him.

    he hasn't been performing well throughout because kyle has been choosing all the weird songs for him and thus him doing not good. i don't think anyone deserves kyle at all.

    reality tv.


    currently worried of somebody. all i got was, going out to walk, and sleep early.

    how could i possibly not be worried and then assume things are all alright huh? feeling helpless right now. maybe if i was there i might be able to help. the too bad word is just so sucky.

    there is so many i don't knows in my mind right now.

    life goes on despite as said it is fake. the ugly truth.

    with love,

    music addiction : Lady Antebellum - One Day You Will

  13. ola!

    i have like a million more stuff to do and i am no where near halfway there...

    today was nothing but a boring sunday. sleeping at 3am, waking up at 1pm, leftover pasta for lunch, business report writing, criminal minds, instant noodle for dinner, boring x factor performances tonight and lastly.. business report writing again..

    i have so much to write about. just cause i have like a tonnes of stuff going through my mind. don't get me wrong, this isn't something emo but just thoughts and perceptions i have on people recently..

    you know... knowing a person for quite a while not yet still shaking heads to their behaviour eventhough knowing since way before that they were like that? so much stuffs about them that you never ever agree of yet somehow still capable of calling each other friends? maybe even having gossips behind their backs and just wondering how much you will not like them if at the start you weren't even friends?

    sometimes to just shut it all up.. usually tend to come up with this side of sarcasm towards them and eventually for the day, they would leave you alone.

    people can really amaze you. the differences and the varieties.. fun and amusing and annoying but yet makes you wonder how much of all that is ever genuine.. because the level of fakeness seems to be spiking up most the time.

    has it ever occur that in a conversation, you were meant to reply with this honest thoughts you have but just somehow hit backspace all the way and just send a "haha okay" instead just cause most likely what you were about to say seems like not what a friend would say so you chicken out?

    sometimes i question what friends are or how should they even be like? if i were to say out every single thought i have about a friend right to their faces, even close friends, i am pretty sure the friendship will be strained just then.

    photo credit to Ifty Amin

    just a word of thought tho.

    right now i am missing a couple of friends. but yet most of them are friends that i would hardly talk to through the net unless we were seated side by side to talk. particularly they are half way across the globe.

    and some that i do talk to most of the time through the net or even a text, they are too busy with their lives to go on with whatever we usually talk about.

    so, friendships, how much is there to question?

    i'd wonder. =D


  14. faber drive.

    Saturday, October 16, 2010

    hello hello!

    tonight didn't cook any dinner la.. got lazy.. hehe =DD

    ju did tho.. he cooked some pasta and i had a little cause before dinner i was munching on some cereals that was like on the cupboard for like ever.. so i thought better open it up and eat.. munching while watching criminal minds..

    so much for staying at home and do work. i did nothing today. okay okay.. TOMORROW...

    slept at 4.30am this morning and at 9 something in the morning a sms came in and i replied but being the usual me, it was like typo errors here and there. :D that's me replying smses when i am asleep.. haha

    and then continued sleeping till 1am and just stayed in bed playing angry birds on my iphone for like another 40 minutes. ahaha...! yes, me playing games. (:

    the rest of the day just went by like that. omg man... time seriously flies by like so freaking fast... upside, back in malaysia in another 42 days or so.. downside, exams approaching nearer... ):

    so don't like that thought of it...


    i guess no one ever knows at the first time. (:

    "when i am with you, i'll make every second count cause i miss you."

    sher xoxo.

  15. maggi goreng dan teh o ais limau satu!

    Friday, October 15, 2010

    maggi goreng;

    sooner or later i had to learn my most missed mamak food. =D and i am quite proud of how it tasted. ((((:

    was suppose to cook mee goreng instead but i forgot to get ingredients and it was raining the whole day so i'd rather not spend my time walking in the rain anymore just to get a couple of things from the supermarket.

    and yes, it had been raining the whole damn day! it's spring and it is a 4 degrees night. tell me about it.... but the cold is fun! :DDD

    soo.. back to my maggi goreng..

    the ingredients.

    i didn't use any of those seasoning powder, instead i made my own seasoning sauce. which was dark soy sauce, tomato sauce, fish sauce, sugar, salt, light soy sauce, pepper and chilli sauce. i had no chilli sauce so i used nando's hot peri peri sauce instead. ahhaha... that's call improvising. (: just keep adding and trying along the way...

    i boiled and drained four packets of instant noodles to cook. and i ate half from what i had in the wok. so yea... still got half in the fridge for my lunch tomorrow. :D

    cooking is fun laaa... but one thing, i am so slow at it. that shows how inexperienced i am.. aunt manage to prepare and cook a meal in half an hour which is things like curry or something fancy.. i took almost 45 mins just for the maggi goreng.

    i took my own sweet time preparing the ingredients. the cooking time only took me like 15 minutes. which is slow still... haha

    watching criminal minds is so scary. those killers are seriously psychopath.... like seriously creep my out...!

    okayy... i need to work on my business subject's report already. needa do market research and all that crap.... and also LAN principles stuff... so not fun lo.

    came across this last night..

    i couldn't agree more!

    this has been going in the conversation i have with any guy friend. along the years, there are so many example of people we talk about and fits in the category. (:

    oh and today.. i received a news. i guess i might be happy about it after all..

    prolly resume to more criminal minds and then sleep and wake up tomorrow and do my work. i am just too lazy to start anything tonight.

    yes, i procrastinate. and yes, i know it is bad.




    music addiction : The Verve Pipe - Freshman

  16. the naked cowboy on times square.

    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    lamb loin chops with broccoli;

    tonight's dinner.

    for the first time i actually pan fried something. and it was like splattering oil everywhere! there was like a huge mess of splattered tiny drops of oil on the stove.

    but i guess for my first time cooking that, prolly need to be longer on the pan the next time. :D

    today was my day off and i did absolutely nothing productive.

    instead i woke up at 1pm reason being i slept at 3am this morning and watched criminal minds back to back for about 5 episodes i think. then it was dinner.

    after dinner..... god knows why time passes so quick when i can't recall what i actually did and 3 hours flew by just like that. its 11.37pm and i am suppose to be in bed in another half and hour.

    only because tomorrow's class starts at 9.30am which means leaving the house at 8am.

    don't like waking up early...

    okay... i shall fully utilise this half and hour and then go to bed. nitey night!


  17. manhattan. :)

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    47th and broadway;

    or broadway and 7th avenue;

    better known as Times Square. i am obsessed with NewYorkCity.

    one day, it'll be me standing in picture with that background. :D

    a girl can only dream when can she step her feet in JFK international airport... big dreams comes great satisfaction.

    shall work very hard towards being satisfied then.

    one day.. definitely.

    and adrian yeong owes me a nice picture of times square. rather than me taking it off google and somebody elses vacation picture. (:

    till then, still living in dreamland.


    lots of love to the big apple,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind part II

  18. corn flour.

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    creamy mushroom penne;

    now this is my dinner for tonight. and cooked by yours truly. (:

    there is three pictures simply cause i can't decide which looks better. :D

    but it didn't quite turn out the way i expected it to be. but it taste quite good. just prolly not as much sauce as i thought it would be. but well... my first attempt, and it was not too bad.

    considering ju had two plates. and he said the pasta was good. so yea. good enough for me to hear then. cause i was worried it wouldn't be okay for him and since that he doesn't stay home for dinner which he suddenly did today lagi made me pressured to cook. ahaha

    and watched my absolutely favourite movies ever when i was a kid. i still love them. and so thankful with the technology nowadays i can just download away and store them in the external hard disk rather than carrying old VCD discs around. :DDD

    especially with free willy, it was in VCR.. that's how long it was!

    the other favourite movie apart from these three are the home alone one and two!! still downloading in my transmission software.. ((((:

    awesome man... brings back all my childhood memories of me watching over and over again these movies and laughing at the same old scenes time after time. and me sitting of the couch watching tele while waiting for mum to get home.


    today was just all about bringing back the old memories.

    and a friend's birthday, happy birthday dicky! called him at abit after 12am and realised that he isn't in the daylight saving time since he is in queensland and i called him when it is just 11 something pm his time. but well... we caught up with a whole bunch of stuff since it was a 38 minutes call. i miss catching up with him.. he is the one who always gets scolded by me in form 5 last time. horrible of me, but i am missing it. :D

    and called qihong to congratulate him on passing his flight test. after tomorrow's last flight, he is done... :D

    now, waiting for 90210 and gossip girl to be download finish. in the meantime, facing ccna2 module not fun..

    okay la, ciao.

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Hayley Warner - Hands Off

  19. nevermind, i can eat with you. (:

    Monday, October 11, 2010

    mushroom risotto;

    was expecting normal. but it was really good to my surprise. (:

    and with the X factor, the results are all crappy. well i don't vote for stuffs like this just cause i kiam siap don't wanna waste money but you know even if you don't vote, people would still eventually vote alright..

    but this? nehh.. keeping people who didn't perform well the night before just cause they are cute or whatsoever and sending the person with one of the best voice in the competition home..?

    but well... good luck in whatever you do in the future Amanda! i so love her voice! and her style.. keep it going girl..! :D

    and me likey Ronan Keating. his irish accent is so cool la to me... old already but still have the appeal. ((((:

    hmmm and... cooking my own dinner postponed to tomorrow. since dinner was already prepared for tonight. and a good one. :D

    with love,

    music addiction : One Day You Will - Lady Antebellum

  20. was suppose to blog this last night since i eagerly got sheng loong to upload all the pictures with the reason of me wanting to blog last night but.... i was watching series after series and got lazy.. hehe.

    soo... this is how i spent my weekend.

    saturday, lunch with jia shen, cherly, wey liam and yao yun at st kilda.

    waiting for tram on bourke street.

    my lunch was grill'd burger. the "baa baa" burger. LAMB! YUM!!!

    took wey liam to try it with me and the rest had fish and chips except cherly. she had sushi and don't know what from nandos. wey liam love the grill'd burger. :DD my recommendations are most of the time alright.. (: written in the sky..

    us girls (:

    went to see the penguins at the rocks area. this time, they were so close. which i haven't seen them up close over at the area before.

    on the count of three, 1...2... say UNDIES! :DDD

    we asked some aussie stranger to take a picture for us. and thats what he asked us to say. and had his friend to take a stupid pose picture with us. HAHA!

    god knows why my friends are so disgusting...

    then went over to DFO and yao yun left for home. after DFO we went for bubble tea.

    mango milk tea with pearl. (:

    then dinner was at Sofia with celine.

    char grilled chicken salad.

    pasta mista for two.

    don't know what pizza already.


    well... Sofia's food is not bad la. $12.10 per person for all of that. for the price you pay it is damn worth it seriously. tho i don't really fancy their pizza but their pasta and salad and steak is not bad lo..

    after that we left for home. i stayed over at jia shen's with cherly and liam. and watched Sixth Sense with liam till about 3am.

    the next day, sunday, headed down to the city to meet up with loong for lunch.

    at degraves street.

    liam's spaghetti meatball.

    my carbonara risotto. which i have never had before a carbonara risotto. cause carbonara is always pasta.. and this is goooood!

    loong's risotto rice ball.

    our shared beef burger with the lot.

    my lunch companies ((:

    love the graffiti at the side. ((:


    then jia shen and cherly joined us for lindt cafe. (:

    my passionfruit and hazelnut macarons! YUMMMM!

    i won't mind to just go and tapao and eat. i am sure to go back again. :D

    liam and loong's hot chocolate fudge sundae.. NICEEE!

    mummy... when you come to melbourne, we are so going to lindt again! :DDDD *super wide smile*

    then we walked to federation square just to bring liam around.

    they were having some taiwan festival.

    me and cherly. (((:

    then walked over to the botanical gardens.

    YMCA. :DDD

    trying to do the number 8.

    us. *loves*

    pictures all credit to loong, cherly and yao yun.

    there goes my lovely weekend. hope liam had a great time here in melbourne! (:

    much love,