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  1. was suppose to blog this last night since i eagerly got sheng loong to upload all the pictures with the reason of me wanting to blog last night but.... i was watching series after series and got lazy.. hehe.

    soo... this is how i spent my weekend.

    saturday, lunch with jia shen, cherly, wey liam and yao yun at st kilda.

    waiting for tram on bourke street.

    my lunch was grill'd burger. the "baa baa" burger. LAMB! YUM!!!

    took wey liam to try it with me and the rest had fish and chips except cherly. she had sushi and don't know what from nandos. wey liam love the grill'd burger. :DD my recommendations are most of the time alright.. (: written in the sky..

    us girls (:

    went to see the penguins at the rocks area. this time, they were so close. which i haven't seen them up close over at the area before.

    on the count of three, 1...2... say UNDIES! :DDD

    we asked some aussie stranger to take a picture for us. and thats what he asked us to say. and had his friend to take a stupid pose picture with us. HAHA!

    god knows why my friends are so disgusting...

    then went over to DFO and yao yun left for home. after DFO we went for bubble tea.

    mango milk tea with pearl. (:

    then dinner was at Sofia with celine.

    char grilled chicken salad.

    pasta mista for two.

    don't know what pizza already.


    well... Sofia's food is not bad la. $12.10 per person for all of that. for the price you pay it is damn worth it seriously. tho i don't really fancy their pizza but their pasta and salad and steak is not bad lo..

    after that we left for home. i stayed over at jia shen's with cherly and liam. and watched Sixth Sense with liam till about 3am.

    the next day, sunday, headed down to the city to meet up with loong for lunch.

    at degraves street.

    liam's spaghetti meatball.

    my carbonara risotto. which i have never had before a carbonara risotto. cause carbonara is always pasta.. and this is goooood!

    loong's risotto rice ball.

    our shared beef burger with the lot.

    my lunch companies ((:

    love the graffiti at the side. ((:


    then jia shen and cherly joined us for lindt cafe. (:

    my passionfruit and hazelnut macarons! YUMMMM!

    i won't mind to just go and tapao and eat. i am sure to go back again. :D

    liam and loong's hot chocolate fudge sundae.. NICEEE!

    mummy... when you come to melbourne, we are so going to lindt again! :DDDD *super wide smile*

    then we walked to federation square just to bring liam around.

    they were having some taiwan festival.

    me and cherly. (((:

    then walked over to the botanical gardens.

    YMCA. :DDD

    trying to do the number 8.

    us. *loves*

    pictures all credit to loong, cherly and yao yun.

    there goes my lovely weekend. hope liam had a great time here in melbourne! (:

    much love,

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