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    Thursday, October 07, 2010

    stayed over at cherly's yesterday. went over after my class and then got over to her place and see she and jia shen both chasing each other to get ready and bath. while i was munching onto smith's salt and vinegar chips. and jia shen was fighting with me over the chips. haha

    he then drove us to dinner at glen waverley. had dinner at the restaurant called Petaling Street. pretty obvious its malaysian food la.

    tried their yu pin mai fun.

    laksa king better la somehow. i lovee my laksa king. ahha! and apparently the Petaling Street branch on glenferrie road which is just outside of my uni tastes better. ought to try it out tho. but don't wanna go eat lunch there by myself la.

    then it rained like super heavy. with is very very rare in melbourne. and we were like running in the rain just to get to this shop to drink bubble tea. then ran back to the car in the rain and the wind was so damn strong! crazy....

    and he dropped us off and we girls talk until like 2 something in the morning only slept. and woke up at 8 something this morning to get to McD for breakkie.

    $6.60 ni lo their set with orange juice somemore. one to one with malaysia, here cheaper...

    sat there and talked till like 11 something 12pm only we left. don't know whats there so much to talk about also.

    i then left cherly's place about 1 something and was home a little before 3pm. downloaded new episode of one tree hill and watched then slept till 7 something.

    my dinner. wan tan mee minus wan tan add egg and broccoli. ((:

    then munched chocolate and shapes after dinner while watching criminal minds.

    i have criminal minds season 1 to season 3. might start watching it. (((: it is interesting.. and whacked up sometimes. haha!

    okla i think i'll go and sleep early. i am letting my own thoughts haunt me right now...

    tomorrow will be out for dinner. hmm.. have a feeling someone will be coming to town. hmmm...

    nitee. (:


    music addiction : Meredith Andrews - You're Not Alone(Nais!)

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