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    Monday, October 04, 2010

    today's weather was not too bad. when i went out in the afternoon to uni it wasn't like too sunny but yet it was the kind of temperature for me to be able to wear a pair of shorts out.

    went back to uni for a group meeting and left for home about 3 ish. couldn't get away from taking the 3.35pm bus which i hate. the bus is full with school kids and so noisy...!

    it is pack and they just wouldn't shut up. =/

    i mean i used to take the school bus last time also and i think at one point yes i was noisy too but this isn't a school bus. there are other people in it too who aren't school kids also.. one thing i don't like is that some of them are so rude!!

    it was a fine day. (: but maybe 3 degrees lower then it'll be perfect for me. (: today was just 23 degrees also i am complaining it is hot already. hahaha..

    came home did my case study stuff a lil bit then slept. woke up, fed the dog and reheat up the leftovers for my dinner and then glued my butt to the couch watching X factor result show.

    i so don't agree with tonight's results! SO DON'T AGREE!!

    Kharizma. they were voted as the bottom two and tonight was their last performance... ):

    how sad!! i love them! they could really really sing. and did not deserve to be sent home at all! there were worse performances last night. people like mitchell, andrew and altiyan should be the ones not the girls! neither did Mahogany deserve to be in the bottom two as well...

    but i guess its so obvious that people are voting on who they think are cute and all that but just not based on performance.. sadly..

    The Script performed tonight. loveeeee them!!

    so these are my favourite perfomances from the Xs last night... (:

    as usual, Sally Chatfield is my favourite! this girl has an amazing amazing voice. her singing You're The Voice. *loves*

    Amanda Grafanakis singing Vogue. awesome choreography!

    now i should go continue on my case study. ))): 1500 words here i come!


    with love,

    music addiction : You're The Voice - John Farnham

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