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  1. sleeping non stop. tired.

    Saturday, October 30, 2010

    28 degrees in melbourne today. )))):

    super damn hot!!! hot and dry is so not the weather man. makes it feel even hotter. tho you don't sweat and all that but feel damn stuffy...

    but no sweating is good. but hot and dry is no good. why can't we have an in between ah? (:

    left for uni at 8am this morning. which i only woke up at 7.45am. har har...! slept pretty early last night. before 12am is early for me okay. =D

    stayed back in uni today cause i got hold of a friend that took summer semester to teach me on the tests i am having next wednesday cause he already sat for his. and passed somemore. i keeping my fingers crossed. i really need to pass!!

    came home temaned aunty D watched criminal minds again then she cooked pasta for dinner.

    so easyyyyy... tomato based sauce with tuna. gonna go back malaysia and cook for mum. dinner shall be served before they get home from work. hehe (((:

    after dinner, aunty D went out for meeting and i slept from 8pm till 12am. writing this now is supposed to be the next day already. but its okay la. :DD

    was contemplating whether to wake or not but figured if i continue sleeping that means i am gonna wake up super early in the morning. if i don't wake up early means i'll sleep for more than 12 hours.

    and so happen a text came in, might as well just get up.

    downloaded new episodes of private practice, greys anatomy and vampire diaries which is already done now.

    watch show first. byeeeee!

    tomorrow and the coming 4 days have to study hardcore on CCNA2. must shereena must!!!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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