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  1. think i am gonna stay for quite abit tonight. still have some report work to be done. not that i am actually feeling sleepy yet. i've been sleeping so much over the weekends. so yea..

    uni was pretty normal. can't believe this sem is going to end in like 3 weeks. so fast man time passes this second half of the year. i could still remember the day i left lcct and flew back here. felt like it wasn't that long ago...

    dinner tonight was cooked by julian. beef schnitzel. yummm! he did quite a good job. i mean for him to like whack up the meat and coat it with bread crumbs and fry and all that its pretty good. (: plus had potatoes and beans. good dinner. (:

    apparently he is gonna experiment on cooking curry next. shall see on that. with aunty D not being home, i guess it is really pushing us to learn and cook. haha!

    after dinner i was like glued to the tv watching the x factor.

    mitchell smith, sent home tonight.

    he is cute right? i mean seriously cute... but somehow i guess it is sorta a right choice that he goes. tho i was actually hoping india rose to go instead. i believe he can sing, but his mentor is an ass himself that just refuse to take in feedbacks other judges had already told him.

    he hasn't been performing well throughout because kyle has been choosing all the weird songs for him and thus him doing not good. i don't think anyone deserves kyle at all.

    reality tv.


    currently worried of somebody. all i got was, going out to walk, and sleep early.

    how could i possibly not be worried and then assume things are all alright huh? feeling helpless right now. maybe if i was there i might be able to help. the too bad word is just so sucky.

    there is so many i don't knows in my mind right now.

    life goes on despite as said it is fake. the ugly truth.

    with love,

    music addiction : Lady Antebellum - One Day You Will

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