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  1. the ups and downs is tormenting.

    Thursday, October 21, 2010

    note to self.

    suppose to blog last night but turns out i switched off everything at 11.45pm and just went to bed. tho i think i slept alot the night before but i was still like super tired yesterday.

    managed to sorta finish LAN principles case study yesterday in the lab cause we had this awesome guy that practically figured everything out for us. :D

    and just got back from the supermarket to get some stuff cause i thought of cooking laksa tonight. (: not sure how good it'll taste. but anyways it should be fine considering i am just getting it off the packet. :DD

    having two tests tomorrow. shit man. these two weeks is enough to kill me. next tuesday i have one presentation one test. wednesday one test. next next monday major presentation. next next wednesday two major tests. HELP ME!

    god.. thinking about it also i feel like just lying on my bed, cover my head with my blanket and just sleeep right through till the 27th of november and yet miraculously pass everything. it is that bad!

    hmm.. as i already said, everything just sucks right now.


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