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  1. 5 weeks.

    Saturday, October 23, 2010

    slept at 4 am. woke up at 1.30pm and skyped with mum on the phone till 2.30pm. in fact it was her skype call on my iphone that woke me up. (:

    cleaned up my room then felt hungry.

    went down and cooked my late lunch/dinner. as i ate it for both times. haha

    my carbonara.

    which fails to look like one cause of the mushrooms and the use of penne. had to use up the mushrooms cause it has been there for too long.

    tasted alright. but prolly needa improvise for the next time i cook it. it could have been better but first time i was trying out carbonara. so i guess its alright for a first timer? (:

    did some work and watched criminal minds. the show is turning me into a paranoid but i still can't stop watching. haha..

    needa get some report done and prolly skype with tim? we'll see... :D

    okay now i don't just wanna go to hong kong, i wanna go to taiwan too. hahaha i know i am asking for too much. hehe

    and i wanna buy sunglasses. :DDD

    the wayfarer.

    and the aviators. ((((:

    p/s : i love this girl's blog. love her style (: Lady Addict. love the outfits she puts together. :D

    pp/s : 35 days.

    lots of love,

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