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    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    lamb loin chops with broccoli;

    tonight's dinner.

    for the first time i actually pan fried something. and it was like splattering oil everywhere! there was like a huge mess of splattered tiny drops of oil on the stove.

    but i guess for my first time cooking that, prolly need to be longer on the pan the next time. :D

    today was my day off and i did absolutely nothing productive.

    instead i woke up at 1pm reason being i slept at 3am this morning and watched criminal minds back to back for about 5 episodes i think. then it was dinner.

    after dinner..... god knows why time passes so quick when i can't recall what i actually did and 3 hours flew by just like that. its 11.37pm and i am suppose to be in bed in another half and hour.

    only because tomorrow's class starts at 9.30am which means leaving the house at 8am.

    don't like waking up early...

    okay... i shall fully utilise this half and hour and then go to bed. nitey night!


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