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  1. smiles everywhere! (:

    Tuesday, October 05, 2010

    today was nothing extraordinary. other than me sleeping at 3am cause i was doing my report which was due first thing in the morning.

    lunch was the usual hand roll and added with something unusual because this is only my second time eating it cause kiam siap don't wanna spend so much on lunch. hehe

    salmon sashimi pack. $9.50 love it!

    went to moonee ponds after class to collect my other poster. and was home by 4.30pm. did nothing but lazing around watching Bring It On and munching to a whole packet of sour cream and onion thinly cut smiths chips.

    then slept from 7pm till 9ish and realised the dog is starved because i assumed ju was home to feed her but he wasn't so yea.. she only had her dinner at 9 plus. i feel bad... haha

    and just watched the latest episode of gossip girl. i feel sad for Chuck and as usual can't stand how Blair uses her tactics and Serena is left alone which i am quite happy of cause she is a total bitch when it is about Nate and Dan and lastly, Juliet is so annoying!

    now just waiting for 90210 to finish downloading. :DD

    in the meantime, i shall entertain myself with subnetting and ip protocols and all that crap for tomorrow's LAN principles... =/

    oh and quote "i will anytime you want them"...(:

    it made my night and prolly made my whole day too. and now i am craving for it already. first thing when i am back, i'll claim it. hopefully this deal is without an expiry date on it. :D

    me signing off. (:

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Amely - The Climb (anybody who does the cover of it, sings way way better than miley cyrus!)

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