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    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    creamy mushroom penne;

    now this is my dinner for tonight. and cooked by yours truly. (:

    there is three pictures simply cause i can't decide which looks better. :D

    but it didn't quite turn out the way i expected it to be. but it taste quite good. just prolly not as much sauce as i thought it would be. but well... my first attempt, and it was not too bad.

    considering ju had two plates. and he said the pasta was good. so yea. good enough for me to hear then. cause i was worried it wouldn't be okay for him and since that he doesn't stay home for dinner which he suddenly did today lagi made me pressured to cook. ahaha

    and watched my absolutely favourite movies ever when i was a kid. i still love them. and so thankful with the technology nowadays i can just download away and store them in the external hard disk rather than carrying old VCD discs around. :DDD

    especially with free willy, it was in VCR.. that's how long it was!

    the other favourite movie apart from these three are the home alone one and two!! still downloading in my transmission software.. ((((:

    awesome man... brings back all my childhood memories of me watching over and over again these movies and laughing at the same old scenes time after time. and me sitting of the couch watching tele while waiting for mum to get home.


    today was just all about bringing back the old memories.

    and a friend's birthday, happy birthday dicky! called him at abit after 12am and realised that he isn't in the daylight saving time since he is in queensland and i called him when it is just 11 something pm his time. but well... we caught up with a whole bunch of stuff since it was a 38 minutes call. i miss catching up with him.. he is the one who always gets scolded by me in form 5 last time. horrible of me, but i am missing it. :D

    and called qihong to congratulate him on passing his flight test. after tomorrow's last flight, he is done... :D

    now, waiting for 90210 and gossip girl to be download finish. in the meantime, facing ccna2 module not fun..

    okay la, ciao.

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Hayley Warner - Hands Off

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