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  1. still... you're the voice.

    Friday, October 08, 2010

    went to uni today for classes as usual and then made an appointment to meet with my convenor to discuss on the subjects i am gonna take next year.

    then jia shen texted saying "i am at swinburne with a friend. where are you? want eat?".. thats when i was even more obvious that someone is in town. walked towards the library and there he was.. tilted my head a little and there i saw chen wey liam!!

    omg man.....! i mean i knew someone was coming but i never would have guessed it was him lo! tho the surprise wasn't like a full surprise but i was still shocked to see him here!

    then we left my uni and headed down to the city for lunch. which suddenly turned out to be only me and liam cause jia shen had to head back home.

    settled at rose garden for lunch.

    my fu yong tan kai fan.. (: chicken omelette on rice.

    sat there and just catch up till it was like 4 something only we left. and left to max brenner at melbourne central. which i ate somemore...

    choc-nut fudge brownie...! niceeeeeee!

    okay.. now just give me whatever chocolate and i will love you! i want greco's mud cake tomorrow!! :DDDD

    jia shen and cherly came to join about 6 something then met up with loong who was also shocked and surprised seeing liam. he was like "why wey liam here one?" while talking to jia shen on the phone in borders. hahaha!

    after that headed off to dinner at lygon street with yao yun too. they all had dinner la. i had to go home in order to catch my last bus home.

    home by 9.15pm.

    we've known each other for so long. since form 1 we got close? thats like 7 years now.... wow long!

    watched two episodes of criminal minds and one episode of vampire diaries. now off to watch bones. then maybe go to bed. tomorrow meeting up with them at 11am. then staying at jia shen's tomorrow night.

    will be back on sunday. :D

    i am like super addicted to this song right now. John Farnham is truly an Australian legend. check out his voice man!! after all these years and he is like what 61 years old right now....??! and he was 54 when he sang this at the ARIA's. my god! loving it!!!

    lots of love from the land down under,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : John Farnham - You're The Voice (LOVE LOVE LOVE)

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