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  1. Saturday, November 28, 2009

    js is hot <3 NO!

    he perasan and blog himself. my internet limit reached already. ))): only the start of next month i could get back online.

    currently blogging off jia shen's computer. stupid fella!

    maybe later go city makan and i want to shop a while. saw advertisement said a pair of ballet flats from rivers only $15. wanna go see see. (:


  2. those old tuition videos.

    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    i don't know where and how i got this picture.
    but they all look so cuteee. well... some of them.
    look at en lin!
    he looks alot better now. (:

    oh yes! uh-huh! oh yea!! IT'S OVER!!

    no words can possibly describe how relieved i am that exams are over. i couldn't sleep yesterday night because i kept on thinking about my programming paper today.

    i answered all the questions but doesn't mean that whatever i answered was right. and if i pass, that is seriously one hell of a miracle.

    okay enough of that. it's over!

    after exams around 12 pm i took a train to box hill and met up with jo ann. (: gosh it had been so long since i last saw her. january i think?

    went for lunch and had a good catch up. she is still the same. no difference. after that she had to rush for her dentist appointment so she had to leave at 2 pm.

    it wasn't a long catch up but it was still a catch up. :D by now, she should be at the airport on her way back to malaysia already.

    the next i'll see her is prolly next june?

    now i have no idea what to do since it is holidays. maybe one day i'll go back uni and download all the movies i want and stream online series and watch or something. or i could go shopping. (((((:

    but the coming days of melbourne's weather seems to be very wet. alot of rain. until saturday or sunday i think. then maybe i'll only go out next week.

    damn, i am seriously very very very relieved!

    oklaaaa. i should either catch up with my sleep or watch some movies and make my sleeping time go haywire again.

    love ya'll.

    music addiction : Jessica Mauboy - Burn

  3. i haven't felt like this in a while.

    Wednesday, November 25, 2009

    let's hope some miracle will happen.

    today's exam was not bad. the paper was abit tough but i know i will definetely pass. BUT will i get the credit or a distinction? i don't know...

    tomorrow's paper is the most crucial. i am feeling all kinds of emotions. seriously all kinds. i feel like crying. i feel my heart is beating out of my chest. i feel butterflies in my stomach. i am feeling cold sweat starting to form.


    please just let me get over and done with it soon. i will wake up at 3 something in the morning to study more. and then leave the house by 7 am.

    ))))))): i don't even know whether i can fall asleep later or not also.

    i am sooo tired and sick of the feelings i am feeling. i ended up switching on the tv and watch Celebrity Masterchef.

    and yay! remember the swimmer dude i blogged about? Eamon Sullivan? he won! the food they all cook looks so damn good.

    tomorrow after my exam, i am going to buy something to release some of my stupid nonsense crap kind of stress.

    time time please pass by as fast as could for tomorrow!

    oh and i don't even know whether am i able to meet up with jo tomorrow after my exam or not. if i don't, i'll see her next year then. ):

    k laaaa..

    need to go and sleep. MUST.

    wish me luck!
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Running Back - Jessica Mauboy

  4. this sucks.

    Tuesday, November 24, 2009

    this coming four years would be the ladder to the tip of my life. but the starting base of this ladder doesn't feel steady or strong.

    alot is sacrificed to try and make this a success. not to mention to cost and effort. the cost is huge and i can't afford to just keep trying and trying. i need to just have it only once and strike it.

    programming is literally killing me and this is just the start. only the start. there is still more to come. i know if more time is given, i would nail it. but... there isn't much time.

    this is just so annoying and it brings down my mood so badly. whenever people ask about it i tend to always say its okay. its not bad. but i really don't know anymore.

    the exam is on thursday. i have to get at least 50% for the paper in order to pass the whole subject. if i don't, i don't know how to say or what to say to make me feel better and make things right.

    no doubt after thursday i would feel slightly lighter cause exams are over but the results would be published on the 12th of december. what am i going to do then? it is just really frustrating knowing almost 80% of the chances of how it would turn out to be but yet hoping that the other 20% of chances would happen instead.


    and it's only my first semester. great...

  5. i don't believe you.

    Sunday, November 22, 2009

    had to go down to the city to meet up with the rest of the s9s for lunch but it was raining so heavily for me to walk down to the station.

    so i had julian to send me to the station. (: reached melbourne central then jia shen called. went to loong's apartment with him a while to check on some stuff then met up with the rest.

    went to Ying Thai 2 at lygon street. the food was not bad. (:

    reached home around 5 pm. cause i went to pancake parlour and had short stacks with jia shen and just went walking around the city.

    it rained so much today. since yesterday's evening. it doesn't usually rain this much in melbourne. well its rare to see not don't happen.

    i watched australian idol's finale. and Stan Walker won the australian idol. (:

    he deserves to win. he can really sing. :D

    the amount of fireworks on idol just now is like so much. malaysia's merdeka day's fireworks also not as much as this. i think the amount of fireworks at the sydney opera house just now can make two years of fireworks at the dataran merdeka on merdeka day.

    well... the aussie's idol isn't as grand as the american one. soo not much performance la. there was mika, guy sebastian, wes carr, ricki lee and and.... michael buble. (((:

    michael's songs seems to catch my attention alot these recent year. and i had no idea that he is like a joker. as in he jokes alot infront of live audience.

    i used to not find him sexy. but he has an amazing voice and his songs somehow speaks for itself. that's a credit i'll definetely give him. he is sexy now. (:

    i shall go to sleep earlier today. i am going to have three very long days coming up ahead of me. argh.... programming is literally killing me in my mind. i keep thinking and thinking when i have the time. )))):

    going back to uni tomorrow. MUST. so i'll sleep early and make sure i could get up.

    hmmm.. sometimes you wonder who or how "the one" will look like. would it be the person you least expect? hmm...?

    well.... good night!


    music addiction : Stan Walker - Black Box

  6. the moon splitting into two.

    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    yesterday's dinner was at Laksa King at newmarket. aunty didn't want to cook dinner cause she was going out so we had an early dinner at 6 something.

    had their chicken curry laksa.

    it was not bad. alot of santan though. and like not enough spices. not liek the authentic kind but still not bad.

    i was watching Impact yesterday night. long movie though.

    very typical story line. something like Armageddon. it was still nice to watch.

    sometimes after the cousin finishes work, he would sit on the table at the living room and just talk to us. once in a while its good. (:

    nowadays i wake up very late already. maybe cause i slept late kua.

    today was boring. programming is killing me. maths is as usual. i have to start allocating my summer term classes on monday evening.

    i had terrible terrible headache just now. DAMN bad. haven't had it for quite a while. and its horrible.

    now is pouring in melbourne. had been raining since 6 i think.

    tomorrow i will be out for lunch with the S9s. cause michelle and ernest is going back on monday already.

    i can't wait till thursday's exam is over. i really really can't wait!

    oklaaa. nights peeps!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Stone Parade - Somebody Will Miss You

  7. enam ratus. :D

    Friday, November 20, 2009

    blue is soo my colour.
    Maldives. my dreamy eyes are out. (((((:

    it's the 600th post. (:

    i started this two and a half years ago. before that i used to think blogging is a waste of time. now, i am practically posting almost every day.

    it became a place where i rant my problems and the discomforts. also became a place where is type down my everyday life, the good and bad memories. memories that is just clicks away to be refreshed.

    i hardly remember what happens on the exact particular day. and this helps me alot. brought me back to the person i was before and the difference between then and now.

    six hundred seems like it had been a long way back.

    anyway, yesterday i was too hooked on Oddee till it was like 1 am. and i just got too lazy to blog. nothing much happened yesterday anyway.

    i went to DFO with aunty doris, came home, ate dinner with julian because aunty doris went out for a party and watched tv then came up to my room and was hooked on Oddee and some celeb gossips sites.

    dinner was awkward i think? i don't dine with him alone at all before. was trying to avoid the awkward silence. but it wasn't that bad.

    the melbourne weather is going from hot one day to cold one day. very fluctuating. its like dark and gloomy now already.

    today is supposed to be 34 degrees and tomorrow is 23 degrees. see the big difference in between?

    i was supposed to go to uni today to used the internet connection and get some notes. but i couldn't wake up so i lazy go already. now i am at home trying to study.

    i can't wait till my exams are over man. been stressing my mind out like nobody's business.

    i've been trying to get hold of my close friends to tell them personally about it. but i don't seem to be able to catch hold of them. bad timing i guess.

    anyway, its already a done deal. i'll be back in june. (((((: for a month and ten days. :D it has been quite a few days already since i bought the ticket.

    sooo... hello malaysia in seven months!

    figured i should go back to see my grandparents and the rest of the family and to eat cheap food. my grandparents are getting less younger by the day so i figured i should go back.

    anyway if i am here, i still had to spent like $500 a month? might as well get the ticket for $300 plus and go home and the remaining $100 plus convert it into ringgit and spent it back home. not so bad i guess.

    well... there it is. home. (:

    some will read this and already know. but as soon as i could get hold onto you people, i'll tell you again. ahahah!

    damn, it is seriously getting dark and gloomy. it isn't very convincing for me to concentrate on the notes i am having now. siennnn.... ):

    oklaaaa. bye you guys!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Starstrukk - 3OH!3

  8. it's not that scary after all.

    Wednesday, November 18, 2009

    festival hall.

    one down two more to go.

    i didn't blog yesterday cause i figured i needed as much sleep as i can cause i planned to wake up at 4 am to study.

    i went to bed at 11.15 pm, tossed and turned around the bed but i couldn't sleep. it's like i have to sleep but i just can't seem to fall asleep.

    well... the last time i checked the clock before i actually dosed off was 12 am. my alarm went off at 3.15 am cause knowing myself i will snooze the alarm for another half an hour.

    but no, it woke me up. it's too early anyway so i slept for another 45 minutes. and suprisingly, i woke up without even pressing the snooze button.

    i think my mind is too focus about me having an exam today.

    woke up at studied and got ready and left the house to catch the 7.06 am. i was at southern cross station at 7.45 am.

    well... my morning didn't start off that well. felt a bit nauseous cause i think it was too early for me to have breakfast and then ran after that.

    but it got better. thank god.

    arrived at the venue an hour earlier yet i see soooo many people camping beside the road with their notes and highlighted slides.

    the doors were open 10 minutes to 9 am.

    the paper wasn't so bad. i definitely won't fail. its matter of a pass or a credit or a distinction. i left 2 hours after it started.

    walked over to southern cross. went walking around DFO. then hopped onto the tram to swanston street. and mind me, i hopped it for free. (: i was scared that i was going to be unlucky and bump into a tram officer.

    i mean i had my ticket but i just didnt want to validate it yet. you know just in case?

    while i was walking to melbourne central, i bumped into michelle. she just had her last paper and she seemed rather excited and happy that she's going back to malaysia next monday.

    i guess today will be last i'll see her till next year after she gets back.

    walked around melbourne central and took the train home. went off at moonee ponds and walked along puckle street and caught a bus home.

    by the time i was home, it was already 4 pm.

    i was actually feeling so sleepy in the bus but when i got home, i couldn't sleep so i was blog hopping. ((:

    and went to sleep at around 6.15 pm for an hour.

    had pasta for dinner and watched celebrity masterchef. Eamon Sullivan. ((((: he was so close to getting eliminated off from the competition.

    then watched NCIS los angeles and the normal NCIS. came up, skyped with mum for abit and here i am.

    today is like a sorta day off for me? i shall continue the nerdy me tomorrow.

    well....... good night. :D


    music addiction : Kris Allen - Like We're Dying

  9. my heart is beating out of my chest.

    Monday, November 16, 2009

    this picture was taken infront of my house during my party.
    the boys took quite a long time to get that right.

    i was contemplating whether should i go back in june next year for a month and one week which costs about $330 two ways?

    but i guess not. i think i'll go and get a job and just survive here. but if, i am still at the unhealthy mode which is without friends, then i might consider.

    my first paper is on wednesday. and i dont know what the expect from the atmosphere at the exam venue. mine will be held at the festival hall in the city which is usually venue for concerts and stuff.

    so i wonder.

    i havent been in the exam mode for almost a year. my vision over exams and feelings for exams are still blurry. i am now trying to picture my exam moments during SAM. all i see is i am in the mph, surrounded by alot of tables. hmmm...

    my exam starts at 9 am. so i think i have to get out of the house at 7 am? damn thats early.

    i woke up soooo late today. my latest time of waking up ever is 3 pm. wayyy back in malaysia and today, it's half before three. plus the weather wasnt hot.

    and yes, i ended up at home than at uni. aiya i can go back to uni on friday or something. then i'll have two more papers to worry and then its freedom for two weeks till the results gets out.

    then, freedom till 5th of january. thats when summer term starts.

    i need to get back to my telco notes. and i am wondering what time i'll wake up tomorow.

    i cant wait till my bestfriend gets here. i think i need to be spiced up a lil bit with more everyday fun and laughters.

    time really flies. its coming to four months in aussie.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Kate Voegele - Devil in Me

  10. the words says it all.

    Sunday, November 15, 2009


    yesterday i felt like i had nothing to write about thats why nothing was posted. all i type when i clicked create post is "i". that one word and i dont know what else to write.

    i guess its because my first paper starts on wednesday and i am not freaking out about it yet? so it worries me. plus the amount of hours i used to study is equal to the amount of hours i one tree hill.

    i know series addiction is not healthy but its my first love. everyone remembers and cherish their first love dont they? it makes me less stress. not that i am feeling stress or what but yeaa.

    and i am so in love with the songs in the show. tomorrow when i go back to uni, i am going to download tonnes of songs.

    i need a new list of songs on my ipod. the old ones are getting boring.

    woke up at 11.30 am today. waited till about almost 2 pm until i had my brunch. my weight hasnt been going down ever since i got here. so that explains the wait.

    did my telco revision and also one tree hill time.

    ate dinner and watched australian idol. Stan Walker is in the top 2. he is the one that can really sing. i shall hope for him to win the title.

    and speaking of idol, where is kris allen man? celine has been telling me how awesome adam lambert's new single is but i am not going to download it. seriously, i am no big fan of him. in fact, really not even anywhere near it.

    tomorrow will be a long day of study. damn, i havent had the feeling of cramping my work and notes in almost a year?

    it has been too long.

    oh and i now realise, we dont have a picture when we studied at CB (? HAHA!). i mean coffee bean. i know we were studying and all. but really not even a picture? or i just couldnt remember it existed? which is which?


    good night!


    music addiction : Prince - Purple Rain

  11. its a wrong person to named You.

    Friday, November 13, 2009

    you've always been there.
    maybe in the corner somewhere,
    but always had been there.

    i think today is by far my longest continuous chat with him ever? it was like a whole an hour plus. talking about cars, food, online shopping, shopping, bribery, movies, games, series, public transport, weird peoples and other stuff.

    somehow or rather, he is really kinda cute. too bad its off my league.

    aunty doris is going back to malaysia next october for about 3 weeks for only $300 two ways. wondering what will i be doing home by myself and by that month, i think i will be craving sooo badly to get myself home.

    went back to uni today to get my lab report done and submitted. bought a sushi hand roll for lunch and headed home.

    telco got boring so i enlighten myself with one tree hill. (((:

    my high school days may not have been that dramatic but i still miss it. ranging from the friends, the feelings you had at that time and that i never worried over whatever i am worrying now.

    Jackson Brundage really reminds me so much of you. its like seeing a small kid version of you who i've never had the chance to meet.

    i cannot wait till november 26th, 11.30 am! (: i will then be free for two weeks and the bad day will catch up on me on the 12th of december.

    fingers crossed and wish me luck!

    love ya'll.
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Jessy McCartney - Body Language

  12. read it.

    this is scary. Here.

    i was just saying i am always alone at uni. wherever i go, i'll be alone. damn, i thought here would be safer. at least in broad daylight, it should be!

    and i miss my best friend. my friends. ):

  13. niceee songs. (:

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    left to uni at 10 am cause i needed to go and print some notes.

    learned how to operate our swinburne printing system. purchased a printing card and reloaded and printed 50 plus pages of notes for telco which is only half of the whole subject.

    this system of swiping cards and reloading machines are cool. havent came across one like that in malaysia. the first time i tried this was in officeworks over here.

    was in uni till 2 something and came home.

    did some reading and went to sleep. in the train i fell asleep and nearly missed my station. i think i was the last one to leave the train. ahaha!

    watched celebrity masterchef while eating dinner. another part of a sexy guy is when they are cooking. and the outcome turns out sooo beautifully yummy.

    i shall hope for this guy to win. ahahaha! being the typical shereena, he is HOT! so predictable right? Eamon Sullivan.

    olympic swimmer. oh did i mention swimmers are hot as well? you know that body with the two muscle lines on their hips?

    and seriously he can cook. well at least thats what i hear from the judges and he is always the top one. so far.

    the cooking part just became a new dot point on my very own ideal guy list. ((((:

    in the new era, the girl doesnt need to be good at cooking anymore. the guy is the main character in the kitchen. well, at least in my book for now.

    watched NCIS los angeles and the original NCIS. and their not bad. dont know why since i've got here, i am watching crime solving shows. but Bones is still the best. :D

    oh there is this advertisement on tv regarding WorkSafe Victoria. its scary to watch. all of the ads seriously will make you want to speak up.

    it feels pain to look at.

    i guess i am off to some revision on telco then some revision on one tree hill. ahahaha! i havent had any of my favourite show today. ((((:

    oh and i've been downloading a big bunch of songs. these are the ones which are not bad. a quite long list.

    According To You - Orianthi
    Broken Hearted Girl - Beyonce
    I Don't Believe You - Pink
    Starstrukk - 3OH!3 ft. Katy Perry
    This Is Who I Am - Vanessa Amorosi
    Like It Like That - Guy Sebastian
    Superstar - Taylor Swift
    She's A Genius - Jet
    The Good Kind - The Wreckers
    Love Songs - Anjulie
    The Other Side Of The Door - Taylor Swift
    Love Song - Five For Fighting
    Ride Of Your Life - Oliver James
    Together - Michelle Branch
    Stone Cold Sober - Paloma Faith
    Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
    Kings And Queens - 30 Seconds To Mars
    Cowboy Casanova - Carrie Underwood
    Doesn't Mean Anything - Alicia Keys
    Come In With The Rain - Taylor Swift
    Tik Tok - Kesha
    Untouchable - Taylor Swift
    Whatcha Say - Jason Derulo
    Crawl - Breaking Benjamin
    Crawl - Chris Brown
    So Cold - Chris Brown
    Bad Boys - Alexandra Burke feat. Flo Rida
    Up Down - Jessica Mauboy
    Happy - Leona Lewis
    Art Of Love - Guy Sebastian ft. Jordin Sparks
    Russian Roulette - Rihanna
    Two Is Better Than One - Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift
    Break - Three Days Grace
    I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin
    Runaway - Love And Theft
    One Time - Justin Bieber

    some of them are really good. but may not be brand new tracks. just have a go. (: the list is too long to recommend. ahaha!

    nights readers. :D

    with love,

    music addiction : Stone Cold Sober - Paloma Faith

  14. MY 2003 moments.

    Tuesday, November 10, 2009

    woke up at 11 am due to the late sleep at 5 am. was having some serious talk with a friend. at first i was actually sooo annoyed by him and just threw all my words on him then it turned into a serious talk?

    ironically. but yea. at that point i felt all sorts of emotions. annoyed, pissed, angry, confused, vulnerable, sad and disappointed.

    all i would say to him is, thank you. thanks for being there and sorry. ((:

    i studied some of my telco subject for next wednesday's exam in the afternoon. till i was all over it and had to take a break, i watched one tree hill season 3.

    watched tv for a bit after dinner.

    and they were having this review on Tony Hawk the amazingly talented skater. which is already 41 years old but yet still so in shape with his skate moves.

    and when i see tony hawk, i remember form 1. oh god those were the best kiddy and carefree days i had in high school. well i was still 12 anyway. :D

    steph remember nilam project over at your house? with derek and willie and arnold and umm... i forget who else. sorry! we played Play Station. willie's triple H WWE game (? wait was it triple H? oh crap i forgot!) and Tony Hawk!

    it was damn fun. DAMN fun. writing this now makes me laugh over the things we used to do last time.

    we will all cycle to steph's house with the intention for our nilam book but we only do one or two and then start playing games then go to the padang or something. project nilam which later we suddenly out of the blue said project tilam. ahaha! we had soo much of laughters.

    we even went to Hipermedia library and instead of studying and doing work, we went to play. talked and laughed soo much till we got scolded.

    oh man.... i miss form 1. it was really really fun. its the different kind of fun i had in form 5. form 1 was just plain fun. naive young kids kinda fun.

    and those funny nicknames we had for steph. Deng-Tu (Denggi + Kutu cause of gabriel) and the Laughing Hyena. ahahahaa!

    i could go on and on about form 1. i hardly even have a picture of us friends in school in form 1. our malacca trip which i wasnt with the group. i dont know where are all of them. oh wait i think it was still the era of film cameras not digital yet.

    well... it will all be memories then. i still miss derek yong. i missed how i got to know him and that one year i spent having him around. he may not be that nerdy prefect good boy that he used to be in form 1, but he is still the derek that cycled to my house almost every 3 days just for the fun of it.

    and how they would be over at my house prank calling someone and throwing each other's slippers out to the rain.

    and how my grandmother used to call him the "sor zhai". HAHA.

    pure fun that i used to have.

    okayyy... need to write some notes and maybe watch one tree hill season 4? and then go to bed and wake up tomorrow and go to uni for some notes printing.

    good night everyone!

    sher xoxo.

    the Foo Fighters are kinda hot. dont know why these days, i am into abit of rock in the music. Kings of Leon? Breaking Benjamin? hmmm...

    music addiction : Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

  15. hot laaaaaaa!

    Sunday, November 08, 2009

    it is a hot day!

    woke up early to meet up with loong and his friend, michael at melbourne central before leaving to jia shen's place at murrumbeena cause loong needs to put some of his stuff over at jia shen's.

    after that the four of us took the train to caulfield and took a bus to chadstone. had lunch there and just walked around.

    by 5 pm i was already home.

    i am feeling very impatient over the hot weather now. the cold shower i just had made me feel soooo good but now its hot again. )))):

    i want my air cond like i have everyday at home. )):

    the stupid weather now is making me not want to write more.

    nights la.

    i lazy put up pictures also. bye.


    music addiction : Do You Remember - Jay Sean

  16. i doubt it would be read from top to bottom.

    Saturday, November 07, 2009

    today was not bad.

    after a hectic and stressful week for myself, i had a somehow fun day i guess. its been like 2 weeks since i met up with jia shen?

    my intention of going down to the city today was to go check out my exam venue which is the festival hall on dudley street. and the only mode of transportation is by walking from spencer street. which takes about 10 minutes.

    and jia shen said he'll teman me. but today's weather is seriously not a very good weather to be outdoors.

    met up with him and southern cross station and walked to dudley street. it was soooooooo hot! and it was 31 degrees!

    but yet we not only walked to dudley street, we then walked to flagstaff gardens and walked along latrobe street till swanston street then to chinatown for lunch. a whole 50 minutes walk. under the hot sun mind me!

    after lunch we went bourke street for bubble tea. hehee my favourite. (: i had mango flavoured tea with pearl. when we were almost done only loong came.

    then we left to go chocolates and biscuits shopping as loong wants to buy them back to malaysia. but before that, we detoured to 7 eleven cause they are giving out free slurpee for today only. unlimited slurpee for free!

    had a cup and it was that half a cup only. just wasnt the usual flavour i like about slurpee.

    went over to QV's safeway. shopped for chocolates and biscuits. talking all the craps. stupid jia shen singing stupid songs with his irritating lyrics.

    i bought a packet of chocolates as well. Pots. (:

    then went to Big W to look around somemore. and then went to Aldi. after all the confectionery hunting, we went back to loong's house and just lazed around.

    me and jia shen left around 5.20 pm cause my train was at 5.34 pm at melbourne central.

    took a train to essendon to catch my bus. while waiting for the bus, some local white guy suddenly interrupted me with my ipod and ask me for a smoke? erm cigarettes i guess.

    honestly i didnt hear what he said. then he sat beside me and ask can we be friends. and mind you, he ask for my number as well. two words. not interested. he then ask, is it because i am too ugly for you?

    and then he commented, "you look very brown". what the hell is that? oh and i shall add, "attractive" too. but still, ughhh it had to come from him? he wasnt horrible looking but not anywhere near good looking.

    after that short yet felt long conversation, he ask me to shake his hands to say goodbye. the last thing i want is to piss off this sort of people. so i shook it and he left by putting his palms on my hair and in a way mess my hair?

    are they too friendly or their being scary? but i felt no where near scared. it was a first time to come across that.

    oh and i cooked dinner!

    pasta! Penne with tuna and broccoli and tomatoes.

    it was okay la. not bad for my first pasta attempt. usually i have a huge appetite for pastas but dont know why today i cant seem to consume much.

    and then watched she's the man. yes again. (:

    i feel kinda moodless tonight. dont know what does that mean but i cant find an emotion to classify what is it that i am feeling.

    a day like this was needed after a hectic week.

    tomorrow i'll be going to chadstone with loong and jia shen. i have a feeling i'll sleep early tonight. feeling restless already.

    maybe watch abit of one tree hill season 2 then go to bed and get up at 9.30 am.

    oh and malaysia's stupid rule or policy or whatever shit you call it for not bringing a "revealing" artist in, is stupid!

    this is what ohlalamag said "Beyonce canceled her stop in Malaysia last month following opposition from a conservative Islamic party. Malaysia requires female artists to cover up from the shoulders to the knees and bans any showing of cleavage. "

    unlike here, every single time on tv artists are coming in to perform. taylor swift, kelly clarkson and etc.

    malaysia's so called conservative people should grow up a little.

    night everybody!

    with love,

    music addiction : Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone

  17. a routine check.

    Friday, November 06, 2009

    i am still ought to feel relieved. my exams are coming up. i have to go back to uni and do some of my work to get me marks for my programming.

    classes may have been over but i guess its not completely over until exams are over or more like it, when the results comes out on the 12th of december.

    dont matter how many thousands and millions of sighs, its not making things any better.

    i need a day out. probably if i dont meet up with jia shen and sheng loong tomorrow, i'll go out to the city by myself. walk around and find my exam venue and go window shopping or something.

    aunty doris is away for the weekend. i am going to be home alone most of the day as julian is working afternoon shifts which he'll be back at night.

    and umm... i dont call this home sick or whatever sick but,

    even if i was used to being home alone back in malaysia, it feels different here. you know it isnt my house and i am being paranoid and the days seems to pass so fast and the whole place is just quiet.

    i am used to having thunderstorms back home and kids running around outside my house with screams and laughters and some random ambulance or police siren or something. or even loud road bullies with the incredibly loud horns.

    here, nothing. complete silence. all i hear now is the aeroplanes that flew above the house, the cars from the freeway (somehow?) and my loudly typing of the keyboard.

    its just different.

    i guess with me struggling through this programming subject of mine, there are still tonnes of other subjects piling up and waiting for me to face them.

    enough with the slightly emo stuff. lets go to the daily routine check. (:

    i streamed america's next top model cycle 13 episode 10 on youtube in uni and watched in on my train ride home.

    reached home around 3 pm? and watched bones episode 5 season 5.

    it will be the only crime solving show that i have sooo much fun watching. i kept laughing to myself infront of the monitor. literally.

    then continued with watching Fighting.

    its 6/10. a 5 would be more like it but i am giving credit to Channing Tatum.

    the movie was a let down from what i expected. the plot was okay at start and the ending was more like a climax and then it just ended?

    not a good movie. but a DAMN damn fine actor. seeing Channing Tatum fight made him look hot and sexy. and those abs are oh-so-good.

    i've always love him. he is just hot!

    okayyy.... and then i slept till 7.30 pm. woke up, made myself the pie from the freezer, and continued my movie marathon. (:

    wait more like series. i watched 90210 episode 8 and one tree hill episode 8. (:

    i like it more by the day. :D Matt Lanter. ((((:

    have been loving it for 7 years and still counting. but Chad and Hilarie isn't in it anymore. )))): but.... i like the new characters. :DDD

    i am catching back up from the start of one tree hill. i think from where i left off was season 2 episode 15? its just that series which was with me since high school. and brought me back to those days.

    talked with mum on the phone for 25 minutes. and my whole family i going to penang tomorrow morning. how great is that...

    well.... i'll continue crashing myself with movies and series for two days? i mean in like continuos sequence. cause not that it'll ever stop me from getting to it once in a day or something. ahah!

    have a great night, and a great day ahead. (:

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Together - Michelle Branch

  18. the "phantom" had arrived.

    Thursday, November 05, 2009

    its here! finally its here. coincidently went i was walking into the house, the courier van came and the guy asked "shereena?"

    and it was then in my hands! (((:

    it cost me $95.35. worth it i would say.

    my first owned jersey! and its printed with torres's name. ((((: how cool is that. ohhh i so love it. :DDD

    its a wee bit big though. should have bought S size. hmmm.. but it will do.

    my day started off pretty well considering i had a text at like 8.30 in the morning saying miss you? and unexpectedly it was from my "stupid chinese" friend. (:

    i miss you too. :D

    and he is the one that made me feel that it'll be soo long till i am going home when i was certained it will be fast. he said "thats like another 400 days". when you put it like that, it feels like it is going to be long.

    his sms was very out of the blue though. and when i replied, he didnt already. but still it was nice having to start my day like that.

    then the not so good part came along. i woke up late. i woke up at 9.57 am when the bus i was suppose to catch is the 10.06 am bus.

    rushed out of the house by 10.10 am and had to fast walk down to the station. and i nearly missed the train.

    uni was fine. maths class was as always good. considering i know how to do and i feel more at place there cause i talk to some of them and they help out when you couldnt figure out a problem and the lecturer is really helpful.

    only had one class today. now i am home. (:

    and have to do my stupid assignment. god knows what i'll hand in tomorrow morning. okay here comes the hours i dread most.

    at least i am having a good day so far.

    well.... good luck everybody with whatever you guys are doing. and good luck to me as well!

    bye ya'll!

    it puts smiles on my face. (:


    music addiction : Wait Your Turn - Rihanna

  19. ughhhh! this is so frustrating!

    Wednesday, November 04, 2009

    let me dream something nice.
    i need those joys and to feel free again.

    its getting closer and closer to 8.30 am of the 6th of november. friday morning.

    i am dreading so much. i just want to completely skip that moment and never look back at it. i am scared. i lost faith.

    my presentation stuff are almost done but my programming assignment? i have a horrible and terrible feeling over it. i am afraid i try too hard and get nothing. i am afraid i try too hard yet i'll go down the drain.

    what if i do? the price to pay is too much for me to cope with.

    my hands are trembling, my heart is pumping fast, my thoughts are all over the place and the words that i want to say are as though there are glues on my lips that forbid me to utter them out.

    i slowly feel coldness on my fingertips and sweat on my palms.

    i've never felt like this before over a god damn 15%. never in my life. and i wonder was it really worth putting myself at positions like this over stuff like that.

    my days would never be better until friday's uni is over. and then everything will be subsided. i just need that moment so badly.

    but yet, i managed to squeeze in some time this morning before i slept to relax for a bit. the one i thing i dont understand about this is that seriously.. when i least expect you, you show up. when i hope and hope and want so badly, you never turn up.

    its weird.

    but you also brought me some smiles and peace for an hour. and made my next 4 and the half hours of sleep stressless.

    i think i'll go to bed early and boost up for tomorrow. i might stay up all night. considering i will be worried and stressed as hell till even i am tired, i will never be able to sleep.

    oh god, fast forward the time till friday 1.30 pm. i dont care what happens in between or how i handled it.

    good night.

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Anjulie - Love Songs

  20. no sympathy.

    Tuesday, November 03, 2009

    you took something perfect and painted it red.

    i kept playing and playing this song.

    No sympathy
    When shouting out is all you know
    Behind your lies
    I can see the secrets you don't show
    We don't know how you're spending
    All of your days
    Knowing that love isn't here
    You see the pictures
    But you don't know their names
    Cause love isn't here

    And I can't do this by myself
    All of these problems, they're all in your head
    And I can't be somebody else
    You took something perfect
    And painted it red
    When, you took something perfect
    And painted it red

    You take the best things from
    Then everything gets empty
    That's not a world that I need
    Oooh, you take the best things from me
    Then everything gets empty
    That's not a world that I need

    the verse in bold just kept on going through my head. constantly till i started singing it out loud.

    music addiction : Daniel Merriweather - Red

  21. you painted it red. ):

    Monday, November 02, 2009

    i just need an escape.

    today wasn't a very good day. it wasn't fun.

    it was all depressed and bad. it got me into a state where i've never felt in a very long time. and suddenly every single bad memories i have in mind just hit me that instant.

    i felt like i was pushed to my limit where it all rushed to my head. its like i am crying but yet holding back. it was horrible. i felt so horribly bad.

    its like i completely gave up on myself. i gave up on trying. i gave up on feeling like this anymore.

    sometimes it takes only one friend to talk to so i won't go nuts. eventhough it was very naggy and pushy, it worked somehow. it ended up putting a smile on my face when the stupid racist formula came up.

    he never failed to be there. eventhough i dont always ask for help, he somehow talks me through into letting myself out.

    and always end the conversation by cracking some lame ass joke. which magically works and end my miseries with a smile.

    friends like these are what i cherish most. i am just thankful for friends like him. corny as it may sound, i mean it.

    hopefully i do find friends like this here.

    i am looking forward to a better year, a better semester and a better me. the changed in me isn't a change that i am very proud of.

    i am now hoping for a better week as well.

    i want this week to pass fast but yet i am dreading for friday. this is sooooo annoying!

    i need a small bit of you in order to keep me in that mood where i dont have to care what everyone thinks and just let it all out. why do you always disappoint me at times where i need you?


    anyway whatever that is going on, shut up la hypocrite! i never had good impressions on you since i actualy started talking to you. nothing but a damn noisy empty box of crap. just stfu!

    lets just hope you will be buried wayyy down till it'll take you years to crawl back up. :D


  22. hot twins.

    Sunday, November 01, 2009

    i am currently watching Rove.

    its a talk show that interviews celebrities and reports about the weekly news and stuff like that? something ellen degeneres. just that rove is a real guy and i find him really funny.

    plus he is really cute. cute in the sense that he is small and petite. and his expressions are superbly funny.

    australian idol just finished before rove.

    toby was the one that left. he withdrawn himself from the show. as he is a primary school teacher, he thinks that being on idol isnt who he really is. he see himself as a primary school teacher that teach and sings to his kids at school.

    the best teacher around. (:

    he was just sweet.

    since that toby left, its only left with james, stan, hayley and nathan. i shall now root for stan to get to the finale. eventhough james is cuteee i think stan makes a better singer.

    he sang Hallelujah beautifully.

    he is damn versatile. like DAMN.

    anyways, the main highlight tonight on australian idol is....

    the madden brothers.

    joel is still hot and benji became hotter since the last time that i actually paid attention to them. benji used to be fat wasnt he?

    now they are like the two HOT punk rock looking twins. ((((((:

    i like their acoustic version of dance floor anthem. it was different than their usual style. it was slow and soft. not the usual shouting and loud.

    but somehow i've always like Good Charlotte.

    today was a long day. it felt so long with the assignments in my head. i need a relaxed night. i shall stay up and watch whatever show i want, talk to whoever i want and do whatever i want.

    and prolly sleep for 5 hours and go to class at 9 am.

    have a great night people!

    with love,

    music addiction : Daniel Merriweather - Red

  23. its simple.

    i dont want the place to be temporarily filled up. you mean nothing so very special in that sense anymore. but a very very tremendously good friend of mine that i would love to treasure the friendship in years to come. thats how much you mean to me. my dear good friend.

    sometimes a good friend doesnt need to do anything to have someone else that thinks you are a great friend. its the heart that tells.

    the post written yesterday, was focused on the place. that was it.

    i just need a new tenant for the place. my need was that simple but no good or nice tenants seem to show up anywhere near me. now, thats the problem.

    and i am so sick of programming. so VERY sick of it.

    i needed a break so i watched What a Girl Wants. i like that show. i have been watching it for so many times yet it still doesnt bore me.

    and how can i resist Oliver James. HAHA.

    he is cuteeee! and the british accent made him feel even hotter!
    "why are you trying so hard to fit in when you are born to stand out?"
    -quoted from the movie.

    And if I lived a thousand years
    You know I never could explain
    The way I lost my heart to you
    that day
    but if destiny decided I should look the other way
    then the world would never know
    the greatest story ever told
    and did I tell you that I love you
    just how much I really need you
    did I tell you that I love you tonight

    and i absolutely loveeeee this song. i want the guy in my dreams to sing that to me. you know its like a small little wish every girl would hope for. (:

    the weather here is so unpredictable. and the weekend is coming to an end. argh! assignment!!! this annoys me so much till i want to burst out and scream on the top of my lungs.

    oklaaaa. enough of the rants.

    i shall enjoy the song even more and go and hunt for some food in the fridge. i am hungry. (((:

    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Oliver James - Greatest Story Ever Told